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  1. Awesome! i'm glad to see someone still keeping this alive. If i ever get enough spare free time again to actually mess around with KSP, id love to make up a few new models for some of the parts
  2. Version: NOTE: I'm back, give me a few days to get up to speed on 1.0.5 and we'll get an update going Turn your Kerbal society into a Type 1 Civilization by adding civilian exploration! Your agency as research goes on gains the ability to have civilians take part on your exploration, ultimately letting you recruit new crew members from the population (the motivation for taking civilians with you). Scroll to the bottom of this post for a quick howto! Civilian Population is originally Developed by michaelhester07 Future updates and new content provided by myself and Cosmic_Farmer (Huge props to him for all the input and work he's submitted to this project!) Banner Artwork graciously made by forums user RBGPeter Taking over future development with his permission and blessing models and textures are his work,Licensed under: CC-BY-NC-4.0(Orginal Thread) ` Downloads: Kerbalstuff Download (v1.7.5.1 10/12/15) Source via Github Licensed under: CC-BY-NC-4.0 NOW CTT COMPATIBLE! NOTE: If upgrading from a version pre -1.7.2 please delete your NetherdyleAerospace folder and reinstall the latest version How to manage your civilian population: Civilian kerbals are not like your astronaut kerbals. They require food to survive and have not been trained on how to eat a diet of snacks. The management of your civilian population relies on generating enough food for them. If you have enough food they'll live. If you don't they'll die off. It's that simple. Space Tourism: Civilians will flock to your space stations and bases which can support them. You can either transport them yourself or you can hire Civilian space agencies to transport them for you. The space agencies gave Netherdyne plans for a universal docking port which their transports will use. Attach the port to your station or base and you civilians will come. Space tourism is limited to the kerbin system (Kerbin, Mun, Minmus). Civilian reproduction and long voyages: If your civilian population is big enough (20 or more) they'll start reproducing. This will produce a new recruitment able Kerbal every 3 kerbin months. Understanding the stats on the Civilian Quarters parts: Food per pop: This is the minimum amount of food your ship's stores must have on hand to support the population. To get the required amount multiply this by the size of your civilian population. It's easy: 1:1. So 50 population requires a minimum of 50 food to support. Each farm module is scaled to support a 1:1 quarters to farm size. The large biospheres support the largest of population capacities. Each farm tells you how much population it can support. Population Growth Rate: this is the time in seconds it takes for your population to grow through reproduction. Population Decay Rate: this is the time in seconds it takes for your population to decay. Growth and Decay timers: these show the current state of growth or decay. When these pass their respective rate the population will change by 1. Reproduction rate: this is the minimum population your ship needs to start reproduction. The speed your population grows at scales based on how big it is beyond this. A population of 150 will reproduce 3 times faster than a population of 50. Total consumption rate: this is how fast your population is consuming food civilianDock: If you have a civilian contractor dock attached to your ship this indicates it. civilianDockGrowthRate: this scales your ship's growth rate by the number indicated. Scale is 1000 for kerbin and kerbin orbit, 100 for Mun, 10 for Minmus. GrowthRate: This is how fast your population is growing. Recruit Kerbal: You can recruit a new crew member from the population onboard the module. Each Civilian module except the dock supports a number of Crew slots. Population changes over time, even when you're not watching! The civilian population on your ship or base will change over time even when you're doing something else (flying another mission perhaps). How the population fares depends on how well you managed the food on your ship. Make sure your ship, station, or base has food and all the farms are operational before you leave it! Managing your Civilian Population Basics: Civilian Population requires food, water, and oxygen to survive. They will produce Carbon Dioxide, Waste Water, and Waste. Each civilian module (except the contractor dock) has space for 1 kerbin-day's worth of waste and 1 kerbin day-s worth of needs for the population that it supports. Production of food requires biomass and water. Food is produced at a garden module or at the farm biodome. Garden modules and the farm biodome are equipped with recyclers which can convert the waste water and waste back into water and biomass. The plants inside also act as natural scrubbers, clearing out the CO2 and producing Oxygen. The farms do not come with biomass storage. These must be attached through way of the fertilizer pod. Use of the other resource pods is recommended for an extra buffer of resources. If a waste resource builds up to the cap the excess will be dumped out into space. It is thus imperative that you keep the recycler running. The recyclers will outpace the waste production for their intended population size. The biodomes and civilian modules are paired together to make managing this simple. The civilian population will grow once it is larger than 20 members. This growth requires a kerbal's mass in food (about 380 food). They may also come to your base or station through way of the civilian contractor dock. When they immigrate to your station, ship, or base this way they don't consume 380 food per growth. Farm food stores can be quite massive, equating to roughly 120 days worth of food for one kerbal on the small garden. That is because the colony's population growth will need the food. The pictured land crawler shows everything you need to maintain your civilian population and to grow it. Left to right: mining container, garden, fertilizer for garden, Civilian pod, laser drill. In-situ resource utilization: Water and substrate must be present in some amount at the landing site for your colony (much like MKS) for you to get the resources to grow the civilian population. The laser drill can be used to grab these resources. If you have MKS then you can use those parts to get the resources as well. The laser drill has the same efficiency as those parts. Recruiting specific job kerbals: If you wish to recruit kerbals with specific jobs (pilot, engineer, scientist) you can use the movie theater, university, and flight school. The Movie Theater is the basic part required for this. Your kerbals need inspiration for them to decide that they want to do a specific job. To get that inspiration you play movies for them in the theater. Select a type of movie to get a bonus to recruitment for the job it matches: - Racing movies: Engineer kerbals are inspired by the act of tuning up a vehicle to win races. Playing these movies makes engineer recruitment 10% cheaper. - Scifi movies: Pilot kerbals are inspired by dogfights, things blowing up, basically what Jeb grew up on. Play these movies to get a 10% cost reduction on pilots. - Documentaries: Scientist kerbals love documentaries about the solar system, plants, animals, and space exploration. They especially love the ones they wrote Play documentaries to get a 10% cost reduction on scientist recruitment. NEW: Romance Movies: Inspire your kerbal civilians to find that special someone and continue out the kerbals race in all of your far flung colonies. ** All recruitment costs 50 inspiration, unless you're playing a matching movie type. The University comes in when you want an educated kerbal Scientist or Engineer. See the movie theater makes a kerbal think he knows what he's doing. A university makes sure he knows. The university has a science lab for the scientists to process research experiments. To recruit a level 3 Scientist or Engineer requires 5000 education and 50 inspiration. Open Classes to start the education. Educating a new kerbal will take roughly 10 kerbin days. The Flight School comes in when you want a pilot who crashes less than Jeb. To recruit a level 3 Pilot requires 5000 flight experience and 50 inspiration. Open classes to start the training. Training a new pilot takes roughly 10 kerbin days. Robotic construction facilities: The laser drill now has an ore drill on it. The netherdyne smelters return as well. Combine the Cnc Mill, smelter, Construction drone, and laser drill to enable construction of bases or stations in situ without the need for a kerbal present (though you may want one or two to place survey stakes). You still need to find suitable ore deposits. In situ construction requires Extraplanetary Launchpads. Rent: Civilians generate Rent now! Earn 200 funds per civilian per day as they live in your apartments on your station, ship or base. Some FAQS Is a Life Support mod needed? --Nope! Though it does take away a bit of the fun. Without a life support mod your kerbalnauts will not consume resources, but civilians still need resources to survive. All resources are defined by included community resources pack, so no additional mods are needed. And the included Hydrospheres will provide said resources. That noted, i high recommend running a life support mod. What Life support mods are currently Supported? -- Civilian Populations currently supports both TAC-LS and USI-LS. The system will adapt to whichever one you have installed. Just please don't install both. That's like dividing by 0, Oh the Kermanity! Do I need MKS? --No. It enhances the experience though, providing parts to expand your base or station with. MKS unfocused simulation is now compatible. Other mods which I highly recommend to go with CivPop: Scansat (for resources) Extraplanetary launchpads (for building huge cities on a planet) Hangar Extender: For building Generation ships with the new parts in 1.2 Changelog: -- Fixed animation on small reactor. --small bug with craft in kerbin SOI without Civilian Docking Ports --added tweakscale config 1.7.5 Update: Fixes: Refinements/Additions 1.7.4 Update: Fixes: New Parts: Version Version"Dont Code and Upload" Version:1.7.3 - "Land Lord Edition" --> Hotfixed small apartment with new model (new model was slightly smaller than the old one, scaled up to fix, and be the same size as the old one) Thanks for the update Cosmic_Farmer! --> Reduced mass of a couple parts (Landing legs were overweight, Large reactor just slightly, and Constrution Drone Part) --> Lowered Productivity of the Constructor (from 30 to 15) Was way overpowered, if you like the old way your welcome to adjust the cfg -->New part by request, Smaller Reactor Module, for your compact bases/ships! (thanks for the idea Oaktree42) 1.7.2 Update: Hotfix 1.7.1 1.7: ***1.6.2: Bug Squashing *** --fixed a small bug in the University which would cause the right click context menus to disappear (thanks to silly coding on the ScienceLab modules on squads part ) 1.6.1: EPL HOTFIX EDITION. --Quick hotfix to EPL related parts. -- Added Productivity rating to all housing modules to assist in-situ building -- Added Lauchpad support to Both orbital spacedocks. --See Forum thread for more details and info on building. 1.6 NOTE: PLEASE DELETE YOUR NetherdyneAerospace FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING THIS NEW VERSION TO AVOID ANY ISSUES NOTE: Possible ship breaking issue: Empty biodome shells have been change around, if you have any connected to you base, please disconnect them before updating. Change log: 1.5.1: --Fixed all nodes on Structural Parts, and biodomes. (please let me know if i missed any, but that should be all!) --Added KSP-AVC support, version file included to keep you up to date on any changes! --Construction parts are back! 1.3: New textures on pretty much everything, New IVAs for most of the parts, New part: MK2 Cruiser Landing Gear 1.2: new biodome/biosphere framework, large truss parts. Fixed issue where civilians stop using resources when undocking from a station or base, and where docking may have caused double the resource consumption. 1.1: moved everything to regolith. Civilian population regulation extends regolith. This should make my mod MKS and TAC LS compatible (I didn't test TAC tho). 1.0: initial release of the completed system. Uses food from other life support mods 0.1.2 Changed the Food definition to a new Civilian_food, which encompasses all of their current life support needs. Fixed the door on the civilian quarters 0.1.1 Fixes a bug in all of the modules added so that they start properly. Kerbal Reproduction Bug, there should not be any lingering issues now with kerbals reproducing outside of the Kerbin SOI. Cleaned up textures on the mega drill. Cleaned up all right click menus, they should be more concise and easier to read now (this is in preparation for a New CivPoP UI in 1.1, removed all unneeded or static info that did not change. Added new Movie Type to the Theater! New :kiss:"Romance Movies" Provides a 10% bonus to Civilian Reproduction when playing (Per theater) New Parts: New Large Storage Tanks! These will hold Liquid/Gas/Loose stuff(like Organics and Substrate) Comes in 3 sizes (Regular, Large, Enormous!) NOTE: Older Smaller tanks are being phased out, They are still in the pack, but will be depreciated in a few patches, So if they on your bases now, might be a good idea to phase them out. NOTE: Firespitter has been added as a requirement to use the Resource Swittching Feature for these tanks, and future parts, it is included in the download. Fixed and issue were kerbals would sometimes change jobs upon recovery. Fixed a bug were kerbals recruited from the Flight School and University would de-level themselves. fixed a few hatches on existing parts that were not on strait. (minor deal) Radial landing Pad - Individual radially attached landing pad that can be placed anywhere. Also acts as a Civilian Docking Port. (for automatic Civilian immigration) XL-9000 Mega Drill - Extra large drill to extract large quantities of ore, (to save part count for folks who like to spam lotsa drills to get lots of ore!) Hotfix for folks having issues with existing bases. Should fix rent issues for them. Hotfix for install folder error (dont code and upload at 2am:P) Complete refactoring of the code! Alot more efficient (hopefully!) All Rent related bugs are finally fixed! Your kerbal tenants have stopped being deadbeats and are now paying properly! (Note: RabidNinjaWombat and Associatesâ„¢ are not responsible for any back rent not collected ) Note: Rent is only collected when you visit your ships/bases(but it does accumulate while the ships isn't focused) So Land-lords check in with your tenants often! Added a check to rent code to make sure player was in Career mode before trying to pay them money, avoiding null refs for those playing in Sandbox (thanks for the report Maraz!) (note for sandbox players, right click menu "Time Until next Pay" field will still go into the negatives but it can be safety ignored till I get the GUI up and running which will removed this field completely) Several code fixes eliminating Reeeaaaaly annoying log spam. (thanks for the heads up Oaktree42) USI-LS support should now properly cost you supplies for your Civilians. Add Placeholder IVA to Movie theater (to make it easier to access your recruited Kerbals) New IVA soon. Enhancements/Balance: Added a check to the rent code to see if your landed on Kerbin. (no rolling a CivPop Apartment just off the runway and raking in the cash, you dirty cheating alpaca ) Its not perfect, But works for now, will take another look at the rent code, once the GUI is finished. Buffed/Balanced the Laser Drill - was pulling far too little out for its size/cost and relatively high point in the tech tree. Lowered weight of landing legs, given their size, while large, compared to other parts they were still overweight. Rent Slightly Buffed. Several of the Civilian Houses have received new models! (thanks for the contributions Cosmic_Farmer!) Animated Harvesting Arms added to the small hydrosphere (with plans for more to the two largers ones) Balancing of Civilian consumption of resources (consumption of Oxygen lowered, almost by half, Water increased, food slightly decreased. All production should hopefully be balanced to approximately half of what Kerbonauts use. (with a little extra cushion) Update and Consolidation of more Textures. Due to an A.I. Revolt and attempted world Domination, Human oversite has been added to the Construction Drone. (A Kerbal with wire-snips) -------(I.E. at the current time, building unmanned with EPL does not work without a forking of the EPL code and some revisions). The Construction Vehicle still will provide over 30+ productivity since it will have A.I. assistance Fixed regular Core Girder model orientation. (Cosmetic issue, but would make folks who already have them on ships look weird) Added CLS (Connected Living Spaces) config that should have shipped with last patch. Doubled power production on Reactor Module increased weight to compensate. (to compare it was about 2.5 times the size of the OKS-PDU, but weight a tad less and put out the same power. Fixed this) Updated to the latest version of CRP (Community Resource Pack) Fixed issue with 6x6 Core Girder, Core length is now proper. USI-LS Integration: If you are using USI-LS as opposed to TAC. All the parts should now adapt to the new resources. New Structural Parts!: Along with the original empty and Core Girder, there is now a T, X, and L junction. All the 6x6 girder parts were retextured, and new supports added in (thanks for the inspiration Cosmic_Farmer!) New Structural Panels as well 1.0.4 Compatibility Added 3 new parts (Reactor, Command Module Saucer, X-Large SAS Module) Even more model and texture touch ups/opitmizations (Courtasy of Cosmic_Farmer) Shaved about another MB off the download size Updated to the 1.0.4 version of KSPAPIExtensions Removed some unneeded textures Rebalanced food production/Water production Add electricity usage to all manned crew vehicles (along with electricity) Added waste recylcling loop for Farms/Biodomes. Reduced Civ immigration rate for Civie Docking port (it was too fast.) Model Optimization (memory reduction and rextuxure to several models) THANKS COSMIC_FARMER! Laser Drill has MetalOre extraction added Laser Smelter to smelt said Metal Ore into Metal. CNC Mill to take the metal and create rocketparts. Construction Drone to Construct Base parts in-situ. (NOTE: Due to the way EPL's productivity system works, there is still a manned requirement for parts to be construted. I simple attach a small housing modules to the Drone. Will be creating a workaround method in the future) Legal Stuff: Community Resource Pack is released under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ Civilian Population 1.5 is released under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ KSPAPIExtensions is released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported
  3. NOTE: New Name, new function. As of 1.0 and the latest Update of EPL, a stock resource adaptation has been added by Taniwha. With that change the need for this mod has passed! All parts have been updated to use EPL's new MetalOre resource. ExtraPlanetary Launchpads_Extended Part Pack requires: ExtraPlanetay Launchpads http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59545-Extraplanetary-Launchpads-v3-4 Module Manager: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55219-Module-Manager-1-5-6-%28Jan-6%29 Formerly a Adpation for EPL to run on the Regolith System. With the addition of Resources with 1.0 and Taniwha adding a stock system to ExtraPlanetary Launchpads, this pack is now a part pack with new parts to work with EPL. New Part added by Request: Re-textured Workspace Module (Used with Permission from Roverdude) Rocket Building Workshop: Contains a Small Electric Smelter (conversion = to what the Tiny smelter in EPL does) and a 3D printer to make Rocket parts. Re-Textured Smelter models, courtesy of Mossman. Great looking models. 3 version, Humongous, regular, and tiny. CFG's have been updated to work with Karbonite. (these are added to both versions of the download) Orbital Rocket Workshop/SpaceDock to build rocketparts, and build new spaceships to launch in orbit. DOWNLOAD HERE Optional Extras! MetalOre to StockOre Conversion (converts all EPL and extended parts to use stock Ore instead of MetalOre) Alternate Orbital Workshop Part (doesnt include spacedock, so you'll need to attach the default one or your own, I love the KASA Orbital Spacedock!) Inflatable RocketPart Storage (requires Karbonite to work properly) Please feel free to post here with any requests or issues. Changelog: .01: Updated conversion rates using EPL's resource weights for more realistic amounts. .02: Added Mineral, substrate and Water extraction to Karbonite drills (Note: only if you have MKS/OKS) Added Mineral, Substrate, and Water scanning to Karbonite Antenna(only with MKS/OKS) .03: Added ScanSAT support to the Karbonite Antenna .10: Optimized ScanSAT support (thanks for the info DMagic!) Added new part, retextured Workspace Module from MKS with permission from Roverdude. .11: Changed Model for RocketWorkshop, older model had issue with hatch. .11.1: Fixed an issue with the attachment nodes. .12 : Removed ScanSat.cfg and replace with a module manager config to change scantype value to avoid overwriteing files. .13 : Added compatible version for MKS/OKS v.20 Prerelease: Fixed EC cost of processing scrap. (previously didn't have any) .13.1: Removed redundent config(only applies to the pre-release version. .14: Added in adapted Smelter Parts by Mossmas, slightly retextured, and working with karbonite now. .14.1 hotfix. Added scrapmetal storage to exWorkshop and Rocketbuilder (as they were missing it) only applies to the pre-release. .15 Moved pre-release version to be current download, as Karbonite v.3 has launched. .16 Added two new parts: Orbital Rocket Workshop/Dock, and Inflatable RocketPart Storage. .16.1: Fixed OMD, animates properly now. added scansat into OMD now that its usable. .16.2: Corrected attachment nodes on tinysmelter, fixed smelter conversion rate on medium smelter (was breaking spacetime apparently) .16.5: Pricing Pass, corrected prices off all WombatConversion Parts .16.6: Added ore mining support, Ore/metal/RocketParts Storage to .625 KarbonitePlus Parts. .16.7: Fixed error with part config file (sorry bout that!!!) download this update if you have issues with the smelter prices. .17: Updated EPL config file to support latest version of Karbonite (Thanks to Nori for providing the file!): Updated Workshop parts in the conversion parts to keep working when scrap metal is full (dumping excess) .20: Updated to work with .90: Switch over to Regolith Framework for conversion of ore. Karbonite no longer required, Just EPL (But i still recommend it!) .21 Updated download to the latest version of Regolith. .22 Updated to match with the latest version of EPL! .23 Updated Regolith to 1.2 and CRP to 3.2 .24 Removed Inflatable Rocket Storage from main pack as it no longer works without USITools.dll, updated part to work, and added to optional downloads, will work if player has Karbonite. (or simply the USItools.dll) .25 Updated ScanSat Config so Ore is displayed properly on the big map! Sorry about missing this! .27 got rid of some old hangover code -preregolith .28 Updated to latest version of Regolith & CRP .29 Updated Regolith... again... Dangit Roverdude, quit being so productive .30 Updated to Regolith 1.5 .50 Removed Reglolith MM adaption (as its no longer needed) Updated all parts to use EPL modules for conversion. MKS module models and textures are licenced Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) and are the wonderful work of Roverdude (except were edited by me). Smelter Models and Textures Courtasy of Mossman. Orbital Dock Texture courtasy of skykooler and are licenced GPLv3
  4. [WIP] Modular Satellite System (MSS)

    So, ive been itching to give some a go at a serious project for KSP: And after about 1000ish hours of playing, one of my biggest issues, is a lack of variety in probe cores and other unmanned systems. Modular Satellite System (MSS) Inspiration: From Wikipedia: The Modular Common Spacecraft Bus (MCSB) is a fast-development, low-cost, general purposespacecraft platform. Its modular design is intended to reduce the cost, complexity, and lead time on missions by providing a reliable, well-characterized system that can carry a variety of payloads. According to NASA, "the spacecraft is roughly one tenth the price of a conventional unmanned mission and could be used to land on the Moon, orbit Earth, or rendezvous with near-Earth objects. This system was recently used on the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission to the moon. Goals: Provide a modular approach to building a unmanned lander/satellite capable of Mun/Minmus/LKO at the very least. You pick what you want! Extra Batteries for a ComSAT? Science equipment for a munar lander? You got it! RemoteTech integration ScanSAT integration Keeping parts to a minimum using Firespitter model switch on similar size parts. Any other suggestions are welcome. early WIP Model for Fuel module portion: (untextured and missing a few fine details, got solar panels setup (and animated!))
  5. [1.1.2][CKAN] Civilian Populations Revived

    Im assuming based of the screenshot that your updating the 1.7.4 version that was the last i uploaded (versus updating MichaelHesters last version for .90) I'd be happy to have a chat, ill send a PM wish some contact info, and ill gather up all the WIP stuff i have and organize them, have several models i was looking to add, but they just lack textures
  6. Hey GGgumby! Glad to see you are reviving this. I wish i had time to maintain it but , unfortunatly, im worknig full time + running a small buisness and taking classes. I assume your updating from my version, and not updating all the way from MichaelHesters .25 version? (based on the screenshot from your release thread i see one of the parts i threw in :P) But if you need any of my work in progress models/textures/code, im happy to send them to you. Your also welcome to use any and all pictures/screenshots/logo's from my thread
  7. [1.1.2][CKAN] Civilian Populations Revived

    Glad i stumbled across this! I whole heatedly endorse this (as with me running a small business + working full time + night classes ) I no longer have time to upkeep the version I took over from MichaelHester Please message me, GGUmby if you need any of the resources (models textures, screenshots logos etc, and all the work in progress stuff) that i have added to my version!
  8. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    So Update time I am super sorry for the long absence folks (and also the lack of notice) What Mynar posted up again is right. I recently started my own business, And it has been sucking up all of my free time. (what with me still working my regular day job as well) ... Thankfully I am almost to the point were I can go solo with my own business and will have more free time (YAY!) If you guys give me a few days to get up to speed with what 1.05 has done to my poor baby, ill get her up and running again as good as new!
  9. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    namAehT, rent accumulates per day for each target, so I wouldn't want to have a popup or notifications daily for every ship, would get quite spammy specially if you timewarp. What i can do though is add a notification to come up every time you visit a civilian colony, with total rent earned. (added it for you as an enhancement request to github so i don't forget) Remember, you only receive rent whenever you visit your vessels, So its good to visit them every so often, you will received the accumulated rent. The right click menu of Civilian Apartments will display your daily rent amount. Also to other folks, Apologies for the delay on getting out the part, and patch i linked early, Birthday was over the weekend, so i've been away from the workstation for most of the week!
  10. To add one to point 4 Regarding the CRP (Community Resource Pack, i assume thats the one your referring to ) you dont need to have a resource ratified into the CRP to make one and use it. (New resources usually only get ratified into the pack if they are in use by either a very large mod or many mods, I.E. Water, EnrichedUranium etc) Though if the CRP already has a resource that you can use, all you have to do is include CRP as a dependency for your mod and your all set.
  11. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    Nice looking station! Awesomeness! Regarding the USI-LS balance, will defintly have a balance pass coming with the next patch ( if you have any input on numbers feel free to drop em either here or as a github issue) Quick preview of the transport module (ive reused some textures to save me time, its work in progress) specifically the cold transport parts from the tiny house IVA as they made total sense, Holds 160 civilians (in cold storage stacked high) Will use a large amount of ElectricCharge to keep em frozen. If you ship runs out of charge they will start dieing off. So bring alot of panels or a reactor. Part is pretty much done, just have coding a custom module for it to work properly. Once docked or connected to a station or base, the electric charge requirement will go away (so you can thaw em out and transfer them to their accommodations. )
  12. [1.0.4] AirPark

    Nice way to make a first post Definitely a useful mod! I can imagine those machinma makers might have a great use for it! (Almost im wondering it might potentially be useful to build Cloud City in Jools atmosphere. )
  13. heh.. this is pretty fun and amusing, had to give it a go. Great fun Daniel.l ! I was kinda scared on the first launch my ship would burn up immediatly existing the atmo (due to the sun being so close) but that doesnt look like the case.
  14. [WIP] Valkerbie

    Whoa! Nice, absolutely loving the jaws on the cockpit
  15. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    Yea 120 tons does seem awfully tiny Even in stock i built larger stations than that. @Admac, sorry about the delay, Here was that config you were asking about (it adds Minerals and MetallicOre to the two CivPop drills) Drop it in the NetherdyneAerospace\CivilianManagment\Configs Folder. Really anywhere is fine, but if you make sure to put it there it will get updated if i need to update it.) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19908938/USI-Resources.cfg New update is on track for soonish
  16. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    You dont need a config for any other mods for this to work. Out of the box Kerbals dont need supplies for 15 days, If your expedition is gonna be longer than that you add some supply containers.
  17. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    Thanks for the feedback Regarding the MKS resources in the drill, no problem. You can easily add those resource by module manager, Ill put together one and attach it to this post, shortly (ill include it in the next patch for those that are interested) Also regarding MKS, I should also be including some configs to add logistics support Civpop parts, to ease transfers of resources. Regarding Life support: Your using USI-LS per your post, i assume. Ill double check the numbers on life support production. (I havent in a while since Rovers last USI-LS patch and i need to make sure everything is good) I couldn't tell via your post if you station was orbital or ground based. But Orbital stations are gonna be slightly lossy, they will not be closed loop, you need some input of water and substrate occasionally. (though they recycling rate is fairly high) Ground based stations obviously you can solve this problem with the drills. I also want to, in the near future include some sort of Capstone module (say a recycling plant?) that would make you closed loop. Lastly regarding civilian transportation. I am finalizing the model and textures on a civilian transportation part ( i talked about this a few pages back) That will transport 50 civilians at time, but its significantly smaller than the 50 civ Apartment, and are stackabled for ease of movment. Think of it as putting the civilians in cold storage, they wont require food, but the modules will require large amounts of electricity and will be somewhat expensive, they cant be recruited from either. Once connected to a base, the civilians will be woken, and start consuming supplies. Hopefully this answers all your questions
  18. [WIP] Valkerbie

    Looking Really good! good job on unwrapping her too (thats my least favorite part ) Looking foward to seeing the final version!
  19. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    Good suggestion i Like it , should be implementable MichaelHester07, the original dev of the Stanford Torus did give me all the orginal assets for the Stanford Torus mod, ive been contemplating reviving it (just have not gotten around to it) it's plug-in requires a bit of updating. Personally I wouldn't want it to integrate it directly into CivPop, id prefer it stand on its own. but would make it complementary (i.e. give it the ability to house civilians ,etc if you have Civ Pop installed )
  20. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Not sure if a bug or not, or working as intended , was not sure if you intended the orangeimmunity toggle to work with Causes Death = true Using these setttings. LIFE_SUPPORT_SETTINGS { SupplyTime = 324000 CausesDeath = true ECAmount = 0.01 OrangeImmunity = true HomeworldAltitude = 50000 } Have a craft with bob and Val (both orange suits im assuming) but they still died when running out of supplies.
  21. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    I like the Manager, which ill most definitely include! Good Call. (for science / Sandbox games i can have this job increase civilian population limit or something like that) Trader/Gatherer would require some extra code built in to allow for resources to come in. Which would also only be useful in Career mode(the purchasing part, as funds dont exist in science /sandbox) . Not sure on something like that. Ill noodle it over. In regards to rent scaling based on SOI, thats something that is definitely on the way. Should be in by the next patch actually (as its a seperate module from this specialization system) It will most likely be based on distance from Kerbin (not on actual SOI) otherwise it will run into issues supporting planet packs. I just have to work the exact numbers so that its fair and not too overpowered.
  22. [1.0.4]Civilian Population (Update to 1.0.5 in Progress)

    Alright folks! I'm currently working on a new sub module to CivPop which will add Civilian Specialties (a.k.a. Jobs ) to your civilians. What id like, from anyone who uses the mod, is some jobs that you would like to see, or feel that fit. Any suggestions welcome. What I have so far: Job bonuses: Farmer - .5% bonus increase in food growth Doctor - .5% bonus to kerbal health (if a feature like this is added to USI or TAC) else increases reproduction rate Professor - bonus to producing of education (in university) Recruiter - Lowers cost of recruiting Kerbonauts. Manager/Landlord - slightly increases Civi Rent (or for sandbox, increase population limit) I have it coded right now, so each building will be limited to the number of specialists you can hold (i.e. you will have (x) number of slots for farmers per farm/hydrosphere, etc. Currently the setup is plan so that you can obtain Specialists in 2 ways. First you can train them via the university, time and resource consuming. Or second, you can recruit them via the UI (not implemented till 1.1) this will be quick, but costs a decent amount of funds.
  23. Pretty much .. its just parts So yea, no reason the parts wont work (barring super major changes to either Stock, or EPL) But pretty much not doing any further work on this its basically just archived for any usfull information and configs ((Though sidenote: I am working on a small project in my spare time and making some more Revamped EPL parts , though its a long term project))
  24. [1.3.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.9.0

    Or in its own seperate .cfg file, does not matter. (though if your using a config for stock ore, which i assume you are you'll wanna change the "resourceName" line from metalore, to Ore.
  25. [1.3.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.9.0

    You can use a MM config to use the stock drill for MetalOre extraction @PART[RadialDrill] { MODULE { name = ModuleResourceHarvester HarvesterType = 0 Efficiency = 1 ResourceName = MetalOre ConverterName = Surface Harvester StartActionName = Start Surface Harvester StopActionName = Stop Surface Harvester ImpactTransform = ImpactTransform ImpactRange = 5 AutoShutdown = false GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = true SpecialistEfficiencyFactor = 0.2 SpecialistBonusBase = 0.05 Specialty = Engineer EfficiencyBonus = 1 INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 15 } }