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  1. I know this isnt as good as the other pictures on this thread but it is somthing i did when bored on a car trip. It shows the countries of kerbin, the shades show who there allied to (the same shade means their allied) and the arrows show where there attacking.http://m.imgur.com/HaE6ZbK
  2. Quite a lot of people just dont have the time to got interplantary. They might like the game but just dont want to sink 100+ hours into, and may get bored by that point and go onto another game.
  3. That is such a good idea, my space station is getting a turret upgrade...!
  4. Mattuchkin, that was what I was thinking when I read it. Its still really awesome...!
  5. It is lost to the annals of time, many scholars and writers have debated its origin and purpose, all we shall know is the kraken is here to stay...
  6. IF ONLY THEY'D RAISED THE LEVEL CAP, FOOLS...! (sorry about caps)
  7. Guys come on Rep the gilly for life...! But on a serious note id say laythe of minmus for me.
  8. I do very much the same, it makes it easy to create cool names that mean something and help you determine which craft it is. An example i have is LADEP-Mk3 (low altitude duel engine plane, and then version 3).
  9. Got to Say two steps from hell, I seem to listen to them during lots of games (Europa unversallis 4 I would recommend), specifically strategy games.
  10. Surprisingly I really like that picture, the colour palate is great, black and orange go well. Plus the brightness of the boaster really draws the eye. I don't know if you did this purposely but great composition on that picture.(you get a like sir).
  11. The kraken...! Well somones got to say it, he can watch all of eve from there. And just Jim I do agree foxster shouldn't have posted the co-ordinates but it was gonna come out. P.S good find.
  12. i never knew that as well i always would turn the camera really awkwardly! I am silly,
  13. ! Ive thought about that exact same pardox before.
  14. I dont really mind lag. But then again i dont get much lag normally.
  15. I dont have this problem. My Cars/Rovers are usually low riding.
  16. Everyone uses Kevin McLeod music becuase its free and royallty free!' Praise kevin Kerman.
  17. Just flying a plane, i know i made, its just feels so cool to go into the cockpit and if you have one of the mods that puts clouds in ksp its even better. Its just amazing..... Until it crashes.
  18. dear god no! Not mitgas kerman! (Well done that joke got me)
  19. ITS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY!! I love these theories about kerbals. The kerbal is a mystery.
  20. good job M8! (That was hallarious). At least SpaceX know the first rule of rocket science!
  21. 27 seconds in bottom right corner. Their in most crash course astronmy videos. Its scray that kerbals are helping teach astronmy.
  22. This reminds me of one of the only good things to come out of the cold war was the space race. Nothing like a good competion to get a rocket moving
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