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  1. I've read in another thread that you are also using JNSQ. Are you trying to change the Skybox with TR? JNSQ comes with its own internal TR-skybox already which takes precedency. It's in "\GameData\JNSQ\JNSQ_Skybox\DarkSpace". You have to replace the skybox in there. I ran into the same issue ;-) /edit: Never mind me. I should've completely read your post. The last sentence says that you are trying to replace the heads... Still. It mgiht be connected. Who knows. Have you tried it without JNSQ?
  2. Did you just suggest to give Jebediah, Bill and Bob a blow-up Kerbal * for their long, lonely journey in space? *Seriously, who created that smiley and for what purpose?
  3. Does this mod/thread get an anthem if it becomes thread of the month? If so, might I suggest Destiny's Child's song "SurReviva"? *starting to sing* "I'm a surrevivor (what), I'm not gon' give up (what) I'm not gon' stop (what), I'm gon' work harder (what) I'm a surrevivor (what), I'm gonna make it (what) I will surrevive (what), keep on surrevivin' (what)"
  4. @ble210 You are not using KSP Community Fixes (KSPCF, for short), are you? The bug you described is fairly common and happens with many mods. It seems to be a stock bug. KSPCF fixes that. So I highly suggest you use it. It has also been discussed every now and then in various different mod threads (the posts are usually hard to find, though - so I'm not trying to scold you here!). So yeah, others have definitely run into this.
  5. Have you looked at the dV chart yet that DeadJohn mentioned? The "Ascent: 880" tells you that you need 880 dV to ascend from the surface into an orbit - or vice versa. And you need essentially around the "capture" amount to return from Mün to Kerbin. YMMV
  6. @G'th I just did a fresh install of Ad Astra and had a quick look at the planets. First of all, it looks beautiful! I love it! Great job! On Lindor I noticed an issue with the ring again, which I haven't had yesterday (with my personal edits). See image below. I don't see it in your images. But could you still double check that this isn't a general issue? It might also have to do with me having messed around in JNSQ's planetlist.cfg and restoring it might solve it. I will definitely give it a try later today. Also, when I switched from Lindor in the tracking center back to the KSP center, I got a scatterer NRE spam (wouldn't stop until scene change) which I never got before. A fresh Ad Astra install was all that I did. I might have messed up something or it might be my scatterer settings, and I will probably investigate it further, but would you mind taking a peek at the message? /Edit: Ok, I've restored the original JNSQ planetlist and a fresh-out-of-the-box clean install of Ad Astra 1.7.1 in my normal game and the Lindor ring issue was still there. It seems to be more prominent looking at it from one side than the other. Also, that visual glitch in the ring is moving around in a stable orbit, so it might just be in the shadow in your screenshot. If you investigate, warp a little bit ahead and see if you get it too. As for the NRE-spam: I didn't get it the second time. Might have been a one time issue... I don't know.
  7. @ble210If you're having an issue with the "display" being only half of what it should be, make sure to install Kronometer as well. This will actually fix it! Otherwise you used double the reliability, but still have the "bugged" ingame display. Kronometer really should be installed if you are using JNSQ and Kerbalism. More about it can be found here: I suggest you read this discussion.
  8. In 7 days, we* will all die! There is a moon about to crash into a planet. Isn't it obvious from the screenshot? *we who have seen the video and received the phone call image and read this thread. This was our 7 days notice.
  9. Well, I fiddled around with the planetlist.cfg a bit more. I checked yours (both are actually identical according to PSPad's text comparison) and the original JNSQ-one. It has some properties which yours are lacking, such as "sunColor" (I don't know what they do, though). Since I didn't want multiple config files competing each other and only one place to edit them, I ended up incorporating most of your old settings or suggestions (here and elsewhere) into the JNSQ planetlist cfg file and deleted yours (this is just for me, but I do think it would be wiser if your install would replace the JNSQ file). This is the one I'm currently using and I think it might be a good basis for you to continue from - if you choose to use it. Just a friendly and humble offer. No guarantees though. I only learn by doing and haven't really done anything in this regard. It still has the washed out Eve and the Tam issue. Lindor looks fine to me, but I don't know what you were expecting there. As for Tam, I'll have to see how it plays out in my normal modded game, which also includes TU and TUFX. The profile I'm using there might actually hide that layer or sphere or whatever it is.
  10. @G'th Is there a reason that there are two identical(!) planetsList.cfg in AdAstra, one in \Ad_Astra\scatterer\ and the other one in \Ad_Astra\scatterer\Planets\ ? I'm currently testing Ad Astra 1.7 in a controlled environment with just Kopernicus, JNSQ, Scatterer, and EVE and I ran into a few issues. It might be caused by an installation error on my part, though I did try to follow your installation instructions. Still, I'm doing it while I'm at work (don't tell my boss! xD ), so I might be slightly distracted and some errors might have happened after all... (just as a disclaimer/explanation). I've just checked the planets from the tracking center though. No surface contacts yet. Let's go from inner to outer planets and moons: Moho: Is it supposed to have that "dust cover" and is it supposed to be only visible if you look at it from the sun? (see screenshots). I assume this is supposed to be some intentional dust effect to be connected to Moho's low Sun orbit and solar winds. It looks nice, really nice! I'm just asking if it is supposed to look like that. Eve: It looks a bit pale and textureless (when CloudIntegration is enabled. Disabled it's black). Is that what you meant by planets being turned nearly white? I wouldn't really call it white or nearly white, but it still looks a bit overly smooth as if a texture was missing. If it's supposed to look like that, that's fine. Just asking to double check. Tylo has some weird atmosphere effects with usesCloudIntegration = True (first two images with the planet rotated a bit, to show that it's atmosphere-/lighting-related and not ground texture only). I deactivated CloudIntegration and they were gone (picture 3). Lindor: It looks a bit dark. Just doesn't feel right to me. Also, there's a weird visual glitch with the rings (last image). So I manually set CloudIntegration to enabled for Lindor and it was fixed (third image). Tam, one of Eloo's moons, has a weird almost invisible sphere. I don't think it's supposed to look like that.
  11. When I was troubleshooting for Scatterer 0.08xx turning Jool black, I found that it only did that when I was using KSP 1.12.3 + latest Kopernicus stable + JNSQ + Scatterer 0.08xx (of course) + EVE Redux (all stock install, no fiddling around in any settings). Without EVE Redux and with Scatterer 0.08xx, Jool became green/blue again in a unique way. I didn't really pay much attention to what else Scatterer was achieving or failing at this point (compared to the JNSQ-stable Scatterer 0.0772, that is). I'm sorry I can't contribute anything else. That was my main nuisance at the time, so that's what I was focussing on. Looking forward to Ad Astra again. I loved it in the past in my previous JNSQ playthroughs. Your work is highly appreciated! (A sentence that most modders should probably hear much more often. This game has the best and most dedicated modders I've ever seen in any game.)
  12. Or to put it in other terms, just like Bruce Willis*, Nertea is now retired (well, in Nertea's case: "from KSP1 modding and will only be providing bugfixes"). *I was going to use the name "Sir Thomas Sean Connery since he -in my opinion- showed a similar class of quality in his respective work and a I have a similar respect for his respective work. But I felt that comparing him to a late actor might be somewhat inappropriate. So I hope you don't take the comparison to Bruce Willis in a negative way, Nertea.
  13. With ScanSat, I scanned Kerbin for Anomalies and visited each Anomaly/Question Mark on the map. I believe this is the non-cheaty way to find the stations. I have only tried that in career, but I don't see why it shouldn't work in Science only either.
  14. You are not using EVE Redux, are you? I just checked, deleting EVE and using the latest scatterer with JNSQ made Jool, well, it ain't blue or green exactly, but also not turquoise. Let's just say it made it colorful again. So I guess if you want to use eve, use scatterer 0.0772. And if you don't use Eve, use the latest scatterer? I dunno. It might just be a question of tweaking the settings properly. I just did a quick check with the "out of the box settings". I have it working in my regular game. This was just a quick test environment. As for the other part: I just overlooked your edit. I've edited my previous post to reflect your edit.
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