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  1. Part Wizard is useful in situations like that. You can select any part on your craft from a list.
  2. Maybe it was this one. The Probes Before Crew tech tree mod also has its own contracts like what you're talking about. Then there's the Career Evolution contracts pack, but that might be outdated. There are probably others as well.
  3. There's also this. The part list is relatively small.
  4. I'm interested in modifying the configs to apply real dates to a 2.5x KSRSS system, which has a 7.5-hour day. I guess the main value I need to modify is the "offsetTime" figure, which is currently "21600". Question: is the offset based on adding this number of seconds to the standard Kerbin day, i.e. adding 21600 seconds to the standard Kerbin day to make it match JNSQ's 12-hour day? If so, then to make it work with 2.5x KSRSS, I would change the "offsetTime" figure to 5400, right? (Add 5400 seconds to the standard Kerbin day to bring it up to 7.5 hours.) Edit: Actually, I see that I'm wrong about this and the offset time just changes the time that a new save starts at, right? So I should modify the value for offset time if the game doesn't start at dawn at KSC and I want it to start then.
  5. Yeah, copy/paste error. It should have been "the folder GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\AVP_Configs\Textures\CityLights".
  6. Yes, you'd need to use the Parallax Stock Textures, as AVP doesn't provide Parallax textures. One issue you'll encounter if you use both Parallax and AVP is a lot of texture flickering on Kerbin. This happens because they're both trying to apply textures at ground level on Kerbin - AVP is applying city lights textures, and Parallax has its ground textures. You'll need to decide which effect you want to keep, the city lights or the Parallax textures, and make some modifications. To keep the Parallax textures for Kerbin and ditch the city lights: delete the folder GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\AVP_Configs\Textures\CityLights. To keep the city lights for Kerbin and ditch Parallax textures for Kerbin (while keeping Parallax active for other bodies): opening the file GameData\Parallax_StockTextures\ParallaxTerrain.cfg in a text editor and deleting the Kerbin section (lines 3-42) should take care of it.
  7. @linuxgurugamer I modified the config to rotate the model. It looks like this: The balloons line up (just about) with the physical struts now. Personally I have an odd OCD about symmetry and rotation, and I actually prefer the look of the non-rotated version. But of course, you make the decisions for your own mods. If you prefer the rotated version, I can patch it myself. Updated version of the patch with the 45-degree rotation:
  8. @linuxgurugamer Tested with the Kane-11-3 command pod. Deploys properly as expected, and the size seems correct: There's one glitch, however. The balloons on the top aren't physically connected to anything: If they could be rotated by 45 degrees, they'd line up with the physical struts, but I guess that might be a pain to accomplish. It's a minor visual glitch, and for myself, I'll happily live with it. Thanks once again for maintaining this - and a million other mods. It's hugely appreciated.
  9. @DaOPCreeper - You should tag @linuxgurugamer to increase the chances of getting your wish. Here's an attempt at an MM patch for the latest Apollo capsules. I've just copied the MM patch for the old Bluedog Apollo capsules and changed the names of the parts it's targeting. It's completely untested at the moment. If the size of the Bluedog capsule has changed, at least the rescale values will have to be modified. I'll check if it works at some point, but if you (or someone else) could test it, that would be helpful.
  10. Yes, it works just fine with mods like PBC. The only issue with PBC is that PBC has its own contracts for the early game, so sometimes you'll get multiple contracts offered with similar goals in the early game, e.g. two contracts to reach space, or two contracts to reach orbit. Not a problem itself, it just means easier access to cash and reputation at the start of the game.
  11. Taking the Mainsail as an example, the Stock Waterfall Effects patch has "FOR[StockWaterfallEffects]", whereas Waterfall Restock has "FOR[WaterfallRestock]". As I understand it, this means that the patch from Waterfall Restock loads after the patch from Stock Waterfall Effects (due to alphabetical order). Waterfall Restock's patch removes the "EFFECTS" module and "ModuleWaterfallFX" module that were added by SWE and replaces them with its own. Assuming this holds true for all the parts, it seems that Waterfall Restock will take precedence over SWE. But SWE's effects will remain for any parts that aren't covered by Waterfall Restock.
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