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  1. [1.4.1] Kerbalism v1.3

    I know kerbalism is overall more complex, I was just referring to food/water. Apparently it was different at that time. I can't reproduce the issue atm as I don't even have downloaded the game itself. I am planning to play the game in the coming week. If I see something wrong I'll report it
  2. [1.4.1] Kerbalism v1.3

    That would be awesome! As I sayed, I am not playing since years. From what I can remember, kerbalism was "too simple" speaking of food and water. While TAC-LS had a wider choice of storage tanks (I loved their textures too). Also, I may be wrong but I read Real Fuels used to borke something related to kerbalism. It might be the nitrogen but I can't really remember
  3. [1.4.1] Kerbalism v1.3

    A couple of years ago it was incompatible (I am not playing since then). And you know I loved those external tanks..
  4. [1.4.1] Kerbalism v1.3

    Is it compatible with Real Fuels? Is there any possibility to integrate thi with TAC-LS?
  5. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Hey guys I am not playing since 1.2x (or was it 1.00?) and I am far behind with the updates with this mods. I read our master shotguninja is missing. Is anyone else running the updates for this mod? Also, I used to play with a TAC-LS "adapter" and Real Fuels, are they still compatible?
  6. [1.4] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.4

    I am having an issue or doing something wrong. I cannot attach some parts on my orbital station. Specifically I cannot attach in any way habitation modules from tantares mod, as well as stock parts (the sputnik like probe). When I grab them I can drop them anywhere, having the green light on the dropping surface, but there is no way I can attach them on surfaces as well as on nodes. For attaching I tried both X and H keys, with engineer lvl 1 with the welch equipped (or whatever is its name), and of course within range
  7. "Gamma Ray Burst" mod?

    I have 100+ mods installed and can't find where this issue comes from. Sometimes a message pops up saying "Gamma Ray Burst Detected" with an image of a graph and few words. It also gives you instantly 100 science. I want to remove this as those science are a bit like cheating to me and most of all, I suspect it conflicts with something. Today I started the game and I instantly had 3k science points avalaible. Luckily backup saves solved the issue. Does anyone know mod is it from? Mods list EDIT: solved, the mod is Kerbal Science Innovation. But I still have to find out if the 3k science issue was related to it
  8. I just finished that in this right moment. For the first time ever I used hyperedit and alt+f12. Not feeling guilty as my rescue ship was there . Thank you
  9. I just had a rescue contract, and I found the kerbal is in an A-C10 crewed block. It can't go EVA as there are no hatches, and no docking ports. How can I rescue that frog?
  10. Sorry for the questions but I can't get it. Is tantares compatible with current 1.31? Thank you
  11. Hi there I tried to use this profile, for a combination of TAC an Kerbalism Although it is for 1.3 it seems to -more or less- work, but apparently some kerbalism resources (Nitrogen) are deactivated. Is there a profile to make TAC-LS perfectly fit into kerbalism system? Thank you
  12. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    I tried this profile for using TAC and Kerbalism While food seems to work, I noticed Nitrogen becomes a useless resource. Is anyone aware if it is supposed to be like this, or is it a 1.31 incompatibility issue? Also does anyone know a perfectly working profile for using tac and kerbalism? (I love too much tac containers) Thank you
  13. [1.4.1] RemoteTech v1.8.10 [2018-03-18]

    That's correct I had that mod previously, but deleted everything and made a new clean install without it. It could be that mod, but should not affect anything anymore EDIT: solved, I needed the SETI Rebalance mod. But I was pretty sure it was an RT feature
  14. [1.4.1] RemoteTech v1.8.10 [2018-03-18]

    My satellites don't trasmit telemetry reports anymore. They used to, but they suddenly stopped such feature. Right clicking on the probodobothing I don't get the telemetry report option. RT version is 1.8.8 beta, as on top of this page, KSP 1.31 I can't see any conflict with my mods, and I already try to reinstall everything Mod List