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  1. The MAK-2C is on the tarmac and waiting to take off, fly safe
  2. clever someone has a name for this fighter? I'm really stuck.
  3. it's not a cockpit, I have just covered the stock one with ProceduralParts
  4. Grach? You mean Su ?, humm .. can be , it's time to change. but it's ok if you want to change!
  5. thanks, some screenshot coming soon, I think you'll like thanks, intake air F15, F16 tail. F18 and F4 wings. but Su 25! I do not see how?
  6. Realistic multirole fighter aircraft we will start with some picture The idea is to make some models of this type with a correct aspect and characteristic approaching reality and some replicat with minimal mods, I use 6 mods and also to make it work with the AIpilot BDArmory. post here your design concept, construction, idea ..... anything that can be an inspiration, I'm not a good aeronautical engineer, test are necessary, for that I have no choice but to ask for your help. the topic is (WIP) there are still plenty of ideas to share, so I stop typing on my keyboard and I Let you discover. Data sheet require mods: -FerramAerospaceResearch -ProceduralParts. -B9-ProceduralWing. -TweakScale. -AdjustableLandingGear. (optional) -BDArmory. (optional) Download: MAK-2C (Model).Craft (60 parts) does not require BDarmory. MAK-2C (Empty).Craft (69 parts) Empty weight.(main weapon included) MAK-2C (Test pilot).craft (69 parts) as the (EMPTY) with 50% fuel. MAK-2C (AI).Craft (94 parts) For Ai pilot 1 box 20mm, 6 Aim-9, 2 AIM-120 and a ECM. (radar not implanted yet) MAK-2C (Full).Craft (117 parts) 1 box 20mm, 4 Drop Tanks. 6 Aim-9, 2 AIM-120, 2 AGM-114 and a ECM Jammer. a complete detailed blueprint (11339 x 5669) - (5669 x 2834) - (2835 x 1417). -Far Analysis. -Control surfaces config in some situation. -Some flight Test. -AI screenshot. -Formation Flight screenshot This is my first serious topic see this as a project presentation, you guessed I'm a beginner who speaks no English!! I think it will be funny.
  7. it was a conflict with DANG IT,just removed, thanks for help. but I do not know how to fix it, here is the link of my Output_log.
  8. I have the same error, someone has a patch ?, please I can not play without it.