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  1. Specificity helps. Which engines aren't using hydrogen? Did you install the optional patch that converts them to LFO?
  2. Is it possible that those thermal tiles look better than they do in real life?
  3. If there’s anything that could make me question my loyalty to the stock-based shuttle in Cormorant... it would be this Restock-alike approach. Looking forward to seeing more!
  4. I believe that the Valiant and Pug stats come straight from the PartOverhauls mod. These stats reflect engines that are really only good in the early game when you are pushing relatively light payloads and haven't unlocked anything better. In particular the Restock+ stats are the same as the PartOverhauls starting stats. The PartOverhauls version also upgrades the engine stats (thrust/Isp) as you unlock new technologies. This feature was left out of the Restock+ version of the engines (which was a deliberate design choice.) If you're interested in using that feature with the Restock+ engines, you can check out PartOverhaulBalanceIntegration, linked in my signature. Fair warning - the integration configs also affect the Reliant and Swivel, and if anything the whole 1.25m engine lineup becomes a little bit too good by the time they are fully upgraded.
  5. Great to see CryoEngines getting some TLC! Looking forward to seeing the new and improved (and expanded) engine lineup.
  6. CryoTanks (which is a bundled dependency of CryoEngines and Kerbal Atomics) adds LH2 and LH2O options to the stock ISRU converters. The ISRU from KPBS is also compatible.
  7. You probably want the Near Future Tech thread - that part comes from NF Launch Vehicles, not Restock(+).
  8. Need logs to say for sure but this sounds like Snacks may be using some stock assets that are blacklisted by default by Restock. Snacks could get updated to whitelist the necessary assets, or adjusted to use the Restock assets instead, but if I'm right then they're incompatible for now (unless you want to fix it yourself.)
  9. This was posted in the reDirect thread, but it deserves mentioning here that Scott Manley appears to be using Restock in his video about commercial launches of Orion to lunar orbit: Nice to see how seamless Restock is with ReDirect!
  10. After a short hiatus of less than two years, v0.1.2 has been released. This adds support for Restock and extends the Tracking Station progression to keep up with the antenna progression. Some things have been simplified/deprecated, including the 10m dishes. Lastly, quality of life has been improved by renaming dishes so that KSP alphabetizes the relay catalog in order of size.
  11. v0.2.1 Release Restock+ is now optional Adjusted costs and entry costs Adjusted Swivel gimbal Adjusted Swivel tech node (only when Valiant is available through Restock+) Set up folder structure in a release-appropriate way (I think)
  12. Near Future Solar has more panels than you can shake a stick at.
  13. Good point. Restock+ provides two of the five engines affected by this mod, but the three stock engines still benefit from rebalancing on their own. Expect another release with this and other minor improvements in the next day or so. In the meantime, I'm pretty sure that MM will simply skip over patches that don't have matching parts, so Restock+ should already be a "soft" dependency.
  14. Here's a thing. (This might be the first mod that uses Restock as a dependency?)
  15. Now that Restock has been released, these engines and fuel tanks have received what will probably be their ultimate, most-polished-possible visual treatment. I've updated my Part Overhaul Integration mod to shift support from the original PartOverhauls to Restock, by copying the PartUpgrade-based rebalancing from the former to the latter.