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  1. Banned myself again, gosh darn it.

  2. I spent 10 minutes trying to get that into KSP. I can see every other craft on Steam, but not the ONE I'm subscribed to. Sorry, can't help you.
  3. I use this amazingly low-overhead, rapid-prototyping tool called a pencil and paper. Joking aside, I've used AutoCAD professionally for 25 years, and I still think that in the early phases of a project, dealing with computer interfaces limits your thinking and takes up valuable mental processing cycles. Make the machine work for you, don't work for the machine.
  4. Oh, of course. :facepalm: I'll figure that out in the next couple of days. Right now, I'm going to crank up some music and veg out. Happy New Year to you.
  5. That's too bad, as DLC's go, it's darn good, but I understand if you have an objection. I read through ModuleOrXBFC.cs. It looks like it should operate on anything with ModuleControlSurface, which the BG props have. Looks like everything is getting initialized in OrXLog.cs. Unless I'm grossly misunderstanding, I think you just need to add the part names of: largeFanBlade largeHeliBlade largePropeller mediumFanBlade mediumHeliBlade mediumPropeller smallFanBlade smallHeliBlade smallPropeller Also, I long for the day when the OOP fad goes out of style. It's so bloody awkward to code in nouns.
  6. Yes, that's it. Apologies for not being clear. My understanding is that the Boost Flap functionality deploys elevons when airborne--Breaking Ground prop parts are designed to operate in the deployed state, so that would need a reversal. The end result would be the same, cutting thrust. In fact it would be rather nice to be able to choose, per-part, whether airborne=deployed or airborne=retracted. The amount of downforce needed for my Dakar test buggy is snapping the wheels off during the harder landings. No big deal, I can do all this manually. Just a suggestion.
  7. You can’t fool me, clearly this is all Eldar tech. Feature request: the ability to invert the boost flap setting so that one can UNdeploy BG props when airborne. I’ve got some fan-driven Baja trucks that have an appointment in Dakar.
  8. You’re right, there was talk of it at one point, but they went with consistent performance, because it’s less confusing and makes it simpler to share craft and design ideas. I think it was a good choice from a gameplay perspective.
  9. Watercraft are challenging—Watercraft than can SSTO especially so. That’s nice work, thanks for sharing it. I’ll give it a spin around the planet when i have a chance.
  10. I just got done watching the movie Yesterday, now I have the entire Beatles catalog stuck in my head. Pretty happy about it, honestly.
  11. The Factorio devs don’t believe in sales. It’s always the same price. The value per dollar is darn good though. Try the demo, it convinced me to play. I put about 20 hrs into it before I made my decision. Fair warning, it’s one of the worst drugs you will ever take.
  12. I love reading random NTSB reports--They're a masterclass in forensics and report writing. The flightpath reconstruction begins on page 95. https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/AAR0003.pdf
  13. Copper, strangely. And I'm on infinite tech and launching rockets. I think my slightly larger than standard lakes ate a few copper deposits. I've got more iron than I know what to do with, and the only copper that isn't almost tapped out is deep in Biter territory. Evo is 99%+ Good times I'm so burnt out from marathoning I don't even want to look at it except to play with circuits and slaughter a few thousand Biters face-to-face. I've been fine-tuning airplanes in KSP to relax.
  14. KSP programming in real-world languages: