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  1. Not really at the moment, I've too busy to play the last couple days. Plan to try a fresh download later, if there's anything you want me to test or specific information that might help lmk. I suspect it's just on my end somehow, cause it happens every time and somebody else would have noticed by now.
  2. That was one of the first things I tried, couldn't reproduce. Sorry, I meant to include that information in the original post but left it out somehow. Next chance I get I'll try with a fresh download, I think maybe mine got interrupted or something.
  3. @Nertea think I may have found a minor bug: deleting the Restock claw by dropping it back into the part catalog crashes KSP to desktop. Pressing the delete key works just fine. .625 Restock+ claw has no issues, I haven't found any other parts with this issue but then I haven't tested everything either. KSP.log just lists a normal "part deleted" entry and then no further entries. No error log generated unless they changed the location since last time I played. Modlist is just your stuff, mechjeb and scatterer. Everything else runs great, I started up a career save for the first time in
  4. The exhaust FX on these engines look fantastic, are you processing your screenshots at all or is this just how good the game looks now? Haven't had a chance to actually load it up in a while... Great update, or overhaul I guess! Glad you kept the little door in the big service module.
  5. The number of times I wished I had this... I don't think I've been this excited for wheels since .19! What a great surprise; I haven't logged onto the forums in like a month and on the one day I idly decide to check there's a restock update the same morning. Thanks to the whole team for the work you continue to put into one of the best collabs in the community.
  6. LETS GOOOOOO!!! Anybody got a source for this? It's a shame if they aren't going to take the opportunity to write a new engine., that's like the biggest advantage of a new release over an update.
  7. Just noticed, congrats on getting pinned to the top of the releases forum lol. Truly the highest of honors
  8. Put this station together as a test, hyperedited it to Jool for a photo op. The ring IVA's are amazing when you can see other parts of the vessel spinning outside. album
  9. Finally had a chance to test this out, shiny gold foil restock tanks were just what I needed to make this little lander look the part! album
  10. Wow, not even counting the additional new ones... I had no idea you guys had made so much progress so fast, I was all settled in for a couple more months of Thursday updates! Congrats on release to everyone involved, it's always a great moment when a mod gets to move from the development forum to releases, let alone two that have been so closely watched by the community and sorely needed for so long. Thanks for all your hard work, can't wait to try everything out!
  11. Antenna deploy options are an unexpected bonus! Do I spy a new RCS model?
  12. 2.5m service bay looks way better now, never liked the weird yellow on stock. I support you on the quad-poodle, if you look very closely at the faceted engine bases on the design doc it even seems to suggest exactly the same kind of square/octagonal compact mount you modeled. good eye @riocrokite!
  13. 2nd on the turbopump webbing, looks awesome and love the new FX, always bugged me that it used the same one as everything else, especially when they had the orange rhino effect available. Any chance of a non-orange version to go with other tanks? I rarely use the orange ones since they always look so out of place on an otherwise white rocket, though if they look this good now I may have to start.
  14. Is that an emissive I spy on the neutralizer? I love these little details, glad you are taking the trouble it really makes the part. Were the ion parts designed with any reference to NF? They match pretty well already, I'm just curious if other mods are informing restock at all.
  15. @scottadges Imgur copy can be found here. Maybe I should have linked it after all...
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