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  1. I installed latest version, but didnt see it in hangar
  2. Last stage of my Eveade) Gotcha! Docking second miner KRAKEN attack!! Holly f5/f9 and start mining And take it OFF! Remoove chute system Separate landing legs and ladder And up. Looking for throttle, TWR too much Separate And we are in the low orbit! Well, the craft have too much dV, it enought 7-8 km dV. This craft have over 12 km atmo dV at sea level, I was overly cautious remembering the times 0.24 when I was short 12)
  3. Moar oreminers, moar! Mine it all) Previous version couldn't take little mountain hill. I sent a tow truck to help, but I couldn't hook main ship(
  4. What's in the fairing?) Answer is here ↓
  5. Landing mine rover on the Eve) Landing here ↓ Wheels are permanently damaged while driving on the surface. The crew definitely need an 3 level engineer to ride. Spring strenght must be at minimun or the rover will start jumping as stunge horse..
  6. KAX modded tricicle) Here is the link AFF_Trirotus if somebody wana try. Looking good, but flying like brick) Required KAX
  7. How simply test TS-50 separator splashed down on Kerbin:
  8. You can try this, if you want) https://kerbalx.com/AFF/AFF_SP35
  9. I have little problem on 2.8.3: mj cant create advanced transfer between Jool's moon
  10. Thnx, that would be great. I have old desined airdrone for Eve and now my mission is stoped) P.S. We need more powerful electric prop, like this) https://www.siemens.com/press/en/feature/2015/corporate/2015-03-electromotor.php
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