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  1. There's more info here.. if you ask specific questions I can give you specific answers.
  2. I did a little more than maintain it. I wrote half the code... but as far as models go. I love the current ones. It’s a mod for a game and I like how they fit with stock parts. I have been approached before by people with models to include - but none of them have finished their work or sent me anything. As for doing it myself - modeling takes time. In the case of mods a lot of free time. That unfortunately I don’t have. But I am always more than happy to discuss with any others willing to donate their free time.
  3. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    The process for how bugs are handled has been explained in the past. But if I can explain that there are several bug tracking systems in play here and you are only seeing the original public bug report. The bugs are worked on in internal bug trackers and with Blitworks in the case of the consoles. The percentages will always be 30% until the status is changed and that doesn’t happen until a fix is publicly released and the public report is set to be ready to test. The exact same thing happens with PC bug reports on the PC public bug tracker.
  4. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    Replacing placeholder art with final art? Not really. It's just a model and texture.
  5. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    Proxy models is referring to proxies (stand-in approximate) models that are used in the Mission Builder to represent the actual things. First one... So a mod built for vanilla stock KSP will work regardless of whether Making History is installed or not. The DLC does not change the stock DLLs.
  6. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    In this world of the internet and social media... I am surprised people don't know about scheduled tweets. It is the weekend guys and gals - but rest assured it has not gone unnoticed. You probably don't have long to wait to find out now do you.. dates aren't that far away.
  7. Err.. only ones with an atmosphere, right? I see the deaths of many kerbals forgetting parachutes only work in an atmosphere.
  8. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    They can have both a jet pack and a chute
  9. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Yes Here's what I can tell you about the kerbal Parachutes: The kerbal parachutes are not a separate part. They are part of every kerbal's suit. They are steerable. They can be repacked by the individual kerbal. The flag on the chute is the mission flag.
  10. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Yes it is steerable.
  11. See the OP: Analyse the surfaces of planets using a high powered laser. Uses biomes where available. Save your images to share on the forums!! (now saves in two sizes, camera size and Full Screen). Fully integrated into the tech tree. Will Generate contracts for collection of data from different biomes in Career games. How to use it? Right click it and open the camera. IKJL move the camera. It can collect science.. so not very useful in a sandbox game. I career contracts will be generated as well.
  12. KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    Yes 1.4 would be required for the DLC as well, but 1.4 contains content as has been announced, such as new languages.. and other things (not just about supporting the DLC), but unfortunately I cannot comment more about that at this time. Much as I would like to... As I said, details will be released in good time. But they cannot at this point in time. I can tell you I guess at least this tidbit - there is no change to how assets are loaded in the game.
  13. KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    Not sure what you are asking for? Once the release gets closer we can release details for modders and the version of Unity. But you have to be patient a bit longer as I am unable to release those details yet. As far as modders changes related to Unity. All the changelogs for Unity itself give you an indication of what changes are in Unity. Devs Blogs - are being worked on. But those are compiled in free time so aren't a high priority. But rest assured some will be coming once we get closer to release.
  14. KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    No. Sorry. But mods can already do replacement textures. See Texture Replacer mod.