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  1. Hello @Paelohiki and welcome aboard!

    I am also looking forward to KSP2.  I'm pretty sure I'll need some new hardware to make it run the way I'd like.

    Happy landings!

  2. More content has been removed from this thread.

    Refraining from posting personal attacks is not merely the good thing to do and the way to keep this forum from being a cesspit like most of the internet.  It is also required behaviour as members of this forum by the guidelines you agreed to follow when joining.

    If a post you read makes you upset, frustrated, angry, or even annoyed please seriously consider not posting anything in response.  If you believe the post is out of bounds, please report it.

    And for the sake of all our sanity please do not argue about arguing.  This is not only off-topic, it seems to create higher levels of animosity rather than helping to rationally discuss the question at hand.

    Thank You For Your Understanding

  3. Some content has been removed from this thread.

    Please avoid political comments and insulting remarks.

    Also, do not respond to messages containing political or insulting remarks.

    Thank you for your understanding

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