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  1. Does anyone know offhand which texture pack has the black and yellow battery texture (for 1.4.5)? thanks, Andrew
  2. I'm hoping someone can help me with a conflict I'm experiencing. I'm running GPP on 1.4.5. I've tried to install Strategia (and of course Custom Barn Kit), but when I do, I have this issue where I can't recover vessels. Obviously that's a huge problem. When I remove Strategia and CBK, it goes away. I'd really like to employ Strategia, so if anyone has any insights into why this is happening, please let me know. thanks, Andrew
  3. I really would like to use this mod with my new 1.4.5 GPP career. However when I have Strategia (1.7.2) and Custom Barn Kit (1.1.17) installed, I get this strange problem where I can't recover vessels. Anyone else seen this or have a solution for it? I suspect there may be a conflict with another mod, but not sure.
  4. brilliant! thanks. here's the link in case any one else needs it:
  5. Love this mod, so much thanks for making it. I had used it back with the old TR. Hadn't fired up KSP for a long time, now on 1.4.2. Have TRR installed. Everything is working great except the visors are all pink. Anything I can do to fix it? thanks!
  6. Got the answer. It's this:
  7. Not specifically with the issue I'm having. There's a great explanation of the different fuels available for use with the engine, but nothing about the right fuel tank or fuel tank placement.
  8. I'm trying to put together a small space plane using the Thermal TurboJet engine from KSPI. It works like a charm in Atmo. I've gotten up to Mach 3, which is beautiful. But when the air thins, I'm having trouble. I know should be able to switch propellants, but I can't find the right tank to hold any of the fuel options. I even tried a simple LFO tank and I couldn't get the engine to draw from it. Clearly, I'm missing something. but I'm not sure what it is. It could be fuel crossfeed or part adjacency or simply not using the right tank for the job. If someone can point me to right part or let me know what the problem us, I'd really appreciate it. Additionally, if there's about which fuels are the most efficient to use in a vacuum, that would also be very handy. thanks in advance, Andrew
  9. So I'm able to see asteroids now in my tracking station. I can select one, click on the the "Track Object" button which reveals it's trajectory and any future encounters. However, when I click on anything, the asteroid disappears. For all I know, this is as expected behavior and I'm just missing something. But I have no idea. This is my first experience with tracking asteroids. If anyone can shed some light on this for me, I'd really appreciate it. thanks, Andrew
  10. I'm having this strange issue where several of the icons I have in my main toolbar are showing up as white squares instead of showing the icon. The icons still work. I can click on them and they open up the right windows. Click again and the windows go away. But it's annoying and I'd like to fix it. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix for it? thanks, Andrew
  11. Thanks, FancyMouse. That solved the problem. You're a life saver.
  12. I found this link from one of your posts: but it's broken Do you have a fresh link you can send me? thanks, Andrew
  13. Yes to all of those. I'm running RemoteTech and can transmit the Orbital Survey data. Must be something else.
  14. I'm having trouble completing one of the ScanSat contracts. Here are the details: subtype = SCAN_M700 title = Scan Minmus for resources description = It seemed decent for boffins at SCAN: Scientific Committee on Advanced Navigation's labs, trying to reproduce an experiment about whether some Kerbals seem to enjoy high speeds, while others apparently just don't, that we knew very little about whether brave Kerbals regain their nerve faster than not-so-brave ones. It can't be denied, however, that the way we would frequently see a proper new discovery was how we got into that situation in the first place... This is why we're here. synopsis = Scan Minmus with the M700 Scanner I have the satellite in orbit with the M700. The only option is to an "Orbital Scan" or something like. I do the scan, it automatically sends the data to KSC and then nothing. Contract has not been completed What am I missing here? thanks, Andrew