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  1. Jesus, talk about a blast from the past. This is all old-hat stuff for me now.
  2. The Normal/Antinormal orientation might be worth a try, see how well MJ handles it. Definitely would give me another data set to work off of. I've shut off all but one really throttled back reaction wheel, and it still seems to start the whipping action. I don't use RCS aside from the docking phase, and actually use KIS to remove any RCS thruster blocks after it's emplaced. The Torque PIDs is really what I was hoping to tinker with. Make it less... twitchy... in that particular situation. Failing that, I might just have to go for the kOS, which I've never really tinkered with.
  3. Question for the more experienced users here... I'm building an ISS replica, and I've been trying to use MechJeb to maintain orientation. However, once it gets close to the target orientation (Usually prograde, 0* roll), it'll go into a feedback loop and start whipping the station up and down along the pitch axis, imparting increasingly large bending loads. It's gotten progressively worse as I've been adding modules, and after adding the Destiny module, it's getting bad enough I'm worried it'll snap connections, even with Autostrut to Grandparent enabled on everything. Adding to my confusion, using the stock SAS in prograde doesn't initiate this bending action. (It does initiate a roll oscillation, but that's a different problem. entirely ) Has anyone encountered this before? And if so, how did you combat it?
  4. Okay. Just trying to run down a cause for the game crashing after leaving the build area. Wanted to rule out some of the more unlikely possibilities first.
  5. EDIT: I'm a derp. Made a simple mistake regarding how something worked. Please disregard.
  6. You need to have a rare/hidden emote for the Kerbals when on EVA when your computer detects it's Friday now.
  7. Wait, found the problem. Remember how I said I grabbed the file off of Github? The .dll file isn't in the download from the master branch, for whatever reason. EDIT: Hell, the entire Plugins folder was missing from that. Huh.
  8. You want all 8.89MB of the file? or is there some part in particular I can track down in it and provide?
  9. It was installed by hand. I've never used CKAN. As for knowing how the game sees it... I got the AVC prompt after I installed it, so the game is at least recognizing its presence. As for logs... Literally just went through it and found that it's looking for ClickThroughBlocker 1.0.0, which is not what was available for download... [WRN 22:12:28.054] AssemblyLoader: Assembly 'RCSBuildAid' has not met dependency 'ClickThroughBlocker' V1.0.0 Current available version is https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/ClickThroughBlocker/releases
  10. Yes, I did. Grabbed both of them from GitHub to make sure they're up to date. Completely removed RCSBuildAid and the dependencies and reinstalled them fresh to make sure it was done correctly. The game is seeing them... It's just not displaying the buttons for them. This is in KSP 1.9.1, btw. Maybe it's not forward compatible?
  11. Can confirm that RCSBuildAid, in the latest version uploaded to SpaceDock, with the latest versions of both dependencies, is not appearing in the build window. It's definitely loading, though, as it asked me if I wanted to let the integrated Mini AVC check for updates.
  12. Grabbed this at work on Thursday night with my new camera...
  13. Are you retracting the ring on the active unit? Or are you using two active/two passive units, instead of the proper mix of one of each?
  14. Can confirm the presence of the phantom forces on the lander pod. Heck, most of the BDB ladders seem to have this issue. Not sure what causes it.
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