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  1. So I completely wiped KSP from my system and downloaded only FUR, KBPS and SimpleConstruction (along with the dependencies of course) from CKAN. Same issue though, no resource shows up and the container is named as "Freight". Here's the log:
  2. Hello, I don't have any resource available for the freight containers (both Big and Small) I'm installed the mod with CKAN and intended to use it with SimpleConstruction. Should the vanilla Ore be available or it supports just resources from other mods? Pic: BTW thanks for this and KPBS. These are my favourite mods. EDIT: Ok, As soons as I removed Insterstellar Fuel Switch Core along SimpleConstructions, Ore resource showed up indeed.
  3. edit: Nevermind. It was only me forgetting to add batteries. There you go: Thanks a lot for the prompt response but don't worry about it. I hope he/she gets well soon!
  4. Hello guys, when I try to transmit the Science back I get an error and the GUI goes blank like in the image below. If I close and open the GUI it goes back to normal again. I'm using I am not saying it's a bug but can anyone point me if I'm doing something wrong? With the other contracts (not related to any CactEye part) the transmission went just fine. @icedown thanks for keeping this mod alive btw, it's so awesome.