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  1. This is perfectly doable. Start creating a mission and save it. Copy the craft file from your sandbox to the appropriate \Missions\<missionname>\Ships\VAB (or SPH) folder. reload the mission in the Mission Builder. The craft will now appear for creator defined vessels. If you want to use it on nodes in your mission copy the file before trying to select/assign it to nodes in the mission. but even then; once it is copied and you reload the mission you can reselect it on nodes in the builder and select parts, etc. When you export a mission the craft files in the Mission folder are automatically zipped with the mission. Craft files that are created from the Mission builder can also be copied from the Mission folder to any other save folder. Craft that are created during mission playthrough are also available in the \saves\missions\<missionname>\Ships folders as well and can be copied to any other save/mission folder.
  2. Download the language pack from the store for the language you want and install it... Or on steam - change the language to the one you want and validate KSP in it's properties in steam. Changing the language/the language packs changes not only the text in game, but a bunch of textures that have writing on them as well.
  3. I can't find a bug report on the bug tracker.. Been like that for some time actually. since the oceans got a makeover... forget which version.
  4. You copy the mission folder from <installpath>\Kerbal Space Program\Missions folder into the same folder. If the mission is not appearing raise a bug report on the bug tracker and attach your missions folder for the mission in question.
  5. They are the Keyframe.inTangent and Keyframe.outTangent on the Unity AnimationCurve. Unity uses cubic bezier curves for calculating these, or if you define them in the cfg then the tangent will be set to these values. This old post might help explain:
  6. JPLRepo

    KSP Weekly: Mars In-Sight

    They aren't dev notes.. and haven't been called that for some time.
  7. It is Dessert. As I have mentioned before.. and the "Desert" in the science experiments is a reported bug and a localization issue.
  8. It may not seem that these mods would interfere with your problem. But have these mods been updated for KSP 1.4.3? If not - it is possible they are failing and causing a cascading issue within KSP. If you want to try here's what you can do:- In KSP 1.4.3 go to the main settings menu and change your terrain details setting. There are three - Low, Default, High. Change it to any as long as it isn't the one you were last using your save with. Restart KSP and then reload your save in 1.4.3 with the changed terrain detail setting. this will force KSP to reposition any landed vessels. Go to your vessels and see what happens. Once they have been repositioned by KSP - you can repeat the process to change your terrain setting back to the way you usually have it and reload again. (KSP will reposition them again). Of course:- always backup/make a copy of your saves. KSP does this for you as well and there would be a backups folder in your Saves folder for each save.
  9. JPLRepo

    Annoying Bug

    Fixed in KSP 1.4.3 and Making History 1.2
  10. Believe this has been fixed. Try again in KSP 1.4.3 and Making History 1.2
  11. Try updating KSP to 1.4.3 and Making History to 1.2 and try again (stock - no mods). If it's still a problem please raise a bug report on the public bug tracker. You can find info on how to do that here:
  12. JPLRepo

    Woomerang Launchpad Colliders

    This should be fixed in Making History 1.2 which was released yesterday.
  13. It has been fixed in KSP 1.4.3 / Making History 1.2. Make sure you update Making History to 1.2.