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  1. I have one window but I can't make it appear on that. How do you do that? Btw yeah I am aware of that message, but still it doesn't feel like what I fight for
  2. I have a suggestion for science transmission. I feel like the science window (with message and option to save or transmit it) gave a greater sense of achivement. Now it's just about a counter going to zero. Why not having the classic science window with both options to save or transmit, and then starting the new kerbalism mechanic?
  3. . Skybox is not working. It seems to be updates, so I suppose it's about this mod not being updated
  4. I can't make the calm nebula mod work. I tries to install TextureReplacer and Dirt but no success. But I belive (not completely sure) the menu page is displaying the nebula. I am running the latest KSP version and installed the mod via ckan
  5. hmm nope it is a fresh install with a newly started career. So far I just removed the mod, as I progress the career I will try something else, as I have no clue what it could be. Only info I got are these This is the full mod list (yes I always play heavily modded)
  6. I am having issues with this mod. I just started a new carrer (latest KSP version and latest commnet const version on ckan), my probes on launchpad have no connection at all. I use no other signal mods such as remote tech or kerbalism. If I uninstall this mode everything looks fine. Other mods I have that may interact are: Commnet antenna infos, commnet relays, commnet antenna extensions, remotetech redev antennas
  7. I really like the new science transmission system, but I still feel like those (useless) science messages were part of the fun. Is there a way to have those science messages to pop up again?
  8. Is there a way to make TAC-LS food/water/oxy storage compatible?
  9. I am running a mac retina (early 2015 version) with Mojave OS. I installed MONO but it's not working. When I run CKAN all I have is a small black window with commands (something like prompt of windows)
  10. I am here to join the appreciation train for thos mod. I really love this science mod. I hope it will be kept updated
  11. I am getting an error while updating Kerbalism mod. All other mods were updated successfully KSP 1.41 - Kerbalism installed - Update Error message:
  12. I don't know, I am not familiar with programming. Btw I am updating Kerbalism via CKAN and it gives me an error message. I would say it's CKAN issue, but other mods have been successfully updated. KSP 1.41 - Kerbalism installed - Update Error message:
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