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  1. [STOCK] AV-8B Harrier II

    Cool plane! Its amazing how small you can make your tilt engines.. Great detail too! This is inspiring me to work on my tilt-engine replica again... (different plane though)
  2. Stock F-35B Lightning II. Single press VTOL mode.

    very cool!
  3. Experimental Saves You Hesitate to Delete

    Lol.. i dont really like career mode, so i legit have 1 world save.. since i believe .90 (it has quite a few craft just STUCK, soooo many craft files in the SPH too)
  4. radial piston engine

    cool design!
  5. Soviet N1-L3 Lunar Lander - STOCK -

  6. V4 & V8 Diesel Catamarans

    Dang.. I stop following the forums for a few weeks b/c school, and this is what you create! Great craft tho
  7. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle -

    Cool plane! I really like what you did with the underside/weaponry
  8. Mastodon - High Speed Cargo Plane

    Cool craft and vid!
  9. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. You now however live in the 1800s. I wish summer wasnt so humid..
  10. Last thing i googled.. a v22 osprey! I think i survived for a pretty good amount of time ;0
  11. Jeb's spider mount

    Saw this on KerbalX a while ago, and i must say, it is a VERY cool walker, with a much smoother/more realistic walking mechanism than my walkers had. Seems to me like longer legs would help the most for the speed.. and I found landing legs (go figure) made great feet to absorb the bounces as well as have very good traction
  12. Can airbrakes be used as propellers?

    Everything in the game creates drag/lift.. so probably. Wing surfaces would be way better tho
  13. Stock Electric Motor on a Boat

    Cool! Someone finally figured a way to propel things with rover wheels! If not the most practical, still really cool anyhow