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  1. I just asked the mods to perma-ban me. Those of you who know how to find me, know how to find me.

  2. It wouldn't reduce my opinion of his character.
  3. I'm probably going to standardize this on the center 7.5m diameter instead of the 5.0m ends. The goal is to refuel a separate Eve SSTO lander, lift it to 20km and launch it. I'm going to use FMRS to preserve both craft. I debated carrying the lander inside by docking with it and having it phase through the shell, but keeping it underslung will work just fine. I'm going to rebuild those tilt-rotors to be simpler and more powerful. An earlier version that got to the Island Airfield.
  4. Whereas I dislike them so much, I’d pay Squad $15 for a Module Manager DLC without the crap.
  5. This has certainly increased MY "structural rigidity". Absolutely fantastic job, guys.
  6. You're welcome. There are a lot of different options for foil layout: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrofoil I think for stability, one in the front and two at 2/3 aft is probably the best--It puts more of the drag to the rear of the ship. You can even make hydrofoils that don't lift all the way out of the water--They help reduce the hull drag by lowering the area in contact. I did one because I wanted the extra stability and tighter turning radius allowed by the side pontoons:
  7. Thank you very much. I think, out of the couple thousand craft I’ve built, it’s probably my most thoroughly and elegantly engineered. (I learned so much about stability that it made me better at spaceplanes). I’ve got about 40 hours into it, and I could spend about 10 more before I’m satisfied.
  8. I think you might have a valid point there. If that change were to occur, I’d like to see the rocket thrust reduced to about 80kN, (and a mass increase to at least 2.2 tons). Those nozzles are about the size of 4 Sparks. If you’re going to be playing 3x, you might want to look into OPT. The SchramJet engines are about the most entertaining kick in the pants you can get, without being ridiculously OP.
  9. Note that that's hands-free, with no SAS, and a little pitch trim. Passive stability is key. I think you'll learn more from seeing how it's built than me talking about it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tuj8tgno5lp42lz/Hotel Ferry.craft?dl=0 Instruction manual below:
  10. Yes. Drag is super-critical in water. Take everything you know about aerodynamic drag and apply it x1000. This is why all my water-craft are hydrofoils. Use just enough wing to lift everything but the wings out of the water. I use an angle of attack of ~3deg, and a dihedral between 5 and and 15 deg. This assumes the main body is flat to the horizon. Top speed in water is VERY sensitive and takes a lot of tuning.
  11. 26km, generally. I design mine so that when I get up to speedrun territory, I can hit SRF PRO, and be completely hands-off except for action groups. If you've got a long nuke burn to raise Apo, you can walk away from the computer for a considerable amount of time. I've even had a few that can do that from the runway. I really need to rewrite my generalized spaceplane ascent script and integrate it into MechJeb. It could handle everything from a plane with a jet TWR of 4+ on the runway to something that would barely limp to orbit. Maybe people would like spaceplanes more if they didn't have to fly them.
  12. Look at the intake speed of the ones you’re choosing. This gets added to the speed you’re moving to determine the amount of incoming air. (It’s slightly more complex than that at high speed). A backward-facing intake will only get the intake speed. Some of the intakes have a speed of 30 or 40 m/s and those are the ones you want for this situation. Still, the Wheeslies are very hungry.
  13. Thanks to @Dark Lion for reminding me. This is some variety of Pterosaur, possibly Quetzalcoatlus Northropi. I'll animate the head eventually. I call him Deranged Murder Turkey. EDIT: I also have the BioFalcon (VTOL capable)
  14. I just google "KSP delta V map" every time, and that takes me to our gold standard:
  15. Put my grandmother in a care home. Moved some of her fantastic stuff into my pace. Blew out my lower back. Drank a six pack of beer. Told an semi available woman I loved her. Am about to eat some pizza. I don’t know if life is good or bad, but it certainly IS.