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  1. Slight off the point of the below thread. It mentions it's inefficient and some of that is lost in heat. How much is lost to heat. And what if you made the shell out of a very heat absorbing(heat storage and intake. But not outake?! Or outtake in a direction adding or adjusting direction or speed.) and make the shell absorb the energy. Would this help retain the energy and make it more efficient. Let alone aid in it's job as a shell down the road. And would it get rid of some of the guns problem itself and make it last longer? Or is this too simple of a solution. Assuming it's simple of course. https://www.quora.com/Does-an-Iowa-class-battleship-have-the-capability-with-or-without-upgrades-to-power-and-operate-rail-guns
  2. There are also the locusts that look exactly like zerglings!! We will get to play real life Starcraft!! https://geekologie.com/2012/09/dammit-mother-nature-what-flies-with-scor.php https://www.ecured.cu/Notiothauma_reedi I just realized why the zenomorphs have a human face/skull hidden in their dome skull... They are based on the same locust description.
  3. Now if they added the most basic aspects of any OS or other visual areas you could select two 8x or more and turn them into 1 and then have any number of groupings. If only they had made the game for such complexity.. NVM, just saw the above video... It would still be nice if they added select all and shift select to select more than one group. The potential downside to this method might be if there are bugs related to symmetry. I've had some. but I'm not sure if it's just 1x layer or if it takes multiple layers of symmetry for them to pop out.
  4. Yea, I think russia only have like 700 something actual ballistic missiles. But I assume some of them or more are mirvs with a bunch of warheads. I think some of the counts are total warheads and not just missiles. The rest are a lot of in storage nukes or something. Not sure on the details. But that is what stuff I was reading sounds like. The only downside to less missiles is the safer a nuclear exhange appears to be for a single country the more likey a small scale nuclear exchange is. Which could lead to problems or a larger exchange. So the large missile might make 0 exchanges happen. Where smaller numbers might make it seem like a better idea and lead to a higher chance of actual use.
  5. Well, we are down to 14k nukes from 90k or so at it's peak. Or something like that. The old numbers were probably bigger.
  6. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20160377029A1/en If you were to use this sort of engine or any other sort of engine in normal flight ranges for an aircraft today(turbojet/turbofan) what ISP could metalic hydrogen theoretically get in normal flight? Could you get to say, 10,800 ISP or higher? And I'm a little confused on something. Is liquid metalic hydrogen different than metalic hydrogen? Does liquid metalic hydrogen already exist from a man made or mass produced standpoint? Or are they the same thing? Which one is the holy grail of physics I keep reading about?
  7. Is it possible the wings were detached and the body of the plane is in the other hanger?
  8. 2 p or not to p. That is the question.
  9. It seems the AN 225 has been destroyed. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/antonov-an-225-largest-plane-destroyed-ukraine-scli-intl/index.html
  10. [snip] Out of morbid curiosity, could chernobyl be fixed and used again. Do we have the means now to get it working again without side effects?
  11. Could Chernobyl turn into a dirty bomb if an accident of any kind hit it. Or is it relatively safe? How far could an explosion of any type make a dirty bomb or similar problems? If the soil were disturbed by anything how far could it go? What else could happen to it and the surrounding area to cause harm? Is it safe to assume it can't do much to the rest of the region and would only spread locally or can it be worse? In fact if it's closer to Russia can it hit Russia or Belarus as it's close to the border. I would think it could be dangerous if it was struck somehow. There are supposedly apartments getting hit from one side or the other with the helicopters and possibly anti air ordinance interacting(not to mention possible direct fighting around the plant.). Is any of this in that area? Or is that all farther away? I'm assuming it would take a larger hit to do more damage, but how much would it take to start causing problems. Could vehicles moving in the area cause problems? Can they track the radiation around as they move because of the preexisting soil radiation?
  12. Is there some specific place I messed my units up? I'm not sure what you are referring too specifically.
  13. By diamond I mean any carbon based material. No specific reason. I just thought it might be good for something. Plus there was some stuff on liquid diamond. And I thought it would be easier to store in a simplistic way. Or also use as a structural material. I was trying to get a ship design based entirely on the same fuel elements for repair ability and fuel use. In this case I was hoping it was a good heat transfer agent to get heat way from the engines hot spot or transfer in cold from a cryogenic chamber. Trying to get fuel usage up to heats above 6:1 for hydrogen basically. And things you might be able to use with it. I was also trying to find materials that get rid of problems with hydrogen embrittlement. Or something repairable or farmable. I thought something non metal might be easier. Or part of a solution. maybe treated diamond?
  14. I was hoping it could draw the heat out fast enough as a solid to help get the temperature down. Could you farm artificial diamond in mars atmosphere or earth from co2 and the build with it in a way you could repair the ship in any way. Or is it too much energy? You could have way stations with lots of solar panels and slowly repair and use it as a structural element in a repairable ship. Might be a bit scifi, but you can build diamond layers on the fly with your spaceship you could then try to manufacture metalic hydrogen or other things if they become viable. It might start making a much more expensive ship possible based on the ability to go between hydrogen and methane fuel types and have very high heat capacity/transferance. I was thinking maybe have a layer of the entire hull of diamond sheating to spread out the heat from the engine. Assuming you could pull it away fast enough. This could let the engines burn higher with hydrogen in a combined cooling system. Maybe diamond heat piping filled with hydrogen? Sealed so you don't have to add more hydrogen or use it from your fuel source and to drop the mass of the heat piping to lower the density of the diamond. I didn't know if it could also be used to melt slowly as a layer of the engine to add carbon to a purer hydrogen burn if it helps. I'm not sure if that lowers or raises isp and thrust. What would happen if you soaked diamond in liquid hydrogen until it melted and then use it as a fuel additive for an afterburner? Or maybe treat the diamond for extra heating abilities? https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/12/211216145928.htm If you are going to use it to deal with hydrogen anyway. A space ship that can manufacture itself would be ultimately useful in the long run. If diamond is a good building material or part of some processes. At which point focusing on materials that can be grown at a way station and all work together might be a good goal. If you are likely using carbon fiber anyway. Carbon and hydrogen and oxygen at this point. If you could funnily use either as an oxidizer replacement for deep space or something. Could it help reduce the need of oxidizer at all in if it's more dense or added into a fuel mix? maybe with some more exotic fuel combos if a ship could be made to use multiple fuels? https://www.quora.com/How-come-a-combustion-product-CO2-can-be-also-an-oxidizer-especially-for-rocket-propulsion Lots of oxidizer with your carbon on mars and then custom make fuels to need. If the fuel density is good far a part of a journey change the fuel types for a target mission with one ship. Terraform mars? Bring trees in a dome and start growing outwards? what can diamond dioxide do in fuels? Or is it good for manufacturing. I couldn't find anything specific on it. https://science.anu.edu.au/news-events/news/tiny-diamond-invention-could-help-launch-rockets-space A flying fabrication station. Or a cargo ship with enough transport to carry one to the target and use it. https://communities.acs.org/t5/Ask-An-ACS-Chemist/Burning-diamond-and-graphite-in-liquid-oxygen/td-p/6098 If you make stuff magnetic maybe it can be used where you want liquids to move. Like a heat pipe or parts of an engine or to carry it? Not sure on the downsides of such materials. Maybe as a way to carry fuels. One idea I was fond of in general was using permanent magnets in structure. if the fuel can be carried this might help with some types of fuel transfers. Unless that is not needed or problematic. Maybe between tanks? there was also something I was reading about it turning to carbon dust before turning to liquid. If it takes high temperatures maybe it could collected while making oxidizer on mars and burned as a fuel additive in a hotter than normal hydrogen engine. Or used with a methane mix. Or something more interesting. I'm not familiar with fuel types.
  15. I'm thinking about how to get an engine up to max tempuratures to burn 8:1 ratios of hydrogen lox. What about if you lined it with diamond and used the diamond melting point to be a fuel additive or as fuel itself. Does it combine with hydrogen into a methane like fuel or can it add to the hydrogen burn to increase thrust or isp? What about hydrogen stored in diamond and slowly melted by high tempurature liquid hydrogen fuel ratios. https://lisbdnet.com/what-is-the-melting-point-of-diamond/ If you build engines directly on a fuel tank that is freezing liquid hydrogen how much could you get it to cool down the engines to get the increased thrust? And could diamond act as an insulator or heat transfer agent if not a fuel additive?
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