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  1. I was expecting it to just continue forward but it looked like it yawed right. Maybe its just my old eyes but that wasnt what I expected.
  2. Born in 57, been watching spaceflight all my life. That was simply incredible.
  3. Magnets imbedded in the glasses hold them on to their metal filled heads like its magic.
  4. I know the problem, communications protocol was set 8N1 when it should have been 7E2.
  5. Is there anyone that is not anxious for the presentation tonight? Of course, there will then be the almost unbearable wait for it to fly. lol
  6. Not the worst really and like some others posted before. It is the one that sticks with me the most and has since served me well since as I plan much better now. But it was very early on in KSP and I had no experience really and I ran out of fuel just before I made the atmo. So, ya, I had to get out and push quite a few times but Jeb finally made it home. Rookies........sheesh! :)
  7. I check on Boca Chica almost every day. I have no life! lol
  8. Been there, done that, got the T shirt and the hat. Would do it for KSP2 if I could. But if you have never done anything like this before , you better be prepared for the dedication required and the time involved, it is not all fun and games. My experience has been that most find out how hard and time consuming it really is and what little reward you get and they fade into obscurity. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. Installed this the moment I got through watching Kottabos Games vid on this mod. Awesome stuff!
  10. Installed this yesterday on a 1.6 build with its dependencies and as near as I could tell, it was working. It certainly didnt mess up my save and I didnt see anything unusual going on. I didnt see any rings around Jool though but I havent actually flown out there either. So.......for what it is worth. Im not positive Scatterer is working perfectly but it is working to some degree and things are pretty again. I did launch and complete a couple of sat contracts while checking it out. YMMV!
  11. Glad your skipping 1.5.1 and going to 1.6, I think that is a good decision.
  12. Thank you for all you have done. Best of luck in your new future. Sorry to see you leave though.
  13. Your scaring me. lol I sure hope I have enough to complete my mission. But, all it has to do is live long enough to finish the last burn. But you got me worried now.
  14. I have currently underway a deep space sat mission going on. Out to almost Neidon. Im not sure what my outcome is going to be but I sent it out there with a RTG and no solar. It is going to be a long time before I find out what the results are. Here is a link to my sat mission. You might find something in there useful or interesting.
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