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  1. Every time you start researching a new technology in the tech tree, you receive one upgrade point.
  2. No thanks. I don't use that mod myself, so I'm not touching it. You and me may have different definitions of "fun".
  3. Oh, OK then... Parts patched: Communotron DTS-J1 Communotron HG-20 Communotron HG-61 Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port 'Grande' Mystery Goo Inline Containment Unit SC-9001R Radial Science Jr. Z-10K battery bank Screenshot: Patches: @SnarkPull request submitted on GitHub as well. (But it's got a bunch of unnecessary commits in from uploading and deleting files cos GitHub is new to me. Sorry.) (Side note: Oh, how I wish I'd discovered NodeHelper when I was doing the other ReStock patches. It makes things so much easier. *quietly whimpers* )
  4. Module Manager Syntax page says: You can use & for AND, | for OR and ! for NOT in the needs listing. I would imagine that means you can't use it in the PART part, but I suppose it's no guarantee.
  5. Legend and song, you say? Best get the bards to work... I've cobbled together a compatibility patch to make ReStock and Indicator Lights play nicely together. This was tedious, repetitive, boring, thankless work that took far, far too long. But, due to having a bit of time off work and sheer bloody-mindedness, I persevered. I've tested the functionality of all the parts, and I'm quite happy with the results, so I thought I'd share. List of patched parts: If I've missed any parts, people are free to let me know. I may go and add lights to those parts. Equally, I may just say "y
  6. For me, as well as the error message, I got continuous null ref exceptions in orbit related to solar panels. They slowed he frame rate to a crawl...
  7. Kerbalism adds "Shielding" to command pods to protect against radiation. I think that's what is making your craft sink. You should be able to reduce/remove it from the right-click menu. If you don't have that option, then something isn't right in your installation.
  8. Haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure that it would have the same issue if you want to keep the part with the same dimensions that it has now. If the scaling of the x, y and z dimensions isn't consistent, the image gets stretched. The only remedies are to change the part scaling or modify the image. Changing the scaling will (I think) cause issues with people's existing craft that use that part, and the licence for ReStock doesn't permit modifying the images, which is obviously entirely fair given the effort that went into creating them. Honestly, the stretching is not that bad,
  9. Double-checked and all the braces are balanced. No extras. That's so weird. I can't see any reason why it would need to be in separate files. Alternatively – if you don't already have any craft in your save that are using the Missing History versions of the 303 or T15, – the following code will nuke the parts completely. I have this block in the same file as the first patch, andf it works fine for me. (You'll lose any ships that do have either of those engines, though.) //Kills 303 and T15 engines -PART[liquidEngine303]:FINAL{} -PART[liquidEngineT15]:FINAL{} @Snark IRL
  10. Actually, it should work fine if you combine them into one file. Turned out there was a superfluous curly bracket floating around, which borked the thing. I fixed the syntax above, but I couldn't be bothered to edit the post again to combine them back into one file. But I'm glad it's working for you. And if @Snark wants to roll it into Missing History, that's cool. (I can do a PR on Github if that's the preferred method.)
  11. Short answer: yes Slightly longer answer: This question has already been answered on this very same page. You could have read the page and found the answer for yourself...
  12. For some mysterious reason I can't wrap my head around, that patch to hide the engines will not work when it's at the end of the previous patch file. It fails to apply the patches to those engines. (I swear it worked yesterday when I wrote it...) But it works just fine if you cut and paste the exact same code into a separate file of its own. (My MM-fu is very limited, so I have no idea why. Any explanations would be most welcome. Perhaps I'll wander over to the MM thread and ask about it.) I've updated the code above so there's two separate patch files now. At least on my install, th
  13. Aye, that's what a complete lack of testing will get you... Try it now. I've updated the patch in the post above. Should be fully functional now.
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