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  1. Pretty simple really. Looking at the code, yep. This mod is recreating protoVessel's which ends in instant sadness and tears.
  2. Sorry, but don't support old versions. Could just be a problem with that version...
  3. There wasn't specifically. V1.2 did work under 1.2+ with a few small issues as I recall. There was a V1.3 that I did not release it. But here is a link for it.
  4. Hmm. That shouldn't occur. Might be a CC thing. I'll look into it.
  5. Thanks. Glad you like it. 1 - Yep that's been talked about before. Pretty sure it will be updated for OPM when OPM is actually updated to support 1.3+. 2 - The contract statuses resetting or changing when you leave the current vessel is stock game behavior. It does the same on stock missions. As long as you satisfy it the first time and the timer starts you don't have to do it again.
  6. NPs. I'll check it out... it kinda doesn't make sense when I think about it tbh. Think I'll remove it.
  7. First one. yeah that looks like a bug. Second one, if you are referring to the screenshot as well. That is a feature. If you click the button all research is cancelled. and the body is unknown again.
  8. I'm trying to figure out why this is posted in this thread.. but cannot. I see a log full of errors from various mods.. but not one error from this mod. You also describe problems with other mods such as a contract pack? and functions such as solar panels that this mod does nothing with. Just trying to understand why you think there is a problem with this mod?
  9. ok. I'll have a look into it when I have some time over the weekend.
  10. I'll look into it but I believe this is a stock behavour for how taking resources from a vessel works. TAC LS doesn't specifically take and put resources into the part they were exiting or entering. Rather it's done a vessel level. The point I want to clarify though - no resources actually went missing yes? Load the save from the main menu. At the KSC press escape and go into settings. then Go into the difficulty settings at the top. Select TACLS tab/button and turn it on. Then exit out from the save to the main menu to save the setting.
  11. It does... for changing the detail levels of the planets. Would have to go back and look into it.So is it one particular planet? in this pack? And what was it's status in ResearchBodies. Perhaps take the discussion over to my thread for ResearchBodies.
  12. Nope. Not without each mod using input locks. It's the way the UI works in the game and within Unity.
  13. You could just open it with openoffice. But anyway here it is:
  14. The TAC LS Wiki has the original worksheets for how it works in google sheets here: