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  1. Well, that power for Earth size will be pretty powerful, bathing half the surface with radiation; but on Kerbin scale I'm sure it will destroy the planet itself.
  2. Nuclear Pulse and Steam Boat, very Kerbal-ish.
  3. Yeah, thats good, but actually I prefer if the 2nd point can make Penguin and Moa use LH2-LOX. The whole point of it its if someone have installed your mods AND Cryogenic Rockets, your tanks have LH2-LOX option too (Because of a MM patch of Cryo Rockets) so I want them to use it, because is more reallistic, but still stockalike, so it isn't if you installed Real Fuels, or Realism Overhaul or something " StockBreaking " (Actually things that aren't like stock KSP annoys me, like KSP Interstellar, that uses Tweakscale as a dependency not like your mods that have compatibility with it, and it bro
  4. Well is not related, thats why the Module Manager Patch is for, a few Kb of info that if you don't have installed Cryogenic Rockets is like if it wasn't there. Also SpaceY and most of Necrobones mods have MM patches for other mods, like Engine Ignitor, FAR, Remotetech, Tweakscale, ... and they aren't related to this mod. And the most important part is that Necrobones mods are made in a way that other stockalike mods fit just right when installed with this one, like Cryo Rockets, RLA Stockalike, ...
  5. " One page of discussion, so here's my solution " The ISP of LFO engines should not go above 350 s, and if anyone wants real ISP from 350 on like LH2-LOX engines, with a ModuleManager patch to Penguin series and Moa series so they use LH2-LOX if the Cryogenic Rockets mod is installed should be enough, because the Moa is like the Rocketdyne J-2 which is LH2-LOX fueled (and Ratite series is like J-1 of course ), and the Penguin would be something like the Vulcain engine of the Ariane ( like xebx said ) So as I said Module Manager Patch if Cryogenic Rockets is installed and the mods are balanced
  6. Well actually I don't have any collision issues, I have landed a 1.25 reusable first stage like the one on Falcon 1 but with landing legs so it can land on a boat like Falcon 9. You can see it here:
  7. Is this released as some Github build or dev release? , because I don't mind the colision issues ...
  8. Actually for nuclear warheads I recommend doing only 3 models and rescale for 0.625, 1.25 and 2.5 on different parts. The 3 models should be: - Very pointy warhead with small yield, for small range fast deploy missiles (TBM Theatre Ballistic Missiles 10-50 Km in KSP Scale) - 1.25 nosecone like model, medium yield and for medium range missiles (IRBM Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles 50-100 Km in KSP Scale ) - 2.5 nosecone like model, high yield and long range missiles (ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles 100+ Km in KSP Scale) So total of 9 different nuclear warheads, and for the yield
  9. Nvidia GT610 ... yeah, pretty crappy GPU, but also I have a 7 year old CPU a Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz, and still I have 20+ fps on launch... until I hit 100 parts of course (And I use Medium to High Graphics, I mean all full except Terrain on Default, no Terrain Scatter, and 2x Antialiasing.
  10. Well I think my way of making stockalike builds without realistic mods is contagious... actually I have tought about the Titan vectoring tanks (Yeah, Titan, not Centaur. Centaur is the 2nd Stage of Titan Family), but not on that way of changing the texture to 0.625 variants
  11. Well, there's actually a mod that covers the Heat Shields for Space Shuttle, this one Cormorant Aerology
  12. Bug: There's 2 deploy buttons on the Crew Cab like this: Also are you going to make texture switch for the Multi-Resource Tanks? If so I think the ''Fluid Tanks'' should have the grey plate and name of the resource, like the FTT round golden tanks, and the other square containers should have their yellow part of the texture color coded for each resource, like you do with other FTT containers.
  13. Today, as I was watching local TV here at Spain, some random Vasque Channel appeared and I see the word ''Kerman'' on the screen. Then I quickly went to Google Translator and write ''Kerman'' and it means ''Cream'' in Euskera ...
  14. Yeah! Finally I can make proper stockalike replicas, like this 2: Delta 2000 Series - Satellite Launch This one was made a week ago... Delta IV Heavy - Crew Transfer Vehicle
  15. Mmmm, did you download the latest update of this mod? Because it has exactly what you REALLY want ...
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