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  1. I've been busy, I'll look into starting up a tourney myself over winter break though. This is what I've got in terms of aircraft that meet the criteria. Not sure I've uploaded the version with optimized settings though https://kerbalx.com/MostExcellent/XK-16b
  2. Another question, how do I set start distances? Last time I did something like this it was starting from takeoff.
  3. On another note, before I do anything else, does anybody know why aircraft tend to enter spins when using the BDa AI with FAR? It doesn't just happen with mine (which I seem to have fixed somehow, maybe it was adding the control surfaces on the front of wings) but with some of the others in this thread. Also, would pre-coolers be allowed? I'm just playing around with this ruleset since it seems fun. Edit: I saw pre-coolers on some of the other craft, so I'm assuming they're fair game.
  4. I really like this type of thing. Do you think I should start a new one or continue this thread/challenge?
  5. Unexpected failures turn out to be great fun sometimes. I was trying to rotate the crew on my Kerbin Space Station, but a micrometeoroid (from Kessler Syndrome mod) destroyed my main engine before I could burn to match velocities. I had enough monopropellant to match velocities using RCS thrusters, but that was it. Not content to simply send my crew on EVA to dock with the station (and miss out on completing a science contract due to instruments on my capsule), I tried to think of other ways I could dock. I still had a decoupler. I aligned the docking ports using reaction wheels, and
  6. An SSTO challenge could be fun Are there rules? A scoring system? Refer to the challenge submission guide
  7. I present a new supersonic/regional jet: the K2707, which carries 40 passengers at over mach 2.8\ https://imgur.com/a/HGZ41 In supercruise, at an altitude of 12-14 km, it can reach a cruising speed of 840-860 m/s, and an estimated range of 1600 km For extra range, afterburners can be disabled, and cruising at ~300 m/s at 7km of altitude one should be able to reach the extended range target of 2500km The K2707 features excellent stability and lift at all speeds, especially for a supersonic craft, as well as an airbrake system. This making takeoff and landing is a breeze, not
  8. Are we allowed to post craft after the three have been submitted? Just for fun.
  9. Could the replicas category include realistic planes with realistic clipping? The one plane I got to even stand a chance against the sandwich had similar clipping.
  10. I agree with no lasers, maybe no turrets as well. If we want to do turrets though...
  11. I have a fighter that could occasionally beat the sandwich, still trying to improve it. No promises though
  12. So is there any scoring system or challenge-specific goals? Are we supposed to submit mission reports or something? Regardless, I need to try this out.
  13. Finished preparing my defenses. Thanks to @NotAnAimbot for the Ground Tundra, I hope it's ok that I used it for my gun defenses. Also, for others wanting to build defense systems, make sure you set your guard mode settings right, my first iteration would have likely been much less terrible if I had set it up correctly. Get the new save file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gimb8vz1pmdoblj/KSC Defense MostExcellent.zip?dl=0
  14. Artillery everything from long range. Who needs planes? Crafts: AH-6b Mischief SEAD: 1x Howitzer, 6x Hellfire missiles, 2x HARM [download page] M-5 Arbalest: 1x Howitzer, 8x TOW missiles, 2x .50cal turret [download page] New KSC coming soon.
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