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  1. Does this support other mods that add solar panels?? Clearly it should be beefed up using regex... something like: @PART[*solar,solar*,*solar*] { @title ^= :Photovoltaic Panel:Soiler Panel: @title ^= :Solar Panel:Soiler Panel: }
  2. If anyone here would like to try out SpaceDust configs for GEP, you can test it here. Feedback appreciated.
  3. If anyone here is using Grannus Expansion Pack and would like to try out SpaceDust configs for it, you can test it here. Feedback appreciated.
  4. I think it's just the Emancipator, which is the only open-cycle engine in KA. (That's why it consumes Enriched Uranium as a secondary propellant.) All the others are probably dangerous to stand near, but shouldn't be dumping fallout into the atmosphere.
  5. @JadeOfMaar's compatibility explanation from the Rational Resources thread:
  6. If anyone is trying to figure out which engineers to send to their construction base: Here, have a productivity calculator! (Obviously, this is most useful if you have a spreadsheet of your full astronaut roster...)
  7. Ok, thanks for your reply. I thought this was probably the case and did not mean to "blame" KK as such. It seems like the way that KSP handles destructible buildings is appropriate when there are only a couple of dozen total at KSC, but perhaps starts to become problematic when there are many hundreds of them across dozens of space centers and airports, as there are in JNSQ. The scene change load time is actually a potential concern for me as I run lots of simultaneous missions around Kerbin and its moons, so I am switching between scenes frequently. There's also a lag time associated with loading saves as KSP has to parse every sfs file to generate corresponding loadmeta files. But I recognize this all adds up to a corner case.
  8. During an effort to track down sources of savegame bloat, and possible related performance impacts, I've noticed that ScenarioDestructibles comprises about 20% - 40% of the number of lines in my persistent.sfs file. (In my current savegame it's about 73k lines, and in a previous game it had bloated up to 223k lines). I presume this is from the numerous destructible buildings that exist in JNSQ with KK. Is there any conceivable impact from having all of this virtually unused data in my savegame? And would there be any upside or downside to deleting it?
  9. While looking through my save file for something unrelated, I stumbled upon the likely reason for this. (And looking back through my posts in this thread, I think I had the same issue, for the same reason, back in 2017, but never found out why until now.) SnacksScenario is full of stock kerbal names ("Xyz Kerman"). But I'm using KerbalRenamer, which means my kerbals aren't using those stock names (instead e.g. "Jane Doe"). I'm guessing that the Snacks tracking data is generated for each kerbal before KerbalRenamer intercepts them and renames them; then Snacks loses track of them and they stop eating or getting hungry. Or something along those lines, anyway. @Angel-125, is there a good way around this issue?
  10. Try adding curly brackets at the end of each line: !SPACEDUST_RESOURCE:HAS[#body[Jool]]:NEEDS[GPP]:AFTER[SpaceDust] {} Once you get that working, you can start writing configs for GPP's other bodies as desired. I'd recommend ensuring compatibility with SpaceDustBunnies as well, since that adds more resources to more planets/scanners/harvesters.
  11. It's definitely possible, and has been done for OPM and JNSQ but not (to my knowledge) GPP, yet. Check out SpaceDustBunnies for those examples. Unfortunately the example that you offer is kind of an unusual case... I believe the homeworld in GPP is still referred to internally as "Kerbin" but displayed as Gael (I think this is due to engine limitations). I'm not familiar enough with GPP to know what, if any, issues this may cause in mods expecting a stock installation, as SpaceDust does. At game start the homeworld is supposed to look like this image from the release album. (Spoiler alert: the "?" resource pictured at high altitude there is the discovered-but-unidentified antimatter in the Van Allen belt.) If it doesn't, then there's not native compatibility with GPP for the homeworld. And since GPP uses different bodies with different names from stock for the rest of the system, you'd definitely need custom configs for those as well.
  12. Congrats on release and thanks for the great mod! This pushed me to install TextureReplacer and my game's graphics will be the better for it.
  13. That sound you hear is me slapping my forehead in realization.
  14. Was the KK "service pack" for JNSQ ever released in any format? I know that the last full release for JNSQ was a year ago, but I think the only major changes since then have been to fix a lot of the semi-broken KK stuff. I could try grabbing the files directly from the master on GitHub, but I know that's typically bad practice.
  15. I've noticed that the Waterfall RCS effects for the Pandora from Near Future Spacecraft don't work most of the time. I think that they work when the craft is first launched, but not when I switch back to a craft in flight? Here's a log if that's helpful.
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