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  1. Lithium-8 has a half life of 838 ms. Surely it can not be stored, maybe only produced and used in situ.
  2. On KSP-1.1.3: The version of modular flight integrator (MFI-1.1.3), which CKAN installs as dependency to Kopernicus-1.1.2, breaks solar panels. A newer version, MFI-1.1.5, works.
  3. In the patch notes are two mentions of wheels, something fixed, and a new setting. I don't know if it solves your problem, though.
  4. I wonder what makes people stay at 1.0.5 and older. A beloved mod, which doesn't run with 1.1.3? Or is for some people the old version really better in terms of performance or stability? Can't really believe the latter, I have some fond memories of 1.0.5 slideshows and out of memory crashes ^^
  5. I did a recompile and removed the version check. Works for me. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-e_CFi1hXMERXNacUFCd29YaGc/view?usp=sharing This is no offical release. Use ar your own risk and do not complain here or to the mod author if this does not work.
  6. What about storing it heated? If you can store something at -200 °C in a cryostatic tank, you should easily be able to store something at +200°C where Lithium will be a liquid.
  7. Yes, but it seems a minor glitch - I have had it happened only once and never seen it again later. So it's not easy reproducable. Maybe related to the timed release of textures.
  8. Looking around Sonnah is considerably smoother than before, it stays mostly at 60 fps (I have vsync on) now. I noticed one minor glitch: Going back to the main menu results in a white Sonnah, but normal textures still on. Kinda looking like a golf ball :-)
  9. Great Mod. I was able to reduce the stutter from every 2 oder 3 seconds (I suspect the problem seems to be worsened with Kopernicus/New Horizons) and really unplayable to a 4 minute, barely noticable stutter. I multiplied the values in padheap.cfg by 20 and running at about 22 GB memory consumption on a 32 GB rig.
  10. MemGraph actually works :-) Running with 22 GB now and getting a stutter every 5 minutes or so inflight, compared to the 2-3 seconds before. Finally those 32 GB RAM get something to do. Thank you very much, my girlfriend will hate you ;-)
  11. And again, my current 1.1.2 space program has reached a point, where the current GC spikes are close to 500 ms every 10 seconds or so, effectively making the game unplayable. In a fresh game the spikes are below 100 ms and barely noticable. So sad a great space program was stopped by using an outdated mono version, nothing more than an software glitch. Maybe I'm back for 1.2.
  12. OBS. https://obsproject.com/ I used Fraps years ago, then ffmpeg, now OBS. It's almost as configurable as ffmpeg and supports compression on the GPUs too. Very helpful in squeezing some more frames into my tiny 600 kbit upload.
  13. I read it. But for an mission underway adding more reaction wheels isn't an option and trying to spin while burning messes things up even more badly, for me at least. But it has some entertainig value, I've got to admit.