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  1. Grabbed this at work on Thursday night with my new camera...
  2. Are you retracting the ring on the active unit? Or are you using two active/two passive units, instead of the proper mix of one of each?
  3. Can confirm the presence of the phantom forces on the lander pod. Heck, most of the BDB ladders seem to have this issue. Not sure what causes it.
  4. I have to admit, my initial reaction was one of dismay. After all, there's still so much that can be done with the current game. Then I watched both of the videos, and realized that my dismay was completely unfounded. KSP2 has already demonstrated a deep respect for its predecessor, and keeps the spirit of the original alive, and even improves on it. I did wince a bit at that price tag, but... given how much fun I got out of the US$10 I paid for KSP almost 8 years ago, I'm absolutely willing to cough up 6 times that for a new, improved, and absolutely exciting version. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE ORION!!!!
  5. Got a job offer from Textron Aviation to be a mechanic in their Wichita, KS maintenance facility, and after a brief review of the benefits, gladly accepted it.
  6. Proud to announce that i have graduated from South Seattle College as of June 14th with an Associates of Applied Science in Aeronautical Technology, and completed my combined Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic license on May 28th.
  7. I visited Ames many years ago, and seem to recall it being a scale model for the subsonic wind tunnel they operate there.
  8. I've noticed a significant drop in game performance with the update, compared to stock 1.6.1... maybe that's causing your computer to work harder?
  9. Okay, anyone else having trouble finding the surface science objects on Kerbin? Just did a decently fast swing around the mountains to the west, and no sign of either of the two objects.
  10. No idea about the first one, but reengage range is how far back you have to pull away before you can try to dock again after undocking.