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  1. This was fixed in dev 2 days ago and Nertea has said it will be included in the next release. In the meantime if you can't wait, download this file and replace the existing one in your GameData folder with it (or copy and paste it's contents).
  2. All the compatibility patches are here I believe.
  3. @Boamere that's cool, I went and ahead and made one, thanks. Pull request can be found here: Pinging @Nertea for review when possible
  4. To install it you'd want to overwrite the SSPXR-USILS.cfg file that this mod ships with, so if you deleted the mod, you'd delete that file too. Just tested this now and can confirm all works great, including greenhouses. @Boamere should I submit a pull-request for it or were you already planning to?
  5. Hey, as well as the aforementioned issue with the contracts flicking in and out, I've encountered a bug with not receiving payouts for optional contract parameters. Specifically, I just did the "Launch the Duna Space Station" mission, and completed it with a science lab, which should have given me an extra 500k(ish). In the record of completed contracts, it says "Completed" next to it and shows the amount I should've received, but I certainly didn't get it. Is this likely another CC issue?
  6. @Brigadier @EliteMaster512 New version was released yesterday. Just tested and works fine on 1.6.0.
  7. Thanks so much for your help! Combined with this, I'm actually starting to get somewhere!
  8. Thanks for showing me this DebugStuff, it's helping a lot. I am still kind of stuck though, as sometimes DebugStuff will show an object with "(Clone)" after it's name and I'm unable to access these like other things. I thought this might be just the case in certain areas of the UI (with there being a "root" object somewhere), but even using FindObjectType doesn't work. I'm specifically trying to modify the currency widgets in the topbar of the SpaceCenter scene, and have so far successfully been able to remove the widget group as a whole, but I can't target each individual widget.
  9. Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before, but is there some documentation/reference for KSP UI transforms? I want to make edits to certain panels but I feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark trying to guess what I need to be modifying. A couple of examples of what I want to learn more about can be found in Strategia and MKS. They both do it slightly differently though: MKS has the exact path to hand apparently, whereas Strategia searches for a transform with the right name. Any resources or help on this would be appreciated.
  10. Looks great after reading, but it's not exactly the best formatted post I've seen. Gotta get some bold headings, images etc in there; no one wants to read a huge wall of text without some break-up. The title isn't particularly grabbing either. I'm sure if more people knew about it people would use it. Saying this, you seem to know all this as it's exactly what you've done with KCT.
  11. I really wish people would leave it at least a couple of weeks after an update to declare a mod 'dead'. EDIT: sorry, I only saw it was updated for 1.1.1 and not that it was his last update. My bad.
  12. Your game seems pretty unmodded to me. Aren't you just reiterating an already known issue?
  13. Modding KSP you mean, or your PC? By your post count/reputation I'm guessing you mean your PC
  14. Hasn't been updated since 0.17
  15. That has been updated for 1.1 it seems. Might wanna update your post.