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  1. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Software isnt an exact science, if it isnt here tomorrow, its not going to kill me. Got plenty to be doing as it is. More than I have time for. Not only other games and sims, but RC flight and a brand new fishing license to wear out. If Spring ever actually gets here. Apparently the weather isnt an exact science either. lol
  2. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    ............... and so begins the constant checking of Steam and the forums.
  3. Thanks KSP team :)

    Ahhhh, another opportunity to thank the KSP team. Thanks guys, and also thanks to some that are no longer here as well. Still to this day one of my favorite distractions of all time. Dont see that changing.
  4. Happy Pi day

    If it was pie day I would probably be a little more excited. But happy Pi day to you as well. BTW, have you ever searched for Pi day pie?
  5. Argh. I missed the live event, thanks much for posting a link to it. Looked like a pretty young crew that put that rocket up there. Congrats to them.
  6. Which PC games have the most stunning graphics?

    I have to vote for Zork as well, mostly because I cant stop lol at this.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    RO/RSS/RP-0 Put my first 2 sats in orbit around the Moon. One in a polar orbit and one in a standard orbit. Nathan's tutorials part 11 and 12. I also did the sat mission where I use the Moon to escape Earth but ran out of electricity and could not complete the last experiment outside Earth's SOI. Oh well.....pretty successful day really. Next up..... part 13 Spy sats Really enjoying the tutorials and the whole RO/RSS experience. Definitely harder than regular Kerbal but I am learning a lot. I will be a lot better off for doing this, I can see that now.
  8. SO how do you all deal with electric power consumption? Do you use the old calculator and do the math to figure out if you have enough electric or do you use one of the 2 addons for that? Same thing for communication distances, how do you deal with that as well? Currently Im just doing what the tutorials say and not worrying about such things but I can see I will have too sooner or later.
  9. RIP Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and cofounder, 1953-2017

    Sad news, my generation has been taking a beating lately. Unfortunately , it wont be getting any better soon.
  10. OK, fly into the Moon at 1000x it is. I can see I need to boost up the ole testing skills here in Kerbal land. Ive been slacking. lol Thanks for looking at that. If you figure out why it does that, that would be great and feel free to report that to the proper person, whoever that is.
  11. There ya go Mat. There is a save in there called Moon Impact Mission if you want to reload it from its current position. Ship Name is "Explorer Impactor" Over in the missions list you can see that the first two requirements are currently met. OK, so I just ran it on through again. So thats 3 straight hits to the moon and 3 times the contract has failed. At least Ive hit it 3 times straight.
  12. Cool I will do it again, maybe tonight or tomorrow and make a save at that point.
  13. OK, next problem. So Im doing the moon missions from Nathan's tutorial and I have already completed the contract 5000KM Moon flyby. SO I decided to take the Moon impact mission. The problem is that it wont complete. I can satisfy only 2 of the 3 requirements at any given time. First is build a new ship, ok thats easy enough. Dont remember the second one but I dont have a problem with it. Third one is impact the Moon. OK, I can do that, did it twice in a row. Thing is, once I satisfy the impact parameter, the build new vehicle parameter fails on impact and the contract does not complete. Sooo, what am I doing wrong? In the tutorial, he just hits it and all is good. I fail to understand.
  14. Just wanted to give a call out to Mat for helping me out. Thanks again. I hope someday I can return the favor.
  15. My mother passed away ... so I made her a star

    My heart goes out to you