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  1. Thank you for replying. No that is not what I'm looking for. It's a bit difficult to explain. I know how to setup KAL and make it working, how to create sequence. What I want to know is if you can have 2 different sequences configured in one KAL? Say, you have a Shuttle w. robotic arm. You create in KAL sequence (movement of the arm) to move to the position to grab cargo from Shuttle's bay. Let's call this Sequence 1. So in Sequence 1 robotic arm moves from resting position to the attachment point (where arm "clicks" with cargo) installed on the cargo you want to deliver to ISS. Now, as roboti
  2. That could be handy. I think what I would like is to have possibility to have multiple actions to be programmed to one KAL controller. So no need for 2 KAL. I have a Shuttle w. robotic arm and would like to have like one action to grab part from bay and second action to move it to position on station.
  3. Does anybody know if KAL-100 can support multiple actions with robotics parts? Or do I need individual KAL for each action? Say, I have a robotic arm and want to perform 2 actions, first to grab some part, second move it to other place. Any idea anybody?
  4. HI, more than happy to help. Just to guide me by hand what to do as I'm not a developer. can offer you my Mac to help.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the mod, once I start using it it is great. Recently I installed Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit mod and it is not possible to take snapshots as you mod doesn't see any servos in KAL-1000. Would you maybe look at that? Thanks. May I help? Let me know. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi linuxgamer, how's life? Any progress here? I just tried latest version and realised that in GreyScale I can see at lease some details, rest is the same.
  7. Hi, I see a strange behaviour of my Shuttle when I install it. I'm still running KSP 1.9.1 (Mac version), using mod version 1.0.0 (tried Version 1.1.2b, same result). The issue is that if I select "Control from here" from docking port, the certain RCS stop working, while when I do "Control from here" from Shuttle cabin, all RCS works perfectly. Issue is I can't dock, because when controlling from docking port, RCS are not working. Any idea? Here is my KSP.log if that would help. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mim2csm1p44pax8/AADs7_aid3X5jJ79UwWEByxka?dl=0 Thanks for help. It start now, u
  8. Cool, THX! I will read the manual how to give you more details as yes, this fixed the InstallCheckers, but in game I see message that VesselViewer is not installed
  9. More than happy to send you any files. I'm just user, so which log you need ;-)
  10. Hi linuxgurugamer, Great mod, love it! Listen I see following error when I install Vessel Viewer standalone: Incorrect Smart Stage installation Smart Stage has been installed incorrectly and will not function properly. All files should be located in KSP/GameData/SmartStage. do not move any files from inside that folder. Incorrect path(s): GameData/VesselView/plugins/vesselView.dll And the Vessel Viewer is not working in KSP. I have only VesselViewer installed. I try to install next to it also SmartStage but error is still there. Anything I can do / help to
  11. Did anybody of you make it working on new MK1-3Pod? I did not. For me it is not working. I did all the steps mentioned above :-( some step-by-step guide for dummies?
  12. Oh great thanks a lot! And hope last ;-) how to tweak the OMS? And one last thing (see am beginner) when I operate KerboArm and try to lock the joint very often my KerboArm breaks and destroys, no idea why. Any thoughts or ideas?
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