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  1. Completely aside from how they work in theory or in real life, how do you keep a multi-part prop blade in KSP from stretching ridiculous amounts at the joints?
  2. Here are some lessons I've learned from prop design - A prop where the blades are connected directly to the spinning collider of the motor, and are one part only is the lest likely to self destruct, though it still won't hold up under 2x time warp. Multipart blades stretch too much at max RPM, it doesn't matter what kind of parts they are, cubic strut, servo, fin, etc. Stick to a single part for the blades. The part which makes the best blade for me is the basic fin because It's light and therefore doesn't stretch out as far has the best lift/mass ra
  3. How does one make a high-thrust electric propeller in KSP? You may have noticed that if you just stick some blades on an electric motor it does generate thrust, but not very much. I'd ballpark the one I made with a medium motor and three small blades at 10kN. So here are some thoughts about propellers. The propellers will products a constant max torque and consume a constant maximum amount of power. It's not very much power so I won't focus at all on how to make more efficient propellers. There is no way to make more thrust by consuming more power from a given motor. It's as if t
  4. It should be possible to save some dv on an Eve ascent with electric propellers. I know the props cannot make much thrust, but I'm counting on large folding fixed wings and a gradual ascent. Maybe optimistic but I expect to be able to reach 30km altitude on electric propulsion and then reach orbit with a 3500 dv rocket. Payload 1000kg.
  5. I've deployed a set of experiments on Duna, but haven't gotten any science from it after a few years. The cluster consists of 1 controller, 1 weather, 1 goo, 1 seismic, and 6 solar panels. All deployed by a level 0 scientist. The controller was the last part deployed. They have adequate connection to Kerbin most of the time. They have power during the daytime. They were all enabled when I left. They are all within range of eachother. When I left them, the controller said 3 experiments connected. But a few game hours later, it says only 1 is connected. Even this connected one (I
  6. Very clever! If the terrain collider doesn't exist past that speed though, why does the craft sink a little bit and then explode? It clearly hit some other (possibly lower resolution) collider right? Or else it would have sunk about 10 meters to the ocean under the ice cap.
  7. Really? That sounds like good news. Pardon the stupid question, but what do I need to do to use NathanKell's improvements?
  8. Rather than fix every part, wouldn't it be quicker to scale down the density of water on all planets, and then fix a few parts that should still float? Is there any configurable way to do that?
  9. The core life is a prediction of how long the EnrichedUranium would last if the reactor were running a full power the whole time. To make it last longer, either turn down the power level in the reactor's context menu (also available in flight) or bring more EnrichedUranium in fuel containers.
  10. Hahaha! I hadn't checked how much it would be. Yikes. I've only gone out to gas giants so far with nerva-type engines, but I've recently unlocked lithium plasma thrusters, and I'll probably go with those for the Ulrum crew vessel. Probably with a reactor in the range of 4000 EC/s. There's probably an optimum somewhere between heavy hab long trip, and heavy fuel short trip but I don't know what it is yet.
  11. I think one of the most fun parts of KSP and MKS to me is the challenge of making a compact and low-mass vehicle that unpacks into a large, spacious and highly functional base or station at the destination. I think the angle I'm going to take with my Ulrum mission is to send a large packed station ahead of time, and later send a super-fast manned ship on a ~1y trajectory to meet up with it and deposit the crew, who will unpack it. If you say deep freeze is too easy, I'll take your word for it
  12. I'm certainly not just looking for a way to circumvent the challenge! But I thought that a long journey (10+ years) might call for a different strategy than a medium one.
  13. Has anyone looked into the feasibility of keeping kerbals "on ice" for long journeys? (let them become tourists and revive them when they reach the destination) Say I'm taking an 11 year journey out to Ulrum with 10 kerbals. I would plan to have a habitat only large enough to keep a single medic happy for 11 years, but let everyone else become a tourist (can effectively isolate habitats on the same vessel?) I would also carry a med bay and colony supplies to revive the kerbals when they reach Ulrum. But it looks like this is not a better use of mass than just bringing a bigger habita
  14. Also, the wiki says "Once your Hab timers reach the same level as the highest Habitat they've been in, the Colonization Module will freeze the Hab Timers at their maximum amount." Does that mean it will freeze at the highest value of the largest habitat the kerbal has been in, if one kerbal were alone in it, or the highest share of a habitat the kerbal under treatment has ever experienced?
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