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  1. Yes, the armor is from BDA. Yes, Tweakscale is a mod, and therefore that would be a problem. It might sound kind of strict, but it saves countless hours in debugging little problems down the road.
  2. I'm thinking a reskin of the armor plating would be nice tbh. To me, it looks more like murky water than metal plating. Breaks stockalike just a tad too much.
  3. You have the charge flow turned off. Click on any of the buttons to the right of electric charge indicator to enable the flow.
  4. Going to need range and relative accuracy info before I decide. Do you have any rough numbers?
  5. Personally, I suggest embedding Imgur albums as it keeps the post more organized. Some people like to use spoilers, others don't. Really just personal preference at that point.
  6. Is ramming speed and acceptable answer?
  7. Part count is a bit high, but capitals have been used in the series before. Personally, I'm not sure how I like the look of the missiles mounted on the outside of the hull, but I do really like those I-beam pods. PS. Throw all your pictures into a single Imgur album and embed that. That way you don't need spoilers at all.
  8. Nope, Radiators can explode before dissipating heat, and heat shields can't take the impact.
  9. Looks REAAALLY good! Personally, I would clean up some of the struts at the front, but otherwise, it looks really sleek.
  10. See previous reasons why mods are not used: -compatibility -general glitches -creativity BD is allowed in atmosphere because it is incredibly hard to make Anti-air missiles and in atmosphere weapons that are stock. Rail missiles can do significant damage when designed well and they don't vaporize whatever they hit. This makes the combat more interesting because a hit doesn't necessarily equate to a kill. FYI- Docking craft are nice, but with modern tech, they are not very practical. They might work for attacking undefended stations, but any military craft could just sh
  11. Personally, I would darken the entire image a bit, and see if you can drop the resolution too. Then it would look super authentic.
  12. See this video: (The video's description has some info as well)
  13. Personally, I seem to be one of those who dislikes the DLC. I understand why DLC is sometimes necessary, but it can hurt games too. Generally, I think: #1: Regardless of mission packs / visual packs etc., Parts, max part count, max size etc. should not be behind a paywall. Everyone should have the ability to use all the bits. #2: Before developing DLC some other game features should be added. Mainly, a non-laggy multiplayer. #3: DLC should always expand on, add to, or improve existing mods etc. The whole point of DLC is to add content premium enough to warrant a price. BTW
  14. If you want to have fun, ditch the chutes and add MOAR boosters
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