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  1. The problem with the mouse is that once you change the craft there is no going back. We need access to exact values with an input like they added more recently to other parts of the game. If you need to go back and change things later it starts to mess the craft up when you adjust things later. Particularly after coming back from a save of said manual angle adjustment. We really need a gui with values we can input into showing what we are doing and what we already have.
  2. I was just wondering if it was still, "backwards compatible." It would have been a funny joke on their part. Especially since it seems a bunch of people thought they were going to be to begin with before they saw the notch.
  3. The key slots are different. But are they symmetrical so that if you turn them around backwards they are compatible? https://www.pcmag.com/news/reminder-ddr4-ram-wont-fit-into-ddr5-slots-and-vice-versa Or is the story a joke and just flipping the ram backwards?
  4. Part gerbals? The intro says adding K to everything. If you take off the k and add another letter. What else could spell out erbal? Berbal, Gerbal, Herbal?! If you add all the possible words together is that what they are made of?
  5. Kerbals in their raw goop form? Dead kerbals? kerbals perserved in a type of stasis? Maybe kerbals are slimes taking humanoid forms. When kerbals go off the screen and stop being useful they go back into their slime pods until needed. That is why we can't see past the walls! Inside the walls are massive amount of those pods just like the matrix! That is what the mystery goo containers is.
  6. I think I may have an idea why this is happening, but I haven't done a tear down yet. But has anyone run into a problem where the ship on the runway has more parts than the VAB/SPH? It also starts yawing drastically at certain speeds and parts fly off the vehicle. The parts count does not change though. So, I've somehow made a parts popcorn machine! They just starts popping off the ship! The only other thing I can think of is the extra parts are from the 2 parts I have stored in the new storage things.(nvm I did not put those in afterall.) At which point I may have different issues. Either way, I'm assuming this is from the old double parts reference problem or something like it. I'll do a tear down later to identify the parts. But has anyone made a parts popcorn machine before. I think I may have found a fundamental way to do so! 8)
  7. I believe I saw that KSP2 will have features that should massively increase parts count. When this is designed and the game comes out, or earlier if possible(maybe for testing purposes. >>), could these features be put into ksp1?
  8. Why have they not yet made a toilet pod where you go inside, it closes and then it has a full japanese toilet in it with all the fixins. They could even artificually do gravity with a mix of suction or something. Not sure how much power/resources they have up there though. Or just what they have with some nicer variations and privacy. You could solve some of the problems by using a butt vaccum to keep you planted to the seat. Then you only need gravity like things in the hole/cavity of the toilet. Not sure how to implement the bidet functions though.
  9. Could space toilets use circulation? I'm not sure how their air systems work. Or would they just short run it through a vent/filter system as fast as possible. Do they have system wide air flow systems or is it cabin to cabin? I wonder if they have to be careful about over pulling air between location for safety reasons.
  10. Maybe not yet, but I assume if space travel becomes domestic this might be needed in some form. Not sure if it exists in space yet? I would thing anything capable of dealing with this area would be a godsend to space missions. https://hackaday.com/2012/11/19/bathroom-fan-that-switches-itself-on-when-it-gets-steamy-or-smelly/ I'm also looking for similar for my bathroom. I like the idea of all of the different ideas together. A sensor detecting and turning the fan on when you are on the toilet. Either pressure sensor or a distance sensor that turns on at a certain distance(would this need to be different for a closed environment in space?), A methane or other sensor in the fan itself that might take longer to detect. This would be for steam and smells, a delayed timer to keep it running longer, and an auto flip at the switch for manual. Since a normal bathroom would be a pain to install pressure sensor without an expensive toilet and wiring I would go with a distance sensor that auto turns on anytime something trips it at a certain distance where your knees, bodymass, or similar should be above the toilet(preferably from the fan to save wiring.). I would assume these would be different in a space setting where you have expensive stuff and probably easier access to wires. Unless the electrical system is tight. I would imagine a pretty fancy one would be ideal to meet the unique circumstances.
  11. Is this where one of them pulls their pants down and starts rubbing their butt with maple syrup?
  12. The previous most powerful sci fi weapon +1.
  13. A person walks past a closet for space suits and start trying to play with or open the airlock for whatever reason. The stations system recognize a potential danger or unknown situation. It starts playing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWdZEumNRmI After finishing it states in words, "Don't forget your air supply."
  14. I tried doing this a long time ago and ran into parts count problems quickly. I was at 1200 fast to get to eves surface and back. It does give insight into the design of the parts though. They were not made for it. It is fun to do though. I never got to eve btw(legitimately). I don't know the deltav reqs for atmospheres well enough. I was basically balancing dropping mini fuel stages from a static set of engines. And reversing the ship back and forth for different parts. At one part dropping from the front. and mid way trying to use xenon. Make a grid of engined with the most pars you will need. I used those hexagon parts to mount them. Then figure out the best combo of destagers and fuel tanks to balance parts count for initial launch and various stages for sanity. I made big hexagon of hexagons and then just stuck the stages together like reversible pancakes. I had some fun designs with it in regards to how to smush them together. I'll assume different density of tanks to destaging parts is better for different situation. Like kerbin vs eves atmosphere.
  15. https://www.quora.com/In-The-Lord-of-the-Rings-are-Tom-and-Goldberry-actually-Tulkas-and-Nessa This is a common argument about it. He was the last of those gods to arrive. But the wording about melkor is not that he was there before he arrived. But before melkor came from the beyond. IE, it sounds like it means bombadil was there before he came back from the void to destroy the two towers during the war. In which case it fits tulkas and nessa perfectly. I think in this video it mentions the quote. People never pay attention to the wording. "Before the dark lord came from the outside." That is a reference to the assault on the two towers during the first age if I"m not mistaken. This was a specific instance of melkor arriving on middle earth. Tulkas arrived before that assault. He was put to sleep by nessa just before this happened. It would fit that bombadill could be tulkas and nessa. I think tom is tulkas keeping an eye on sauron and actively keeping track of or dealing with melkors actions/consequences over time. He may also be acting as protector of the shire or an active passive threat to sauron. some of the description of his fighting didn't seem to involve pure brute force as much as cunning. He may be more of a strategic leader on top of anything else. There is also the interesting idea he made the hobbits. Maybe he's keeping an eye over them. Or designed them to destroy the rings. https://www.quora.com/Could-Melkor-in-his-full-power-beat-Tulkas Possibly adding to the point that tulkas more of a strategist and not a brute force warrior. It would explain how he's acting potentially. He's more like how the return of the king guy was a scout and used others to do things and not his own physical power.
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