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  1. So, who is making the first proper hover vehicle? And this could probably help beat the land speed records. How do you get them to work btw? I turn them on and nothing happens. Does it not work with parts from before 1.9? Do we have to remake ships to use them?
  2. validated the files and I have 1.9 now but it keeps saying that the two game expansion are invalide and something about mininmu/maximum. Trying to reinstall stuff to figure it out. Reinstalled the game once, but it's still doing it. Wonder if it's a fedora thing. What could even go wrong with it? It doesn't update often. This is officially an error now. Thought originally the download was just delayed or something. Maybe to fix the new fuel part or something. I think it thinks it's 1.8.1 still while having 1.9... I think I've seen something like this before. I keep getting the same 2 file error in validation. Even if it went away and said it validated it. It comes back later. I have no mods that I know of.. Might have fixed it. I forgot steam doesn't actually delete things when uninstalling. Deleted the game folder and reinstalled. Edit: Almost.... still says the expansions aren't correct. Wait, that must be one of the side user files or something. It would be nice if it actually told you the files involved each time. Might speed this sort of thing up exponentially.... Information and transparency are fantastic for troubleshooting. It would probably point me directly to the files and file locations needed to fix this. Same two files probably invalid each time. Oh, I wonder what they could be? Nice if the stupid tool was actually designed to be useful to end user and not treat them like children and fricking display the information to people. Does valve not know how to write actual software?! So, where does this lovely piece of software keep these extra files I may or may not need to manually mess with because they can't make it do it's job? That it continually refuses to tell me the location or name of. I'm assuming there is a file outside the normal game file referencing the version number. Does anyone have any idea where it is? And did the game loose the timestamps in the game showing the version inside the game. I thought that feature was added to the stock game.
  3. I did that already. It's not doing anything. I haven't seen any sign of an update.
  4. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but the update for 1.9 is not showing to download on steam. Is there a way to get this? Is this a known bug?
  5. Is the, "bug," in anyway proportional to the air intake(s), or just the tank size?
  6. On linux on steam. Can't get the update. How do we get it to update? Is anyone else having this issue? I think they are trying to stop me. They know I can get my 1k tone cargo off eve!! YOU CAN'T STOP THE INEVITABLE!!!
  7. This isn't showing up on steam on linux for me. Is there a way to get this update?! Is it not available for everyone?
  8. I'm referring to how those new russian rockets work by getting more speed by removing the air around them. I thought they pushed lighter than air gases in front to do so. Or am I thinking of torpedos. I thought they did both. Yea, I'm thinking of supercavitation torpedoes. I thought there was a rocket version of it that did the same with air effectively. I assumed maybe you could push the air away like you can with water to remove resistance and fly faster. maybe it can be used for the lower parts of a flight to remove resistance? Or something more complex to remove air and fly with less fuel etc. I wonder if it could be used to dissipate supersonic noise as well and get rid of booms. What if you keep it steady or disrupt the waves so they aren't as loud or make no noise somehow.
  9. It looks more like it hit LA. And afterwords the landmasses got messed up and maybe the planet spewed out a lot of it's innards and the planet shrunk leaving the warped and somewhat iverted land masses. The upper portion look like korea and the bottom looks like central and south america we bent towards the pacific. Maybe possibly if the earth spewed out stuff from LA and shrunk down a bit?! Above that Canada and russia got squeeshed together and I think Australia is on the other side. Africa and asia and europe are a sitny island in the north middle past that desert area... MAybe the rest is new land? I think they used the earth as a model and rearange or shunk and increase the size of things.
  10. I thought(was hoping) maybe it had a check for increased airflow and maybe gave it a better value because of where the node was attached... Of course the propellers air is attached via a second node and not the first attachement... I wonder if there is a way to test that to find out which parts work and how. I wonder if it only works with normal propeller parts as opposed to wings. Also, there is a bug that doesn't use the Fan Shroud as a cap for the previous part despite all nodes being filled so the part behind it gets massive lag... Unless that is on purpose.
  11. I mean the new shroud that you put propeller engines in. I think it's called a shroud also. They are supposed to improve propeller engines. It's called an S-12 Fan Shroud. I put a picture of it in the Imgur link in the OP.
  12. I mean a shroud. I think they are supposed to pull in more air for propellers. Do they do this for air intakes. Also seems to have a massive drag problem with whatever object is directly behind the shourd. It's like it's not counting the node as being covered.
  13. If I put a shock intake into a shroud should it pull in more air or benefit in any way?! I have a lot of parts count I added from my shock cones not quite being good enough 1:1 with rapiers. Could I add a few nosecones and improve the intake. Or does anything more interesting happen to thrust with rapiers as they are supposed to increase thrust with intake etc. does it get to speed faster. I'm not sure how to test this. besides the fact that the thing behind the shroud seems to get horrible drag and isn't counted as having a cone despite a cone being present...
  14. What about an engine designed to pic up the smallest particles in space and convert them into thrust so you just need equipment and not fuel. Any sort of cosmic energy/microparticle even atoms. Waht exists in space constantly that we know of. Even if it's odd. Gravity? Radiations? Even if it's really small thrust. Make the equipment very small and use materials that naturally convert things with little weight. No mechanical parts. simpler probably last longer. Make a space probe!! then figure out hwo to send data back quickly and use the same thing(s) driving it to power the data etc. As for the concord idea: What about removing the wings. Making a tube. And using gasses to remove air resistance. Or however you could minimize it. You only need the gas to keep the air away, enough fuel, which is reduced, and payload. Use gas you can draw from the air at the launch site and fill the rocket with(or from water or something nearby.). Even if it takes a while. Time comes before the launch. If such a rocket were limited by size you could make it an upper stage that helps the lower stages out. Or is fed by a lower stage and then uses the last of the fuel on the way up. Say this: The front part seperates and goes into orbit and helps with air resistance on the way up(using gas to reduce air resistance if needed and sufficient fuel) The back parts get a nose job and has a hidden nose cone underneath it flies back with. You could even launch this from a bomber like the B-52 to reduce delta V more, or save on fuel, or build a bigger rocket or get more payload up. You could do lots of them at once even. If not a lot of gas can be stored it can be used to help with the thinner upper air resistance to get a little extra delta V. Maybe the back could even glide back on no fuel depending on payload etc. that or the entire thing is a rocket or the wings/pilot cockpit slide off and glide down with the entire inner fuselage being a seperate rocket slipped inside or some combination. I'm assuming that sqaure inside the front nose is a person. If not use a computer driven or even remote driving system with an option for pilot as cargo with the ability to drive to return for safety issues which can be used on the way up if needed. then you have auto pilot, manual pilot, and remote pilot for various stages and uses. Being able to fly it remotely from space could be useful as well as the ground in many situations. Including safetey ones in case of black out or other problems. Let alone things useful for missions. Maybe payloads have to be packed in a weird way. Who knows. More options the better though. Unless it has a downside somewhere. I would think modern computer systems might reduce those though now. couldn't you compress some of that air out of the front nozzle to remove air resistance to the nose and other parts of the vehicle to reduce fuel etc? Can you separate that fast from the engine usage? Even collect and fill the tanks for the upper flight on the lower flight from the engines? If needed you could partly fill from a bomber if more is needed for the flight. Also good in case you have to change the mission and need to adjust things as a precaution not to waste a flight. Various things could be done for versatility. What if the nose had an engine also. This would give the ability for it to launch from various altitudes in various ways. This could seperate to get payload up. Maybe it doesn't need to at a high altitude but a slow one skimming through the air at specific altitudes to get as close to escape velocity as possible before using fuel or other propulsions like gas to lower the rocket stage fuel requirements. If you use the same gas as the fuel or part of the fuel would it save fuel if you release some out the front to remove air resistance. It might help if not to deal with all of the heat etc. Again, if it can make the fuel as the ram jets are combusting stuff you could have a small tank fill in flight to use for end rocket stages and the rest constantly coming out to lower thrust needs/flight times. Each part of the aircraft could have intakes made for the different mass when together and separated. Then each can fly independently. But the back have might have a slower mode for return flights or something. I had a cool rocket SSTO that used air bugs to float infinitely over Duna(Looked a fair bit like that GTX plane actually). And actual craft with gas or something added could hypothetically do the same and be cool for real world deliveries if it's possible. My rocket could float at a single altitude indefinitely and then float over to where ever you wanted it to. That could be good for getting payloads to places without having to be over it directly. Or allow different approaches and use the atmosphere more or something. Or just to get above and have a gentler drop for payloads. Obviously you can float around the planet also, but doing it in atmosphere might be useful too. Some of those old bugs were fun. They allowed you to do stuff you can't currently from lack of correct parts in stock.