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  1. We've also been told multiple times that promo shots can be comprised of different bits and pieces that are not fully incorporated with everything else just yet to show off a particular feature. Here, I suspect it's the landing legs and the stabilization on uneven terrain. The fuel refinery showcase had placeholder background terrain for example as a test scene. Let's just wait and see what's released in a month before being too judgmental on descoping or expectations between EA KSP2 and modded KSP1. Everyone has hyped themselves up so much that I doubt KSP2 will live up to any of their expectations even if the final product is still fantastic .
  2. Bug report time Log file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qypwud3vi2kghlf/AAAGqGRdhUlBLVtxpS6YdtDaa?dl=0 Title: Kerbal parachute does not open with accessory helmets equipped. Reproduction Steps: 1) Create any craft (capsule + SRB) with the kerbal having EMU or ACES helmet accessories and a parachute in their inventory 2) Launch craft 3) EVA crew member during ascent and right click and deploy parachute 4) Observe no opening parachute 5) (Optional) right click the kerbal inventory while falling and click the accessory to temporarily remove it from the slot. Parachute now animates and deploys. Drop accessory back onto its slot and parachute still works. Edit: KSP 11.2, no DLC installed.
  3. Very true. These are as far as I know not official in any way and obviously why CKAN didn't pick them up.
  4. The KRPC discord is fairly active. I dabbled around with this fork (NOT master release): Release build for ksp 1.8.0 - 1.9.0 · haeena/krpc · GitHub but the Unity version in KSP changed with 1.9 so some of the UI stuff such as drawing vectors isn't working right now. I just saw someone just did an 11.x fork but I am in the process now of trying it so can't speak to it. Edit: Yahoo, the 1.11 fork I found has working UI elements! Canvases and vector lines are working again! (Maybe someone fixed them some time ago, but anyhow they work again!) Github fork: Release 0.49-1.11 · nullprofile/krpc · GitHub
  5. It depends. Are you running any mods? I just upgraded from v11.0 to v11.2 and EVA construction works fine as in adding or removing parts from the active vessel.
  6. So, as someone who is running 1.11.0, is 1.11.2 worth the upgrade stock or wait for 11.3/12.0 depending on the remaining bugs?
  7. Awesome stuff! I just found this and was able to finally fly an aircraft without SAS for the first time. What a gameplay difference and so much easier now that I can see what the trim is.
  8. YESSSSSSS! An awesome Christmas present to see this afternoon. Thanks for all the hard effort and headaches along the way.
  9. Woah. You mean we'll be able to attach them to rovers if it's a dozer version?!
  10. No different than the construction ports from USI. They attach like normal docking ports and can be aligned precisely afterwards by changing the angle. Then, clicking "weld" (as long as either one isn't the root part I found out) they merge together and disappear just like if you made it in the VAB. It's perfect for large space stations and bases.
  11. Anyone else having issues with the HVR-TWO heavy lift fan from NFA? When I place it in the editor window (VAB or SPH) on a single existing part, like a fuel tank, I cannot reselect it again. Clean KSP 1.9.1 install. KSP Log File. All other NFA parts work fine. I'd submit a pull request but don't know how to exactly do that.
  12. Simply awesome as always! I love the resource design you are implementing from the 3 tiers of scanning/sampling to how each has a shape distribution associated with them. Can't wait to see how you progress the system and eventually when I will be able to play with it. Glad I upgraded my PC to handle more mods
  13. For everyone here who says the craft importer does not work, I did get it to work first time. In case for some reason the directions in the OP don't make sense, Step 1) I'm using Blender on Steam, v2.83.2, ksp 1.9.1. Step 2) download the addon zip file from the github repo. Step 3) unzip the folder and go to C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.83\scripts\addons --> this is the addon folder for all blender mods and paste the whole thing here. Step 4) Go to Edit->Preferences menu in Blender and click addons. Look/search for "Import-Export: Mu model format (ksp)". You should find it now that the folder is in the addon directory. Step 5) Click the checkbox next to the name so it can be enabled. Step 6) Click the little right pointing triangle next to the checkbox so the item box expands and go to the GameData Path box. Put the FULL path to the game data folder. I used C:\Users\name\Desktop\KSP 1.9.1 PLAY\GameData\ Step 7) Save your preferences and return to the main Blender window that you get when you start the software. Step 8) Go to File->Import->KSP Craft (.craft) Step 9) Navigate to where your .craft file is and WAIT. I can't stress this enough that the loading does take a bit of time, but while Blender is running don't try to do anything or it will freeze and possibly crash. I presume the larger the craft the more time it will take but don't quote me on that. Step 10) Enjoy. I haven't figured out yet I somewhat can access the individual part meshes and delete empties for example. I believe, and someone with better blender knowledge than me can correct, that you need to open and select the mu_utils scene and go to the loaded_models collection. From there you can right click on a part and link to the empty mu_utils scene window. Edit whatever you want, then move the edited part back inside of loaded_models. When you switch back to the original scene, the edits will be applied to the craft mesh. Taniwha provides instructions on the github for what all is inside of the mu_utils scene. I hope that helps some of you with exactly what software versions I'm using and the exact file paths that I can guarantee work as of this post. I am dumb about editing individual part meshes see below. This particular explanation did the trick. The key is switching back to View Layer after selecting the mu_utils scene.
  14. Excellent! Thanks for compiling everything. You never know when the forum is going to be shuffled again. So many good stories and mission logs now lost.
  15. So this is it...the finale...after all this time. The literary experience you provided @KSK leaves me bittersweet today--fortunate to have been along for the ride from day one yet sad the journey is now complete. First Flight holds a special place in my heart for the pure sense of adventure and space exploration it embodied that KSP itself extrudes for me. Countless times after reading a chapter, I would have to fire up the game to quench my thirst. So many years ago I just bought the game and visited the forum for the first time mere months before Chapter 1 was released. Here was this little nugget of a story about a clobbered together rocket launching to space against the odds with mixing in just the right balance of worldbuilding and technical descriptors fit for a rocket engineer such as myself. How the saga developed wrapped both sides together into what concluded in the epilogue was great work. You did not disappoint and while the Kerbal universe must be left here for now, I sincerely hope you continue writing and perhaps, picking up something else Kerbal based to write about when KSP2 comes out. Congratulations. o7 P.S. I will be looking forward to the Pdf so I can add it to my collection to read again.
  16. I bought the game in March of 2013, right before 0.19 came out for my birthday as a junior in college, but had tried the demo a couple of months beforehand. I recall booting the game for the first time and finding there was another resource to manage now besides just fuel -- electricity. I remember my first time trying to land one of the scenario missions where you had a lunar lander on descent and had to finish the job. I sweated profusely watching my fuel tick down, then glancing back to the nav ball and altimeter just to worriedly notice my electricity usage with every keystroke, rinse and repeat the entire time. Actually I was able to get it down after the third attempt or so. Soon after I found the forum before the April 2013 purge, but didn't realize what gold I had in my hands. Scott Manley became a quick favorite and I loved watching his reusable space program and going interstellar series. Nassault and StreetlampPro were my go-to creators for cinematic videos and my favorite mods were Nova Punch, KW Rocketry, Kethane, and B9 back then of course! The update that sticks out most in my mind was 0.21 when the space center was revamped and honorable mention was when the science system and career were introduced. Ever since, I've always played career. I was always hyped for the complexity of the original resource chart that Harv created and recall waiting for every hype train thread to see if it was coming "soonTM". Ah, so much nostalgia. KSP has been one of the most positive and stand out events for me over the last 8 years and the KSP 2 announcement has me more hyped than ever to see people return to this game and universe.
  17. Sweet! Nice to see the new parts in game. Can't wait to play with them when you finish.
  18. Okay I didn't know you had to deactivate those axes. I'm struggling to make barely functional props or rotor setups with the new parts and new action group axes.
  19. Yeah I'm having problems myself with the props. What size do you need to make a small mark 1 plane? I went all the way up to the largest propeller and torque setting and still couldn't get any thrust out of it. I tried deploying and undeploying the propeller, changing the actuation, and keybinding to either the pitch control or the torque. Yes I did make sure the props were spinning/mounted the right way (CW or CCW). I was able to get a rotor setup to work, but not configured correctly with the new action group axes.
  20. Love the new update to NF spacecraft! Can't wait to pull 1.5 down and install this mod with all the new pods.
  21. Awesome WIP updates! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your progress. I also like how you've redone the front page with more information. I will patiently be waiting for more content releases but take all the time you need. These will clearly be well worth it. Also, the short example video you made about how these models are created was interesting to watch. I was surprised at first you were using sketchup but then I remembered that's how the KSC buildings were redone back in the day.
  22. I know for me personally, KSP came during the hayday of my college (and post college education) days so I haven't been able to participate nearly as much as I've wanted to in the challenges, mod making, hype trains, etc. One more semester to go finally, otherwise I hope there will still be a somewhat vibrant community around to participate in. I've been keeping challenges and ideas for different playthroughs stashed around for a long time. I know I have seen a change too back from 2013-14 and even 2015 when there were more AAR's and good world building stories in general to go around. Sigh, the good old days.
  23. I am running ksp 1.4.3 and KK version This was a non-modded (except for MM) test sandbox game.
  24. @AdmiralTigerclaw I just had the same problem as Kardea with the floatplane base and spawning high in the air. I tried your solution of pulling out the sound cube for that base and the spawn now works correctly.
  25. Just wanted to say I'm very much looking forward to release (or testing)! This is a great service you are doing and will greatly enhance the KSP lore and playing experience.
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