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  1. An even more obvious question - it’s a career game right? and you installed it to the correct folder?
  2. The API docs have been updated for KSP 1.7.3. Link updated in the opening post.
  3. Two docking ports that were on the same vessel when they docked together will become a real dock if the player decouples or undocks two different docking ports on the same vessel. So they will remain docked. Previously in this scenario they would have undocked. So yes. The vessel part tree restructures and same vessel dockings remain docked.
  4. Not sure exactly what you mean by issues... the props do not suffer from the issue with regard to pitch and low RPM/offsets and cosine losses. There would be nothing stopping you from sticking them on a craft and trying to use them as very small wings... though that was not specifically within their design parameters.
  5. ok so the first sentence was in response to this: They are not normal lifting or control surfaces. The second sentence was someone asked what part category they were going to be in, to which the answer is: they are in aerodynamics part group. To clarify a bit further, these are blades. Not motors. so they don't have thrust curves. They produce lift - equating to thrust. You have to spin them using an EC rotor or the new upcoming LF/Air rotors that were mentioned in another announcement thread. They do not suffer the same issues as the existing lifting and control surfaces when you try to use the existing parts as propellers.
  6. They are not normal lifting or control surfaces. they are in aerodynamics part group.
  7. Conflict... dunno. But if that mod also generates EC for unloaded vessels then they would both be doing it. you can turn off background processing for Deepfreeze in its difficulty settings. The down-side would be it will no longer consume EC (which only happens if you have the required EC for freezers difficulty option on, or produce it) for Deepfreeze unloaded vessels. I’ll look into a second difficulty option to split the production vs consumption for the next release.
  8. v0.13.13 published for KSP 1.7.x See changelog in OP for details.
  9. v 0.26 published for KSP 1.7.x. Biggest change is the addition of my Background Resource processing module. Those that also use TAC LS would be familiar with this module. It will: a) produce EC from solar panels, resource converters, generators on vessels that are unloaded (IE: not the active vessel in flight). b) consume EC for Deepfreeze frozen kerbals if you have the requires EC to run freezer difficulty setting on.
  10. I would need some more specific information for the particular circumstances in your save but here is how it generally works. If you have requires EC difficulty option on, and your freezer runs out of EC. The Kerbals will die and respawn, or perma-die if you have that difficulty setting on. If you have Background Processing mod installed, this could occur even if the vessel is not loaded/active vessel in flight. If you don't have this mod, DeepFreeze will do a catchup the next time you switch to that vessel, and then they will die. In timewarp - it does not do EC processing above timewarp x 5. This is due to stock issues when processing resources at this high a time warp. Though it does give a warning. But at high warp you can miss it.