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  1. I am running a mac retina (early 2015 version) with Mojave OS. I installed MONO but it's not working. When I run CKAN all I have is a small black window with commands (something like prompt of windows)
  2. I am here to join the appreciation train for thos mod. I really love this science mod. I hope it will be kept updated
  3. I am getting an error while updating Kerbalism mod. All other mods were updated successfully KSP 1.41 - Kerbalism installed - Update Error message:
  4. I don't know, I am not familiar with programming. Btw I am updating Kerbalism via CKAN and it gives me an error message. I would say it's CKAN issue, but other mods have been successfully updated. KSP 1.41 - Kerbalism installed - Update Error message:
  5. I love and strongly support the signal to KSC rather than the centre of the Kerbin. Well done! This may make me shift from remote tech (although I am addicted to sognal delay and that nav computer). @N70 personally I'd love to see tac-ls containers in kerbalism. Do you think it's something achievable and implementable?
  6. Thx guys for the answers. I just realized Kopernicus is the mod I am waiting for in order to get everything working. Let's wait and hope it will be released in... few minutes
  7. Thanks I truly didn't remember that setting. It's nothing special, but it's something
  8. Hi there I stopped playing a couple of years ago because I was waiting for some mods to be updated. Then with new versions and new updates, the wheel started to kick in I need to ask you - Is it possible to install a previous version (say 1.31) using steam, and then making CKAN work for that version? I never tried that and can't see older versions avalaible. Most important, if all above is possible and finally decide to "upgrade" to 1.41 (due to mods avalaibility), is it possible without loosing the saved games? Cheers
  9. Is there any advantage to add more antennas? Like for kerbalism mod, the more antennas you fit, the faster the transmission is
  10. just hoping this could be helpful, but the number of compatible mods is stuck on 343 from few days. Other mods that I am aware of that should be listed are kerbalism (new version) and kerbal construction time
  11. I know kerbalism is overall more complex, I was just referring to food/water. Apparently it was different at that time. I can't reproduce the issue atm as I don't even have downloaded the game itself. I am planning to play the game in the coming week. If I see something wrong I'll report it
  12. That would be awesome! As I sayed, I am not playing since years. From what I can remember, kerbalism was "too simple" speaking of food and water. While TAC-LS had a wider choice of storage tanks (I loved their textures too). Also, I may be wrong but I read Real Fuels used to borke something related to kerbalism. It might be the nitrogen but I can't really remember
  13. A couple of years ago it was incompatible (I am not playing since then). And you know I loved those external tanks..