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  1. ok. I'll have a look into it when I have some time over the weekend.
  2. I'll look into it but I believe this is a stock behavour for how taking resources from a vessel works. TAC LS doesn't specifically take and put resources into the part they were exiting or entering. Rather it's done a vessel level. The point I want to clarify though - no resources actually went missing yes? Load the save from the main menu. At the KSC press escape and go into settings. then Go into the difficulty settings at the top. Select TACLS tab/button and turn it on. Then exit out from the save to the main menu to save the setting.
  3. It does... for changing the detail levels of the planets. Would have to go back and look into it.So is it one particular planet? in this pack? And what was it's status in ResearchBodies. Perhaps take the discussion over to my thread for ResearchBodies.
  4. Nope. Not without each mod using input locks. It's the way the UI works in the game and within Unity.
  5. You could just open it with openoffice. But anyway here it is:
  6. The TAC LS Wiki has the original worksheets for how it works in google sheets here:
  7. The patch file in 1.9.5 is all you need.
  8. No. You can't. Yes you are stuck on that version.
  9. V1.9.5 published. *Fix fix loading different saves in the one KSP session to show body visibility correctly. *Fix fix discovery of bodies via telescopes and contracts actually appearing in the Observatory (related to the previous). *Fix the Observatory background texture not showing in any other UI window that uses the default KSP UI skin. *Show the correct Observatory Ranges when Kopernicus is installed in the Observatory Facility upgrade stats window.
  10. The delay is because this mod has to load the textures for all the planets. So with 8K textures.. it will take time. The not appearing in the Observatory after finding them with a telescope will be fixed in 1.9.5. The other issue about the contracts not finding anything... could be distance related. If you don't have the patch for RSS installed or working for this Mod it's possible the planets are just too far away. This could be confirmed by looking at the logs.
  11. I've fixed the skin problem with the new Observatory background appearing where it shouldn't. I've fixed the issue with discovered bodies not appearing in the observatory. I've fixed the issue with loading another save in the same session not resetting the bodies visibility correctly (is related to the previous one). But I can't reproduce the problem with the contracts not finding bodies at the end of the contract, it works for me (anyone having that issue, a log file (particularly the ResearchBodies log file (See the OP for where to find this)) would help me greatly with that. I need to look at the issue with loading in the TS with other planet mods installed. Once I've fixed these last two I'll release an update. Edit: Contracts are working fine for me.. might be related to the other fixes. As for RSS - Planets - I will look at those once that mod actually supports 1.3+ Too many variables given that currently it's a hack job to get it to work in 1.3.0
  12. Thanks. Yes I know what the problem is from the moment it was mentioned. ill do a fix when I can.
  13. Hmm.. I see you are playing with RSS and other planet mods. I would guess it's because of the textures for all those planets. I'll have to look into it when I've got a bit of time (run out for today).
  14. Logs please. Woops my bad... it's 1.9.4. Updated AVC
  15. V1.9.4 Published. Changelog: *Fix Tracking Station and Observatory Upgrade Level checks for contracts. *Fix Range checks for Observatory and Vessels with Telescopes for contracts. *Fix MapNodes appearing in MapView when there are orbits available for any contracts. *Localized strings for the Observatory Facility UI Menus and added Range Information to it's UI. *Fix Bodies discovery levels when you switch saves in the same KSP session, including modded bodies. *Added Facility Background and Contracts information to the Observatory Facility UI screen. New Observatory Facility UI: