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  1. If that is the case maybe they should have left them to their normal messy ways. That is a real world way of dealing with things. They live in an area where that is common from heat and other realities. It's completely viable and fits normal experience. It's not always good to force things that are normal in one environment to another. Too many subtle details. People do things for a reason. Even if they don't know why(which they probably do there.). The longer we are in one place the more highly adapted we become. Speaking of which, I wonder if there are any animals or bugs that could have been used in the environment to destroy the stuff long ago for basically free. As long as it doesn't produce highly explosive ants or something. That or the fact they are in a desert, maybe they could take a policy of selling it for actual fertilizer use. Could have solved the money problems. Or is that usable in the environment. Not sure how farming works there. If there are other dangers may be pre mix it in dirt or something and make it inert somehow. Compost maybe? Whatever actually works.
  2. That isn't how that works. It's unlimited because it's freely available in realistically infinite amounts. Conversion energy means nothing if you can pump in more and convert it. You are missing how realistic things work. Cold plasma is supposed to be very efficient at breaking down things. If it can do that efficiently then it's sustainable. If you want you can use solar or other things to start the process or another source. One being the existing gas tanks. Which is very realistic in a real world scenario. The primary purpose is decontaminating the food. There are natural things at work doing the work for use we can tap into.
  3. I've posted the actual footage at the beginning of the event. People were wondering about fireworks or what started the blast. Does that footage give hints as to how this started?
  4. This is the initial fire before the main explosion. Looking directly in the building from an adjacent rooftop. Does this give hints as to the initial fire or the substance burning or igniting?! timestamp at 35-49 seconds.
  5. Are these fireworks? This is literally the roof right next to the initial fire. I wonder if the person taking the video at that point survived. He ran and had some of the building possibly taking the blast.
  6. The one thing about the shockwave was that it also didn't seem to move the preexisting grey plume right next to it. Is that normal or does that indicate something about the fire and the smoking material? You can see at the 2:00 mark that the before grey plume and after the red plume forms isn't moved much. NVM, at 2:56 you can see it shove the cloud a bit. I assumed it would push a lot farther and dissipate the first cloud. Does the content of the grey plume have a lot of mass or do shockwaves tend to not hit other gaseous airborne things easily since it can potentially jiggle around or be pushed easily in odd directions? You can see the grey and red intermixing at the bottom of the plumes. You can also see a gap in the shockwave which I'm assuming is from the grain silo taking the brunt of the force. I wonder if you can use that to guestimate the energy and directional forces hitting the grain silo. You can directly see that space form in the shock wave from the building blocking it. Here is another view of the dent in the shockwave. Are these fireworks? This is literally the roof right next to the initial fire.
  7. This is the other problem in lebanon. This brings up a corona problem. Could we make massive ships that keep their stuff clean in the boat for cross country shipments of food and other goods. this could have redundancy in the boat and at port and all stages of transit. Or is the electrical cost too high? The other idea is then to use the cold plasma to convert water and air into fuel and then use that to fuel the boat and or generate electricity.. Or minimize fuel/electricity. How far could this be taken. Could current boats be equipped to use it to keep food corona free? How much energy does it take to generate this and what designs could be made. What is the maximum that could be done? This could include other things along the way to help make it efficient. For instance are MHD generators useful with cold plasma? One idea is you could put them on the nozzles actually used to prep the food or along other areas of flow to generate electricity or other things. You could keep it magnetized to the boat or to various structures and even use the boat as a giant field or something weird. Maybe go to automated boats and get rid of crews. Or have crews go on a side boat or tug like boat that helps at port and not on the actual ship. It could have remote overrides and stuff. No idea. Just coming up with random ideas. Even more random. Then you could make them into submarines and use them in shallow water and make them work like super cavitation missiles to get to port faster! Obviously it would have to stop along the way(or before hitting something), but the tech could make for faster travel and less fuel from longer trips. You are basically adding super aerodynamics, but the boat equivalent. This could be great for things across long ocean stretches like the major oceans. Assuming there aren't other issues. Could the cold plasma be used to actually propel the boat? I'm assuming it's strong point is not heavy loads. Unless it's a lot in a very small burst with a prepared fuel load which it could generate itself from it's environment. Any of this could lead to greater autonomy or functionality to existing fleets. Or newer greater vessels.
  8. There was also a fire with a grey plume first. Then the big explosion with the red dust came up. I wonder what caught on fire first to cause the explosion. You could see a lot fires all over that building. In the first 15 seconds of the first video you can see a bunch of fire shooting out and lightning or electrical stuff going off in or near the grey plume. I also prescribe to the theory that the bride was also possibly miffed with something about the wedding and it remotely cause the initial fire that then detonated the ammonium nitrate! 8)
  9. Does anyone know what likely happened? From what I can tell it was the side building as a shipping area and an offloading building or something. (no idea what it really is.) It's next to a giant grain silo like cement building and caught fire then a very large explosion happened. The explosion had a very round shape(for the most part.) is this from being a shaped explosion(purposeful bomb or a normal container?) or just from the potential shear amount of material being stored? It also had distinct red/brown material in the air afterword. And the shockwave didn't move the heavier ploom clouds. Or the clouds in the sky. Is this normal for a shockwave. I would have thought it would have been stronger. Or does this help measure the explosive force. There are videos of it exploding from a large ways away outside the city and it had a weird riptide effect on the clouds like it past through them with minimal effect as far as positioning went. Lots of angles: (At 2:13 you can see cracks in the cement. This is an above ground apartment. I'm assuming the cracks occurred because of the explosion. I wonder if or how much of that can be repaired or would be require buildings to be demoed and rebuild?) At 2:30 you can see the remove hill view with the shockwave going through the clouds. At 13-14 seconds you can see the explosion rip into the large building next to it. Other shots show the effect from the other side afterwords. Before and after: (At 24 seconds there is a cruise liner right at the site. Does anyone know what ship it is. I wonder if it has passengers on it at the time. Bad place to park a cruise liner.) Pre pictures are from may 31's I think. different boats in the befores. The hole is where the explosions occured. The building before is the building that was there previously. Bride explodes: I'm assuming if this was a nuke it was a very small nuke. I'm also assuming it was some form of massive chemical explosion. Someone was saying ammonia nitrate or something. Can anyone tell independently what it might have been? That or the bride exploded out of rage because she didn't like the dress!! >< You can see the outside of the silo building turned to dust and is in piles next to itself. That or that is some collected material from the explosion hitting it and falling to the ground afterwords or similar. And can sufficient number of these videos on youtube recoup the cost of the explosion?
  10. Wouldn't a train engineer have the education to know if it could reach the boat. Isn't that part of the education to become a train engineer? I thought they had to at least have a general engineering background. This story is very odd. Sounds like they made it up and some hippy made up a story about it. How does any of this make sense for someone with an actual education. Or can anyone become a train engineer these days. I'll assume it does not require an engineering degree anymore. Apparently not. I would say make it a requirement for entry level work for people going into engineering. I mean an engineer(the namesake of the profession) actually being a requirement for the job... Although it would probably just lead a bunch of people to flood engineering to get the jobs. I'm surprised it pays so much also. 60k a year with only a high school diploma and good stamina... I could make a joke about running a train, but it might derail the thread. It's treated like a truck driver by the looks of it and not an engineering profession. Do they not do repairs or anything. Could they not improve the operation or design of the train if run by professionals... Engineers have higher ethics and would be more suited for this outside of the boredom. Which they are also accustom to. How did we get it so we don't have actual engineers being engineers... 60k a year would be great for people who want to get an entry level job after college. Get to see the world too. Only downside I could see is if it makes people leave the job more for higher paying work(it might not matter as less experience/training would be needed by engineering graduates making this less of a problem.). Although I have a feeling this work already similarly works this way for other reasons. At least you would have the potential for retention. With that much education running around you could probably expand businesses also. Or are the people running these companies so corrupt and greedy somehow they have to worry about people who understand everything around them being employed? We need to stock society with higher education anyway. Why not start with something like this. More engineers running things would not hurt the world. Outside of people who hate educated people and ethics. Which seem to already be in every facet of life already. That would be the only problem if those people resist out of fear of competition or other things. I would think the increase in education amongst drivers at least would help versatility for the companies normal operations. They could teach them to do more repairs and have more safety in case of emergencies potentially. And staffing could be more versatile. Training would take less time and people could swap positions more readily or gain position more quickly if that is already normal. And they could probably apply better training for more advanced tasks. This would only be stopped by the owners getting in the way if they are also not actual engineers. Then you get the same potential problems of software companies being owned by people not as educated as they should be as that is always a hindrance.
  11. Is NPR a joke sight. If not how does someone crash a train into a concrete barrier and derail it and not die?! What would be the physics behind this? Is this the NPR from that show from the 90's joe rogan was on or is this a real NPR. I thought it was a real news organization though. I'm going to assume it was not as violently as the first storry made it sound. It said full speed.. It would be funny if there was some sort of gas leak or something involved. I wonder if trains can give off fumes and literally make someone get weird like that. I bet nobody involved will look into anything like that.
  12. Couldn't they just put the exit on the top of the tank and have it use pipes down to the bottom and use either pumps or other forces to pull it out? I would imagine the only reason not to is something to do with efficiencies in weight or other factors. Maybe a separate system pushing a plate up to minimize or remove gaps. A second system pushes air in the bottom and the sealed plate pushes the fuel out along with pumps etc. If it's light enough to be pushed by airpressure it can't be that heavy can it? If not put pumps on the bottom to push the plate instead of sucking out. Probably need mini chambers to hold it until release though as to not get air gaps. Or is that easy to deal with?
  13. I know there are fusion reactors using plasma. I wasn't sure if the fusion was generating it or if it was being generated to aid the process. Either way, is cold fusion usable in the process. Either to aid in it or to keep the parts alive longer by cooling off the plasma to save some level of maintenance and possibly efficiency overall? I thought something indicated that it could be useful in the process. Maybe it can rip it back apart afterwords?! 8) I saw a video on a particular reactor, but I can't find it now.
  14. Cold Plasma combined with solar or similar? I think I read there are some solar panels or something that could be used in deep space with cold plasma or MHD stuff and still work. I'm assuming cold plasma can split it at a doable amount of energy. Or maybe given enough time. Couldn't find info on how long it takes to do something like that. Or how much.
  15. Could cold plasmsa be useful there? Maybe have it burn the oxygen and coat the ship in cold plasma. I would assume there are several ways to go about that.