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  1. I’m starting to really appreciate that even parts with a superficially simple geometry get this level of attention to detail. Also I’m loving the smorgasbord of parts that appear in the screenshots despite not having been formally previewed. There are at least one or two where I can’t quite figure out the stock analogue... but that’s just another thing to look forward to.
  2. PocketBrotector

    [1.6] Kerbal Health 1.3.4 (2018-12-21)

    Is the available logic for custom conditions described anywhere currently? The wiki mentions LOGIC nodes but does not describe them in any detail. I'm wondering whether it's possible to use another life support mod (such as Snacks) that forces Kerbals to consume resources, while letting KerbalHealth handle the consequences via the HP system. I'd imagine this would be set up as a custom condition ("Starving") that kicks in when a vessel runs out of food - but I'm not sure if this is supported by the current features/syntax.
  3. Here's what I think I was able to spot: Shielded docking port on top of the 2.5m pod 2.5m probe core under the pod 5-way RCS block [incidentally, I'm curious how this will compare visually to the 5-way blocks that we've all hacked together in stock by clipping a 4-way block with a linear port] Square light in service bay HECS and OKTO probe cores Cubic struts RTGs (again) Tiny RCS - including 45-degree variants Small radiators (?) Tiny monopropellant tanks
  4. I'll take this over flowers and chocolate any day...
  5. I'm pretty sure that it's already been stated by the Restock team that they're already tweaking these models to bring them up to Restock style standards. I for one look forward to seeing the new and improved 1.25m engines. In Porkjet's defense, the models released with the PartOverhauls preview are clearly unfinished (unimplemented emissives and compact variants, etc.), and he was developing what was basically an entirely new stock art style for KSP rocket engines. It's not surprising that Restock's work is more polished (which is not to say that Restock isn't extremely impressive in its own right.)
  6. From previous posts by the authors of Restock, it sounds like the Porkjet PartOverhauls engines are to be included in Restock/Restock+, with additional visual improvements.
  7. PocketBrotector

    Thinking about a new Colonization mod

    Yeah, this is critical, and may be the element that I agree with the most out of everything said in this thread. Just because realistic rocket engineering benefits from spreadsheets doesn't mean that abstract gameplay mechanics should! A looong time ago, I tried TAC Life Support, and I eventually realized it was a bunch of gratuitous spreadsheet-oriented math in service of "realism" that didn't contribute to gameplay. (There were only a limited number of ways to balance the food/water/oxygen triad.) Then I used USI-LS for a long time, but it really cried out for MKS to fully develop the resource chain, and MKS for years was on a treadmill of development that was so rapid that it was impossible as a player to keep up with how features were "supposed" to work (vs how they actually worked with bugs and unimplemented features.) It was a constant boom-bust cycle of overcomplication and oversimplification. (I remember back when MKS used a PunchCards resource!) Right now I think the sweet spot is Snacks + KerbalHealth, but the missing piece is colonies. I don't have a compelling reason to create a complex base when a ~3 part outpost can meet all of the life support requirements; not coincidentally, I don't have a way to construct vessels off-world. I applaud anyone who's trying to come up with new concepts to develop satisfying gameplay for colonization within KSP.
  8. PocketBrotector

    [1.6.x] Near Future Technologies (1.6.x fixes Jan 21)

    I am enjoying the new pods in NF Spacecraft... however I noticed that the Hummingbird engine description mentions a podded version is available, even though the engine doesn't have any variants. Is this an error in the engine description or maybe an unimplemented feature of the engine?
  9. Am I right in thinking that the recoveredData value in Celestial Body Science Editor is also used as a multiplier when determining kerbal XP? So if I wanted to increase that amount of XP that kerbals get for planting a flag on the Mun but reduce the xp for orbiting the Sun, I could increase the recoveredData value for the Mun and decrease the recoveredData value for the Sun. This is just a hunch based on the body multipliers for science and XP listed in the wiki.
  10. PocketBrotector

    [1.4.x] Porkjet's Legacy and How to Integrate It

    That's Squad's PartOverhauls mod itself. It's totally possible to use that alone and get the parts more or less fully functional. I tried to keep a fairly light touch to PartOverhaulIntegrations. It fixes a couple of bugs and hides the old parts - that's pretty much it. Other folks made other decisions based on their own preferences. For example, Snark explained his reasoning in the MissingHistory thread (he wanted to apply the new models to the old stock balance and add the new parts, without incorporating other stuff like the PartUpgrades.) I think it's inevitable that there will be different interpretations of how these parts should be incorporated into the game. They were originally part of a planned overhaul that would completely change both the appearance and the stats of most rocket engines, but that overhaul was never finished. Personally I like the balance in this mod as it replaces the crummy stock 1.25m engines with parts that are initially useful for light early-game payloads, then gradually improved throughout the tech tree to remain competitive with larger parts. But if others don't care for the PartUpgrades system since it was never incorporated into the rest of stock, that's fine too and it's totally reasonable to use something like MissingHistory.
  11. Here is what I happen to recall from mods that I have used personally at some point in time. I think BDB has at least one engine that uses LqdHydrogen, or at least has an option to do so. @CobaltWolf SpaceY has one or more engines that can switch to using LqdHydrogen. @NecroBones WildBlueTools has a CryoEngines patch. @Angel-125 I know that @benjee10 was thinking of including LqdHydrogen configs for reDIRECT so I'll include him here too... Say it ain't so. This will be the end of a great era when it happens. The Near Future etc. mods were and are among the very best content for KSP. Many thanks to you and @Streetwind for all your fine work.
  12. CryoTanks has a patch that adds LH2 configurations to most tanks, but some mods handle it on their own - last time I looked at USI Kontainers, for example, they had their own fuel-switching configs, so they're exempt from the CryoTanks patch. That's a question for Nertea, I think; but the way that I read his post is that the "densification" of the tanks would be driven by the change in propellant ratios, and the change in propellant ratios necessarily means changing the engines (each engine specifies its own propellants, including ratios).