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  1. yeah it looks like the force vector for body lift is being applied in the same direction as the drag force now, so basically most of your spaceship's lift has been transformed into extra drag. strikes me as a peculiar balance decision but i am not a professional expert videogameman so whatever
  2. Yeah pretty much. It wasn't exactly a picnic since i'm literally years outta practice doing unity editor stuff but I think I got it fixed. Used Taniwha's plugin to import the .mu files into Blender, welded up all the weird split edges that caused, snapped all the geometry and transforms to the center axis (almost everything on the Wolfhound was rotated exactly 1/10th of a degree off-center for some reason), then re-exported with Parttools. The resulting engines go in a nice straight line without the SAS having to lift a finger. [Link snipped by moderator] Two .mu files; p
  3. Okay I took a look and it seems like there's 3 different problems plus one peripheral sub-problem going on here: 1. Opening up the .mu file in a 3d editor reveals that the orange tank is just not modeled very cleanly. Parts of it are subtly lopsided, there are split edge normals that were obviously split by accident and then just left that way, the whole thing is just a smidge off-center. No biggie, 10 minute cleanup job in Blender. 2. When they converted the diffuse map from .png to .dds the export settings were set wrong, and the alpha channel was blanked. It wasn't actually delete
  4. I'm not on Steam, i just download the .zip from the store page. Says on the title screen. And here, look: That's me not touching the controls at all. Look how hard SAS has to yaw to try and keep that thing headed in a straight line. I think they set up their thrust vector in the unity editor by just kind of eyeballing it instead of actually looking at the numbers and seeing that it was really centered and zeroed.
  5. Nope, thrust's still off-center. Cheetah too.
  6. Oh hey, they fixed the broken normal maps on the KV pod IVAs; nice! ...looks like the one for the black+white Rockomax tanks is still hosed though. Also the new structural panels. Also they accidentally blanked the alpha channel on the Rockomax tanks' diffuse maps when they converted them from .png to .dds. Also there's still a 2048*2048 DXT5 texture that does nothing but make the tiny featureless rectangular orange lamps in the KV2+3 pods glow.
  7. yeah I've seen that happen before; bits from the IVA scene just randomly showing up weird places outside the ship. Usually it means I screwed up in the unity editor and put something on the wrong layer. like in this screenshot here; the pod's interior was supposed to be in layer 16 ("Kerbals") but I left it in the default layer instead, so when i hit "launch" it's just lying there on the runway. haha I know right? unfortunately I don't think their current art guy knows how to set up internal camera switches. it's too bad, especially considering the video RAM spent on its RI
  8. OKay 1.2.2 is out and KSP looks pretty unlikely to see any significant changes in the future so i guess now's about as good a time as any to blow the dust off this thing and give it a maintenance update. New cockpit, new parts, grid fins fold now (this needs RetractableLiftingSurface Module by linuxgurugamer installed to work correctly), redid most of the models and textures, airplane parts look stockalike with the Porkjet parts instead of the old C7 ones. Curse is I guess on vacation or something tonight and has had the file upload stuck on "Under Review" for the last hour so here's a Ba
  9. fantastic, looks like everything's working correctly now! Thanks!
  10. yeah, i'm working on trying to get an update out for that hopefully within the next few days. i know one of the main complaints people have had about it in the past is "the grid fins look like they should be able to fold but they don't", so it's real nice to finally be able to do something about that.
  11. This looks like a really helpful mod, but trying to use it i ran into a weird problem: for some reason any part using the RetractableLiftingSurface module reports in the editor as having a wing area of 1.5, no matter what the various DeflectionLiftCoeff values in the .cfg file are actually set to. Changing those values still impacts the in-flight performance of the wing normally; you can set them to zero and have a wing that doesn't do anything at all, or set them to ten and get ridiculous lift, but when you look at the part's properties in the editor it still says the same "Relative Wing Are
  12. yeah actually it looks like just reverting the current flight to launch is enough to make a new icon spawn. very odd EDIT: oh god it followed me back out to the main menu this time, i didnt know it could do that. help
  13. yeah go for it, i am all for a 1.2 compatible Protractor existing. trying to plan flights with just ksp.olex.biz and a actual literal physical protractor is kind of awful
  14. here i tried redoing the whole "GameData\Protractor\Parts" folder with everything in .mu and .dds format and with proper collision meshes, somebody who knows how KAS / FAR work (so not me) could try dropping this in and seeing if it fixes whatever's the problems. obviously back up your important stuff first. http://www.mediafire.com/file/lsvtgg9va1aziyw/Parts.zip also its got a toggleable backlight now cause why not the whole "MODULE{ name = ProtractorModule }" bit in the cfg doesn't actually seem to do anything with the latest version of protractor.dll and protractor
  15. Minor update: 0.24 is out and money exists now, so I went back and tweaked prices on everything to bring it a bit more in line with the stock parts. Aside from prices nothing has been changed.
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