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  1. will there be an IVA for stock alike utility vehicles?

  2. Don't worry about those. They are totally expected. They are due to OSSNTR using the interior textures. I build the models using those textures. The textures are not distributed with the mod (they belong to SQUAD), and so on initial load, the game checks the model and can't find the texture, boom error! However, once KK is loaded it links up all the meshes with the correct in-game texture. No problemo. I could maybe get rid of the error messages by using a dummy 2x2 texture. But it would be a pain rewriting all the cfgs. In short, don't worry. Everything is nominal.
  3. Wow! That is fantastic! Awesome stuff! Oh btw, I was thinking about the mesh names. Take a look at the OSS_MM_patch.cfg file. It's basically a list of all the mesh names and which internal texture they should use. It might help.
  4. Hi infinite_monkey. So I really would like to stick to the "no textures required" part of this mod (for now), it keeps it nice and lightweight. However, I can see this being a popular request. I will try and sort something out for you, likely as an optional patch of some kind.
  5. Debug stuff would work to find the mesh names. Personally, I don't mind being bugged by nice people. If you want to share any pictures of your launch center I'd love to see them!
  6. The gutters are "model_combined" and "model_dirt". The pipes are "model_pad_pipes". Glad you're having fun with it. Be careful, disabling the mesh in the model won't disable the collider, you'll still bump into the pipes if you hit them.
  7. It looks like module manager isn't running properly. When MM runs it should generate a bunch of cache files and puts them in that folder. Like the image below. So that basically tells us that module manager hasn't run properly. If module manager isn't running properly the textures can't be allocated properly resulting in grey looking buildings. Could you delete that copy of module manager and install the latest version of the .dll from here
  8. That's a neat idea and totally doable with only CFG changes. In most cases, all that you'd need to add is this code to the CFG. VARIANT { //Static with base Enabled, all meshes active name = Default } VARIANT { //Static with no base, Standard hex meshes disabled name = NoHexBase deactivateTransforms = model_asphalt, model_asphalt_line01, model_asphalt_line02, model_grass, model_pavement } If you wanted to play around with that right now, that's all you'd need to add. Any further discussion should probably take place in the OSS:NTR thread. This is yet another example of how easy and versatile the KK static variants system is built.
  9. Dropping in to say that I love Kerbal Konstruct's variant switch feature! I'm working on adding it to my models. Check it out! Thanks @Ger_space
  10. Hello readers, Just dropping in to say that I'm still alive and kicking. Here's some pretty statics that you can expect to find in the next release: These are a set of medium-sized aircraft hangars. You can never have enough hangars, right? These ones, in particular, are based off the old hangars at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Very important hangars in space flight history, Hangar S was used as a training space and a vehicle test space for the Gemini program. I've also been working on implementing @Ger_space's brilliant variant switch feature with these hangars and the other existing hangars, Check out the Gfycat below.
  11. All great points. I will be working on multiple length and width runways. RE: terrain colors, You should be able to change terrain colors using Kerbal Konstructs already, all my statics are set up to do this.
  12. This is correct. This is also why I cannot make runway segments to allow players to assemble runways themselves. There would be too many bumps and it would make the runway unusable. Runways must be one single piece.
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