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  1. Nope, sounds like a bug. Nope Yep, go to the difficulty settings menu. There's an option.
  2. Hmm, I thought I had fixed that. I will investigate.
  3. That depends on whether whatever planet pack you are playing with actually supports this mod or not.
  4. Thanks, but thre is a very long history with regard to CKAN, and modders time being wasted with such. Hence, I do not and never will support it. Spending hours upon hours on mods for no reward is bad enough. Spending several more hours maintaining meta data for CKAN just isn';t worth my time. If the community can't install them without CKAN that's up to them. Unzipping a file is not hard. I play with tons of mods installed, and I have no issue doing it without CKAN. But,each to their own. Have a great day!
  5. Sorry it took like a century to update this mod. I still haven't finished fixing the visual bugs, but I figured better to get something out that functionally works. Download links in the OP V1.13.0 (10/04/2021) - NOTE there are still issues with the detail levels of planets and viewing them through telescopes that I need to sort out. *Re-compile for KSP 1.12.x. *Fix issue where CBs were becomming visible when they shouldn't be. *Fix issue where CB visibility was not being reset when loading different save games in the same game session. *Fix issue where errors would occur and game stuck when entering the SOI of a CB that hadn't been discovered before. *Fix issue where Asteroids entering CBs were making them discovered. *Fix issue with bumpmaps on CBs. *Fix issue with lighting on CBs. *Added setting to DAtabase.cfg file that allows the player to manually change the research percentage step for research plans. (Default 10%). *Fix RCS FX on TRBH-75M telescope (thanks linuxgurugamer).
  6. That's a mistake on my part. Background resources is required for Deepfreeze to run and is distributed with Deepfreeze in the distribution zip file. The problem is with people playing around with the install files, so if you install the zip supplied by me you will have no issues. As stated in the opening post, I do not, and never will support the likes of CKAN. The install instructions for all my mods are included both at the download site and in the opening post of the thread for each mod.
  7. No doubt it does. A request can be made to add support. I have to say it's going to be terribly low on my list though. ie. Probably never happen.
  8. There is no way to make it work with stock parts. This variable only works on vessels that are NOT the active vessel.
  9. I will have to look into that issue/conflict when I have time.
  10. No logs = no support. sorry. Without logs I can't investigate your issue. For yours in particular I would also need the save files.
  11. quite likely given it was the first mod I ever did for KSP, and some of the features are very inefficient
  12. This depends, I would not say they are nor recommend it. This is because generally a verison of a mod is compiled against a version of KSPs DLLs. So it may be using code that is introduced or changed in KSP for a particular version. Bottom line is: You should use the version of the mod to match the version of KSP you are using.
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