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  1. Anyone who has the free spare time and is willing to create a model can do so. I would be more than happy to incorporate it into the mod. I have had several people over the years come to me offering to create one.. and None have ever come back to me with a completed model. I myself simply do not have the spare free time to create one at the moment.
  2. Why? the latest version works fine on KSP 1.4.4
  3. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: The Asteroid Miners

    That’s unfortunate that some mods have coded into them that they only work with a specific release. But I can understand from the past why they have done that. Perhaps they will reconsider in light of how we are now trying to not do this for point releases as TriggerAU said.
  4. What @Harry Rhodan said. 9/10 this error is because you have incompatible mods installed for the version of KSP you are running that are trying to reference an older version of Mono than what the version of KSP you are running uses. Uninstall all mods. Try again. Then only install mods compatible with the version of KSP you are running.
  5. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    I see this in your log: Vessel HCS-16 Hurricane was on-rails at 101.2 kPa pressure and was destroyed. The vessel doesn't disappear. It is destroyed by pressure. What needs to be determined is why (as from your video it is on the surface). I shall ask QA to investigate by priority if they have time. (No guarantees or preferential treatment; all reported bugs are triaged by priority, etc) Will also ask them to take a look at the panels and radiators. But nothing as I recall has been changed there.
  6. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    I have that exact setup as per the bug report. It works fine for me when I roll it out slowly. There is no issue with the colliders on the part at all. The wheels are too wide which causes the rover to jostle to one side or the other and the parts come in contact with the walls/side... regarding the solar panels falling off... they do that when the break force is exceeded.. which is what happens. There is no invisible - wrong collider at all.
  7. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    Thanks. Devs don't usually look at the public tracker, if they did, they'd never have time to actually do dev work. Rather the QA team triages these bugs and confirms if they are issues etc before they are assigned internally to a queue. It would seem in the case of item 2 - the QA team were having a difficult time identifying that there is any issue at all with the part... and as I had some spare time today (my own time - because it's a weekend - I took a look) and I find no evidence for item 2 that the cargo bay is broken at all. Works fine for me. I can get parts to break if I have a large rover that barely fits and attempt to exit too quickly causing it to contact the walls and roof of the ramp. If I exit slowly and carefully I can exit just fine. So works as designed.
  8. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    1) Can you point me at a bug report for that one please in 1.4.4? Thought that had been addressed already. 2) This one has been reported. Know bout this one. (UPDATE) : I tried the supplied craft from the bug report. I can get the rover out without an issue. The problem is the vessel has a wheel base wider than the ramp.. So it bumps and jostles as it exits if going too fast and hits the top and sides and bits break off. If you exit it slowly using the brakes. I can get it out of the ramp quite easily in one piece. 3) Can you point me at a bug report for that one please? I haven't seen that reported.
  9. Think you all missed my Aussie sense of humor. I was referring to the fact that devs do like maths and if we had a DV call then we wouldn’t get to do the calcs and therefore miss out on doing math. It was a corny joke. Anywho. I can’t comment further on what may or may not be coming in the future. (NDA). And please don’t misconstrue that statement either.
  10. Guess I majored in math for no reason then. Actually a number of the devs enjoy doing math. if there was a delta-V calc In-game we wouldn’t get to do as much math.
  11. Thanks. You do realize I am a KSP dev?
  12. Yeah. Bit busy, all my mods should be working in 1.4.4 although they don't say that.. will do a round of updates soon
  13. I thought I was... is something broken?
  14. ok thanks. This is a reported issue.
  15. A screenshot perhaps of where you are seeing this might help.