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  1. Lava propulsion? I smell Yuuzhan Vong... (awesome, by the way )
  2. Sorry for being absolutely off-topic, but kudos (and, by the God-Emperor of Mankind, Exterminatus in His name) for tags attached to this topic.
  3. Greetings @K.Yeon, thanks for this awesome mod. I have to ask though, are you planning more K parts (both standalone fuselage and top-mounted for KH combo)? Cargo bay, service bay or cockpit might come handy.
  4. Hi @Konnor it is awesome to see this mod still running. Is there any chance of those parts happening? I've been thinking about adapters myself (S2 to 1.25m or Mk2) so yeah, maybe I'll try that. It is a way to minimize part count, even if by mere 1 part. Can't promise, though. Smaller cargo bays seem relatively easy to pull off without additional textures, so also possible. As for decoupler  not sure; i'd need to find an appropriate texture in the pack; there is a 1.25m decoupler IIRC, but it will probably end up too stretched if I reuse it for S2.
  5. Had the same problem with B9 lights... I wonder if it is a stock problem, too...
  6. @Nils277 this mod is absolutely awesome, especially the flexible joints and the whole design of the rovers If I may make a few suggestions, though, would it be possible to have frontal versions of some tail pieces (the tank, cargo ramp, airlock) maybe through mesh variant or texture switch, or maybe an interesting combination of functions in some parts (passable fuel tank with lower capacity, roof storage, airlock/fuel tank, airlock/RemoteControl front piece, drill, cargo bay with doors to the roof, deployable support legs from side wedge or dettachable passable bellowed joint)?
  7. @hoojiwanaAny chance of this becoming an optional, standalone pack, too?
  8. Curiously, it was kind of hard for me to find the EVA loading post, as kraken probably messed up with things during the forum reorganisation... here should be the new one: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/23304-10vanguard-technologies-eva-parachutes-still-works/&do=findComment&comment=437400
  9. I suggest a nuclear Surface-to-Air Missile (old Soviet anti-ICBM system could be armed with those AFAIK), or even a nuclear Air-to-Air Missile (that also existed IRL)
  10. Nice work as always, Nertea may I ask though, how would pilots be able to see the runway? Considering that you have the model and texture ready, I probably shouldn't suggest another remodelling and rerigging of the cockpit, yet maybe the windows should be closer to the front of the part, and a bit lower, instead of being nearly at the top...
  11. May I ask, are there going to be flat "wraparound" radiators? For Mk.2 crossection or others (like B9's S2 crossection, OPT J and K crossections, etc.)?
  12. Nice may I give one suggestion, though? The cockpit windows seem to be way too high and placed too far away to back, which might lead to weird/dangerous field of view (Runway wouldn't be seen)... I suggest moving those windows closer to the front (while retaining the overall shape of the part)... Basically moving pilots forward, closer to the nose...
  13. Nice Is there a chance for larger S2 expansion after you finish the cockpit, with parts that bac9 finds redundant, such as S2 "emergency" decoupler, Mk.2 to S2 adapter or short service bay (0,5m or 1m long, basically quarter or half lenght of current S2 cargo bay)?
  14. Magnificent P.S. I don't want to push this too much or to sound rude, but you might have overlooked this: I understand... However, that 2.5m adapter looks kind of weird on planes when you have Mk.2 cockpit, then Mk.2 to 2.5m adapter, then 2.5m to S2 adapter, which is attached to mostly smooth S2 fuselage... the bulge is quite noticeable, especially when S2 is cut 2.5m... The same could be applied to S2 decouplers, that would come handy when creating F-111 style emergency capsule (but I have found a temporary way around that through docking port, poopload of struts, fuel lines and B9-PW cover parts), or to hollow S2 fuselage with small side doors (service module style) that might act as an short in-line cover for Mechjeb, KAS, TACLS and so on, when cargo bay is too long for your needs. But those are just small things, not that pressing... yeah, that might be difficult if you're trying to make the RAM usage as small as possible, and you would need new textures for top, bottom, both sides and whole thing covered in heatshield... or maybe not... dunno, I don't know much about texturing, and even less about what is possible in KSP or through Firespitter on that regard, but maybe you could have two types of textures (two .dds files), one shielded, one non-shielded, and have every texture separately applied four times on part of the part's mesh (top, bottom, left, right), and just switching which texture would apply for the part? Also, what is the fate of the Concorde/Tu-144/XB-70-style S3 cockpit? I'm looking forward to your reply...
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