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  1. I tried doing this a long time ago and ran into parts count problems quickly. I was at 1200 fast to get to eves surface and back. It does give insight into the design of the parts though. They were not made for it. It is fun to do though. I never got to eve btw(legitimately). I don't know the deltav reqs for atmospheres well enough. I was basically balancing dropping mini fuel stages from a static set of engines. And reversing the ship back and forth for different parts. At one part dropping from the front. and mid way trying to use xenon. Make a grid of engined with the most pars you will nee
  2. https://www.quora.com/In-The-Lord-of-the-Rings-are-Tom-and-Goldberry-actually-Tulkas-and-Nessa This is a common argument about it. He was the last of those gods to arrive. But the wording about melkor is not that he was there before he arrived. But before melkor came from the beyond. IE, it sounds like it means bombadil was there before he came back from the void to destroy the two towers during the war. In which case it fits tulkas and nessa perfectly. I think in this video it mentions the quote. People never pay attention to the wording.
  3. I don't know, but that is one of many things needed since the beginning of the game.
  4. The joke is you could discover the planets using infinite fuel cheats basically. It's to parody the game. the internal logic is already unrealistic. The game is on rails. This would be the nbody version of it. So, slightly more realistic. Or just different. I'm aware it would realistically run out of fuel. The idea is that if you put it in nbody you already have to deal with something impossible. So, just go with it and make it artificial or some other story. Whatever it is. One joke is that kerbals eventually manage to stear a planet and unwobble the solar system or something.
  5. I think this speaks for itself.
  6. Here is my current design: (Very laggy. 1k tons cargo. 3668t /wboosters 3216/woboosters) I think for me this is a lazy convenience thing. It also gives a lot of options potentially for cargo loadouts and adjusting mass. Although I haven't tested this thoroughly. CraftFile: Boosters: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcnczsra33ko7eo/KB-52 1_11_0_3045 x108 9_1_8 MB PI.craft?dl=0 No Boosters: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mi9jfglyguzuhng/KB-52 1_11_0_3045 x108 9_1_8 LB PI.craft?dl=0 https://imgur.com/a/1Qcl2zU If I changed the cargo around I could get the COL all the w
  7. Well, as we haven't tested the speed of lights effect on travel properly we could make a cheaper ship to test it now. We could purposely assume light doesn't effect travel as much and make a craft based on lesser criteria as a test. Could we put up a bunch of smaller solar system lasers and try to test it in an orbital path using both the sun and laser as long as possible with just a basic solar sail? Then we could know what the limits are for light better and have specific information. And we could keep testing over and over. As far as walled solar sails. If it was contained I would imag
  8. I'm building a very large cargo space plane. I have build a ballast system and movable tail fins. With center weighted cargo(balanced symmetrically front to back) I can make the COM/COL balance be almost completely in the rear position, half way in the rear, just behind the center, probably just in front of the center or directly over the top, halfway to the front of the COM, and almost completely to the front. Has anyone built something like this or know what it could be useful for. I'm assuming some of the use is simply different cargo positions during missions. Not sure what else.
  9. I have a big wing with many BigS wings. Can we get the ability to select them in a cluster like in an rts, or all of the same part type with one single click and menu to change them all at once. Or any with the same settings already with an override for select all of that type of part. Example: alt(rightshift in linux) plus double right click a part will bring up one of those menus with fuel and other selections. Under the hood it has selected all available big S wings to adjust their settings with one single screen showing fuel to empty for fill or set the autostrut etc. Maybe
  10. I know it's hard. I was going for parody using volcanoes or similar to explain the already existing unrealism. It's following internal logic.
  11. Would it be possible to grow a small enough self sufficient solar sail run by a gerbal on a wheel constantly fed recycled water and food from a closed system? If needed with a small breeding program. I guess that is technically inside the box. Technically it could work. You just have to get the bullet to apply force and never hit compressing air in an increasingly efficient/inefficient manner until you reach your destination. The rest has to be figured out afterwords. If the effect only last so long it doesn't matter. You could even bail out before the return force. Or load up passengers
  12. And I'll point this out. Flip a card over and draw on it. Or use the back as card. He didn't say he physically added a card. Logically you can represent cards all day long. That is already what a card is. If you flipped the cards upside down or anything else. Especially easy if the cards already have flaws in them to use as identifiers. Or the cards are already specially marked for such a things. What do you know, the corner on that card is bent. I bent it during shuffling. If it's backwards it's now an ace of bent. BTW, this is usable for many things potentially. You just have to e
  13. What is the point people keep making with the picture of people blowing into a sail? This is the problem with not using your own words. It's probably better to state the argument so people know what your point is. It works in practice. It's literally how a boat works. It's not a matter of no energy on a ship can do this because it has nothing to do with a closed cycle... Which isn't true to start as there could be ways to make some part of a closed cycle act while not reacting in the other other direction because of the type of interaction and it isn't even a closed cycle. So, is this an argum
  14. I wasn't going for time. More use and conditions. Whatever is most realistic. That just happens to happen over time.
  15. Isn't it a bad idea to post potentially identifiable information. He got the idea from another forum. But do we know the reason. Let alone it being potentially usable regardless. I've seen some weird stuff going on in forums lately, And major game forums on top of it, of people trying to claim that things like wifi passwords and other data are not harmful because people are too far away. And the forum owner(companies not private forums.) upholding this. This might be something people should be precautious off. Couldn't this be used to do bad things with phones now a days if someone has ac
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