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  1. I have the same problem, this is driving me nuts. No single mod causes the problem and it only happens in the VAB/SPH. I'm running with a couple of mods (eg. UKS, Pathfinder, OPT, L-Tech, Tarsier, PBI) but only removing them all solves the problem. Nothing suspicious in the logs...quite a strange bug Playing with Win64 build without OpenGl, so this is not the problem.
  2. There is a mod out there called KRnD (Kerbal Research and Development). Via an Interface in the VAB/SPH you can improve your parts with research points (higher tank capacity, thrust, energy storage, lower mass etc etc), and the more you upgrade a part, the more it costs. I guess that's what you had in mind. I would love to see those two mods work together!
  3. Yes, but something was wrong with my installation, sorry about that. After a reinstall it worked. However, I still have this problem in my regular game. It appears to be a problem caused by multiple mods. I've found out that RasterPropMonitor, the USI-mods and KRnD interact with another mod and cause the GUI to fail. Those installed in a seperate game work however, so there must be a fourth mod messing with KRnD. This is my ckan config, maybe you can find the incompatabilities.
  4. I installed the latest KRnD on a fresh 1.1.2 install without any mods, and the problem still occurs, but no error in the log. Just an empty gui, no matter what part I pick
  5. Well, seems like I've got an error that does not generate a log entry. I did a complete reinstall of KSP and most other errors are now gone, but the GUI problem with KRnD still persists. Previuos updated parts still work, but either the plugin does not recognise when I'm clicking on a part, or the UI is somehow broken
  6. Hey! I've encountered a problem with KRnD in v1.1.2. Somehow the ui is broken and I can't improve my parts anymore. Parts that were altered in 1.1(.1) still work. KRnD worked flawless in 1.1 and 1.1.1. Anyone else with this problem?
  7. Hi! Congrats on your mod ShotgunNinja, it looks quite promising and I would love to use it in my ksp-install. I have a suggestion regarding mod-compatability: would it be possible for you to make your mod modular? Like every feature is in its own module, and you can enable/disable them via config and/or GUI. This would solve the compatability problems with other mods (besides resources) and gives us player the chance to choose, what content of your mod we want to have active at the moment and what not. Looking forward to your updates, Cheers!
  8. *looks around* ...Where is it?...mumble *checks every pocket* THERE IT IS! MY HYPETRAIN TICKET! EVERYONE ON BOARD? (in before release )
  9. Hi! I have the same issue. I made a fresh install with only KSPI-E in it. Plasma/Atilla thrusters are always fuel deprived with fuel flow "NaNU", and thermal (hybrid) turbojets only use intake air/atmosphere instead of this plus LFO,... KSPI alone works fine.
  10. Thank you for keeping us up to date! I'm eager to test the new BioMass Will it be easy to alter production processes via MM patches? Do you have any plans regarding compatability with other mods (eg. Karbonite, RealFuels, More Fuel Types/"NEARFuels",etc.)? Regards, Stage
  11. Hey! Nice to see an alternative to RealFuels! I've found a small bug: your "Vernor Engine Kerosene" needs LqdMethane instead of Kerosene. What I'm not sure about: in my game stock-RCS isn't affected by your mod. Maybe a conflict, maybe a problem with the stock RCS module. I've tinkered a little with your mod to make it compatible with my KSP install wrotesome MM patches, one of those is a working patch for MultiMode engines: @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[MultiModeEngine]]:AFTER[cryostat]{ @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] { @name = Kerosene } @PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] { @name = LiquidO2 @ratio = 3 } } @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],1 { @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] { @name = Kerosene } @PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] { @name = LiquidO2 @ratio = 3 } } } I use some mods adding multimode engines where both stages use LFO, that's why both engines have patches for Oxidizer. Works for B9 engines aswell @PART[B9_Engine_SABRE_S]:BEFORE[cryostat] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] { @name = LqdMethane } } @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],1 { @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] { @name = LqdMethane } @PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] { @name = LiquidO2 @ratio = 4 } } } I use the :BEFORE tag so NEARFuels won't change the first engine (My SABRE engines use LqdMethane for compatability reasons). Some mods use ModuleRCSFX instead of stock ModuleRCS. It would be great if you could made that compatible aswell Regards, Stage
  12. A small request (maybe) for the next update: a next/previous fuel button for engines.
  13. I don't know if you have seen it or someone suggested it already, but: this mod here adds a really nice inventory to the game (that's visible in the stock VAB!). I think KCT would benefit a lot if it could use this GUI.
  14. I did not abandon it, but I just haven't had time to work on SEDI. Wasn't even able to play KSP until yesterday. I do however plan to continue it and update all the configs, maybe even add new stuff besides EPL (NEAR fuels got my attention, and compatability is almost non existent) I made those configs to add NearFuture Propulsion Argon as propellants to KSPI 0.11 (Argon changes to ArgonGas). Furthermore this changes KSPI Hydrogen (which is LiquidFuel) to NFP LiquidHydrogen and introduced LiquidFuel as its own propellant. I think with KSPI 0.12 the argon config is not needed anymore, but the hydrogen config is still valid.