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  1. I don't think that the "cost" of the DLC is the center of discussion. At least since my point of view. I have enjoyed this game more than 1,800 hours in both PC and console (XBOX One). I'm grateful with the developers for this great game. If I check the amount of money invested in the games and expansions against 1,800 hours of fun learning, its a great investment. What I expect is a great DLC with great content. I expect that Kerbal remains live for a long time and for that SQUAD, Private Division, Take-Two and whoever you want to call it, needs our support. I will be glad to see a DLC to enable exploration between different solar systems. A little step into future technology. Thank you for your time invested in reading my thougts. Have great missions, great adventures and big fun.
  2. A thing that works for me is switch to IVA. There you can see the surface altimeter and made really nice and soft landing. (Also is a great experience to use the inner gauges)
  3. Great news dear @SQUAD team! Thanks to @Badie who keep us informed in the consoles threads. "That's one small step for a kerbal, one giant leap for console players" Please @UomoCapra keep us informed about the release date. Thank you.
  4. Hi dear KSP coleague. Maybe this can help. I'm user on XBOX
  5. I still believe that @SQUAD is going to fix this. I only ask for more information, good or bad but something. It seems that the console users are stranded in some class of black hole... Or maybe trapped by the Kraken. Please @Badie, @nestor. Tell us something on how are you doing with consoles. You have a great product. Don't let it die on consoles.
  6. I respectfully disagree with @Matuchkin. SQUAD sold the game as a full release on consoles, so it is responsible to deliver a finished product. The game on consoles on it's actual status is far from finished. That its the problem and it's worse for the silence of SQUAD; let aside Flying Tiger, SQUAD must say something and take care of their users on consoles. Where are @SQUAD, @nestor or @UomoCapra? Someone please?
  7. The worst is the silence of the developers. SQUAD must take responsability of this, is their product and they must take care for it. It seems that SQUAD let that Flying Tiger killed the game in consoles. It´s a shame. SQUAD please tell something or as we say in México "Agarren el toro por los cuernos"...
  8. Hi! Talking about consoles. This patch that you're talking about includes version 1.2? Or only is a patch to fix 1.1.3? Thank you!
  9. There is a bug on the XBOX where even when you are close to the ship, you can't change to that vessel in flight mode. When this happens to me, I have two alternatives: Jump to the tracking station and select the stranded ship Since I have the "Claw" part, all my rescue missions have that part. So I dock with the spaceship and do a crew transfer.
  10. This game is great an it looks that was made with love. Please SQUAD don't let that Flying Tiger kills this game on consoles.
  11. Hi SQUAD!!!! I'm a big fan of your game. Kerbal space program (with some spectacular mods) fullfills my wildest dreams for a space simulator. I started with the PC version of the game, at this time i have enjoyed 1,266 hours on PC. When you announced that a XBOX version was in works, I was completly happy. My PC is not fast and I hoped that the XBOX version would give a better performance. On the other hand, I'm proud that SQUAD started as a mexican development team. I'm from México and was glad to know that here we can do great video games. With this in mind, I had no doubt in buy the XBOX version. When I installed the game on the XBOX, I was happy. I remeber my kids telling to me "really dad? kerbal? also on the XBOX?". The first hours playing on the console were great, then I began to discover some bugs. I understood that was the first release, so I decided to put the bugs aside and tried to enjoy the game. Now I have almost a week that I've no played the game on the XBOX. Really the port doesn't help to continue playing. I know that this looks like a mexican "telenovela" (as I said, I'm from México, specifically Aguascalientes "si señor!!!") but I hope that someone of the SQUAD staff read this. SQUAD, congratulations, you have made a great game. Please don't let that Flying Tiger kills it on the console. I think that the game can have a great future in that platform. To anyone who read my post, sorry for my bad english and thank you for lend me your time reading this.
  12. Good day! I continue in my efforts to achieve an asteroid mission. Now I launch a probe to attach with the asteroid. The probe is on kerbin's orbit waiting for the right time to leave the orbital influence of the planet. I accelerate time Inside the Tracking Station to let pass some days, when the asteroid is in the right position, I set the time acceleration to 1x. Then I cannot go out of the Tracking Station neither fly the probe or any other spacecraft.