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  1. After unzipping zip file, there are 3 folders gamedata, GameData and KSP_Data. GameData has 4 folders, but they are empty, gamedata has 8 folders... seems like a mess It looks great, but still to hard for my device
  2. Unfortunately vanilla is disappointing for me at a first glance. Reentries are safe (comparing to deadly reentry mod), kerbals are immortal, parachutes... just parachutes. Not enough information about dV, science available, temperatures... Jumping in and out to store reports. The first node of tech tree can be purchased on hard mode even without launching. Seems that space center was built by aliens if kerbals learn something new from examining it. However, the huge step was made since 0.9 ant KSP is still the best game ever for me )
  3. Will try to give another chance to vanilla career while waiting for BTSM update.
  4. From time to time I'm getting spam of the exception: "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". After it I can't return to space station or revert the flight. Any buttons from menu are not working, so the only way to get over it is to restart the game. I've installed all the stuff for Realism Overhaul and Real Progression and, unfortunately, have no idea what mod causes an error. The only 100% way to reproduce an issue is to burn spacecraft in atmosphere. But sometimes I get it in random situations. Does anyone have an idea what can it be? Or how can I find out what mod causing an exception?
  5. I found the reason. Somehow it is conflicting with Modular Colonisation System. With an error: Texture 'UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/ORS/png/Kerbin_Ore_1440x720' is not readable, the texture memory can not be accessed from scripts. You can make the texture readable in the Texture Import Settings. Seems it is a bug of MKS.
  6. Do you mean "Active Texture Management"? I'm using version 3-1. I've cleaned the cache, but it didn't help.
  7. After an update RasterPropMonitor looks like this. And doesn't respond to any buttons. What can it be?
  8. Hello, I've heard about EVE8 and even EVE9, but can't find them. I'm playing with RSS and have read that EVE8 works better with it. Could you please give a link?
  9. Hello, just noticed an issue. NP_lfe_125m_K2XEngine from NovaPunch is displayed with fire when it is shut off. For now fixed it simply by deleting its config from np_hotrockets. Is there any way to fix it properly?
  10. As I found out CircularAirIntake params were overriten by Advanced Jet Engine now it is 0 instead stock 0.3. And for the wings I'm using Procedural Dynamics that has 0 drag by default. Also I'm using KER, but can't find drag data there.
  11. Thanks, seems to be like that. All that I have in front of the plane (wings and inlet) has zero drag. The problem is that the only way to land it, is to add hudge airbrake, as speed never goes below 90 m/s. BTW, is there any plugin that shows total drag of the vehicle?
  12. Hello, have just installed Realism Overhaul and Realistic Progression LITE. Everything seems to be working, but I'm confused with planes speed. I've built a simple plane, raise it to 17k meters turned off engine and pointed it to ground. As a result it hit ground at speed 350 m/s. The same time probe that is falling from 200k hits ground only at 120 m/s. I'm new to KSP, so just wanted to ask if it is expected behaviour, or am I missed something during installation? Thanks.