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  1. I am aware of history, GSB, and the particular significance of that designation. Please do not lecture people on the assumption that they are ignorant. The name is the result of my naming scheme, with it being the second V/STOL design to be made in the spaceplane hangar, NOT as a deliberate reminder of the WWII weapon.
  2. Tested the XV-2: Seats two crew and four passengers, but is extremely range limited... those big VTOL rotors are fuel thirsty. Case in point of this: Even the refined UV-2 needs to top up after ~250 km of flight, despite 6 times the fuel and only 2 seats. The V-2 family, however, is a respectably stable and easy to handle VTOL, with better range than I could have hoped for.
  3. It's in the OP.
  4. When Nertea's the first one to drop a like on your work you know it's good.
  5. Actually, the helicopter is real. Check out the X-49 Speedhawk:
  6. Issue to report: The helipad spawn point at Jeb's Island Resort is mostly underground. I tried to spawn in a fuel truck to refuel a tilt rotor I'd launched from KSC, and it came in mostly underground and promptly exploded. Is there a way for me to fix this myself via editing a particular file, or via the KK menu? Or would it require some serious work to fix?
  7. Ahh, I guess I should clarify: No fuel was transferred. It was simply connecting the probe to the drogue. Actually attempting fuel transfer is beyond the scope of that experiment. Also, the drogue is NOT part of the part tree of the "tanker" aircraft in that shot. It's plugged into the winch, sure, but the winch port, adaptor, and the Kane Drogue are technically a separate craft at that time. This prevents a severe loss of control when docking is completed and the tanker and receiver become one vehicle in KSP. Trust me, I tried: Tanker dove for the deck, and the receiver bolted for the sky. Let's just say I was glad I'd prepared for that possibility and set up the abort action group accordingly.
  8. Actually, that was the first set of ports I tried. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the drogue to fly steady. The Bluedog Design Bureau Kane port pair worked like a charm, as you can see. I'm at a loss as to why.
  9. So, I did this yesterday: The Kane probe and drogue were perfect for the job.
  10. I love this pack: Any chance you could do some refuelling probes and drogues that double as docking ports? Y'know, just for looks? Perhaps some could be static (straight and standoff) and some could be retractable (Straight ahead like a helicopter, bolt-on like the Tornado or the Harrier II, and flush, like the F-4, F-14, or F-18)?
  11. There were also (somewhat justifiable) concerns about being able to safely restart the engines later in the mission, hence the staging of the entire module, instead of just dropping tanks.
  12. Okay, so you could run an engine on LH2 to depart Earth for Mars and maybe for the MOI burn, then use methane for the return to Earth, then use hydrogen again to flush whatever coking deposits you have out of the engine channels.
  13. Further experimentation revealed that I had a viable design, so I took the obvious next step: Rendezvous after four attempts at parallel takeoffs: Check. Jeb's view, same position Aeris IIR stabilized at precontact position Another angle, same position. Again, Jeb's view. Contact! Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot to actually screenshot the connected docking ports. But it did happen. And before you ask, no, I didn't transfer any fuel. I briefly did directly connect the two craft via the winch GUI, but the usual instability resulted, and the drogue was jettisoned from the tanker hose, leaving it still hard docked to the Aeris IIR.
  14. This: Yes, that is a "refueling" drogue hanging off the port underwing pod. It rides surprisingly stable for only being 3 parts hanging off of a KAS winch. I'm still experimenting with possible other designs, though, so we'll see if that sticks around.
  15. I dunno... isn't hydrogen prone to eating the graphite in solid-core NTRs?