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  1. Personally super excited about the painting and proc wings Both of those look so fun to play around with
  2. Cool read and im definitely hyped for the new parts KSP2 will have What I am wondering about though is procedural parts. How are they looking? They were teased to be part of the game and would add so much possibility to crafts while keeping part count low. Just look at how much can be done with flags (basically procedural textures) My other question is more of an art one, but will the parts be more visually uniform? The visual style of KSP's parts has very distinct waves depending on when things were introduced. Parts can have very noticeably different shades of white or the metallic portions can reflect light entirely differently (look at the spherical fuel tanks vs the mylar skinned panels vs that probe core..) While this can be cool in the sense that each brand and lineup of parts is slightly different, it can be incredibly annoying if you are trying to mix the two together.
  3. Ok so more questions Is there any way we could get some sort of scale on those wireframe images? (or simply the size of the lander?) I haven't really been able to find the crafts size other than "2 meter diameter" on wikipedia - the source of which is a news article for 2018 - along with a picture of a presumably old design
  4. DLC isn't considered stock? F The lack of DLC really limits what we can do in terms of accuracy of movement What's the rules on config editing or custom flag textures? Those can both add miles to the detail of a replica but would probs be in kinda a grey zone
  5. Today in KSP i decided (foolishly) to try and launch a merged craft file of all the parts of my carrier I have done Made almost entirely of flags, the thing is fully stock and rn ~6800 parts. Thats WITHOUT the upper sides, majority of the deck, or superstructure... Im really not sure why i do these things, that alone took like 1.5 hours to load in fully In the process of combining subassemblies I also managed to get 3 kspedias .. somehow
  6. I clip parts with almost every build but thats just tied to what i like to build. A significant chunk of stuff i do in the game is building replicas or just general visual builds. Apart from that i like to build things with stock mechanics or trying to push various aspects of the game to its limits. While i do agree that clipping too much can get dumb if its built for the sake of performance, at a certain point it actually becomes impressive dealing with the 100s of fuel tanks and parts all existing in the same place. Many KSP parts just have dumb dead space (like the 2m SAS wheel) while others end up making really bulky rockets because of the predetermined shapes that ksp parts have, so in general the practical clipping has never been a problem in my opinion. Furthermore, clipping for performance has never really bothered me either because if you are significantly clipping it would be for a goal of pushing KSP past what you would normally be able to do. At this point when KSP is pushed that far it is no longer about optimizing your rocket, its more about gaming around KSP's systems (cough aero cough). Even without clipping it would be like that, while clipping simply opens more windows into what is possible.
  7. I dont really see how this is different from the space craft exchange in general... or for that matter kerbalX
  8. Today in KSP i finished my flying supercarrier... https://kerbalx.com/Bubbadevlin/Coriolis-Class-Helicarrier
  9. I suppose i have put more time into planes than rockets.. but its a pretty close call Alot of my game time is just static tests and mechanics stuff on the runway, so I wouldnt count that. I will say i spend nearly ALL my time in the SPH as opposed to the VAB. the SPH camera controls are just far far superior than the VAB for any sort of detailed or clipped together craft
  10. Back in the day I made a kerbal statue with Kerbpaint.. It was pretty fun but also just so stupid
  11. Damn. I never really considered the importance and usage of inter vessel collisions with single-craft joints... let alone people coming up with such a similar idea 4+ years later. I really like the designs and its great to see more evolution in KSP mechanics. Plus the tech is DEFINITELY well suited for things like flaps and gimbals Back in 2016 I had created a REALLY similar system, except that rather than using the new inter-part collisions as the guide bearing I used a decoupling shell. Because of the decoupling shell the joint basically had both the downsides of a traditional bearing as well as bendy tech, so it was really only ever used as a method of rotating engines on my Binary SSTO in order to keep them throttle able and as one single craft. (And yea, that was still in the era of landing gear bearings... man KSP builders have made such an improvement to mechanical things). Later I revisited the idea with my Binary 2, and redockable shell, but the design ended up being overly complex and convoluted. Other than that I only ended up using the idea as a the bearing for a tank turret (once again so that I could control both parts at the same time). Due to the need for a decouple-able shell (and overall larger size and complexity of bearings) the only real advantage the design had over a standard joint was the ability to control across it. Also have you guys tried strings of Ant engines as the spring? I found them to be one of if not the most flexable parts. If i put 10-20 in a spiral (like a clock spring) I was able to get the joint to turn 180 degrees + in either direction pretty easily Oh and i would definitely like to join your community of builders
  12. Thanks! But I probably wont work on this thing much lol, it was built pretty much purely aesthetics. When KSP 2 comes out and there is an actual use for colony ships? Definitely.
  13. Dam impressive man! I love the attention to detail. It nice to see a no compromises replica build of the N1. It has such unique shapes that KSP parts dont do a good job conforming, but this replica looks fantastic. I especially love how clean the fairings look.. I cant imagine how much fiddling it took to get them all the proper shape and size.
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