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  1. the order of the list should not matter.
  2. Correct. IGNORELEVELS { // body = easy normal medium hard Sun = true true true true Kerbin = true true true true Mun = true true true true Minmus = true true true false Duna = true true false false Eve = true true false false Jool = true true false false Laythe = true false false false Vall = true false false false Tylo = true false false false } the true false indicates if a planet is available at the start of a new career game depending what difficulty level you set for the game.
  3. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: Closer to Bennu

    DX11 has never been officially supported for KSP. and has worked/not worked (but totally up to the user and very hit and miss) over various releases and Unity versions throughout the entire history of KSP.
  4. JPLRepo

    [1.4.1] DeepFreeze (v0.23.8) 16th Mar 2018

    This mod works fine in 1.4.x (including 1.4.5).
  5. Sounds like potentially some of the part categories aren't quite right if you aren't seeing all the parts. They should appear in their appropriate categories. Not following.... they look fine to me in 1.4.5. Which btw - this mod works fine in 1.4.5
  6. [ERR 10:00:22.605] [HierarchyUtil]: CompileID failed because it reached the scene root without finding a 'SpaceCenter' game object - Means some mod you have installed is moving the SpaceCenter object. So ResearchBodies can't find it. Contracts should start to appear after:- You Reach space. You have observatory level 1. You have tracking station level 2. If you take a picture with a TST telescope of a body not discovered - it is discovered - but not researched. If you take a picture with a TST telescope of a body discovered but not completed research. Each picture increases the research value on that body. (after you return or transmit it). I don't know what "James Webb type" telescope is.. not one of my mods. No idea... nothing to do with this mod... no errors in the gigantic log related to this mod. science mode - this mod recommends career mode... playing in sandbox/science sandbox - there are no contracts.. and things will appear odd. The Ground telescope is referring to the Observatory itself. Look at it - it's a giant telescope.
  7. I am not following. You don't want help?
  8. No there are 8 galaxies in the mod. As to the reason you don't see anything... I can't answer that. because: a) No info supplied about what configuration of mods you are running. b) No info about what versions you are running. c) NO LOGS. No logs = No Support.
  9. My comment wasn't directly at you.. rather a general statement. Raising good bug reports with as much info as you can provide to help us; means we can help you. One line statements on a forum about a potential bug you may have found are unlikely to be noticed by QA or Devs.
  10. Because that wasn’t what was reported; but rather was the root cause of the problem once the bug report was investigated. The point is: if you find something you think is a bug. You raise a bug report on the bug tracker with as much inf - save files - logs etc. which provides QA and Devs much more info to investigate and identify a bug , it’s root cause, and apply a fix.
  11. Have you raised a bug report on the bug tracker? or know of one already raised?
  12. That got asked about one page ago.. and has been asked many times before.
  13. The API docs have been updated for KSP 1.4.5. and Making History 1.4.0. Link updated in the opening post.
  14. Was the same issue. Should be fixed.