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  1. I updated the remote... AVC version info... that's what happens when something is a human/manual process. Which updating that website is. The file in the distribution is correct and shows only for 1.9.x for V7.10.
  2. V7.10 is for KSP 1.9.x not KSP 1.8.x. It won't work on KSP 1.8.x. For those that made the last few posts in this thread. Please check that: a) you have the correct version of the mod for the version of KSP you are running. You can't run a version of a mod on an older version of KSP than the mod was released for and expect it to work. b) I don't support older versions of KSP or my mods. c) I don't support CKAN. d) The chemcam was broken in V7.8 under KSP 1.8.x, and no, I don't intend to release a fixed version for KSP 1.8.x - see b).
  3. V0.15.0 release for KSP 1.9.x Changelog, links, etc is the OP
  4. You do not need BackgroundProcessing. DeepFreeze contains its own version of what that old mod essentially did. I’m assuming this is some metadata thing with CKAN that says it recommends it. Don’t install it. From the Op: Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use Zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains.
  5. From the video posted above. That is a known issue with Unity Shadows. Usually happens when the sun is at zenith in the sky. We are investigating solutions, but no promises.
  6. I wouldn’t reverse engineer - cause that would be a breach of copyright and T&Cs. but if you raise a bug report on the bug tracker referencing this thread and me. I’ll look into it.
  7. Version 1.5.7 Released for KSP 1.9.x. See Op for details and download links.
  8. V1.10 for KSP 1.9.x released. See op for downloads
  9. Until Contract Configurator is updated for 1.9.x I can't update this mode for 1.9.x Will give it a couple of weeks then consider other options.
  10. Sorry about that, the upload must have failed and I didn't notice. Try again.
  11. Update for KSP 1.9.x. Bunch of changes in the changelog. See the Op.
  12. Everyone at Squad calls it M-uh-n.its pronounced that way and no other.