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  1. Just started using the mod and I am loving it so far. Are mod config patches something that you are still adding over time? one for Tantares would be great!
  2. Is there a DeltaV map available for this? Or an in-game wiki page with one?
  3. @sal_vager I put it as a launch option and it did nothing.
  4. Hey there, so I opted into the 1.2 beta, played around a bit, then I deleted my steam folder and redownloaded KSP 1.1.3, and now it refuses to go fullscreen on my main monitor. I have no Idea how to fix it and it is making it unplayable, any help would be fantastic!
  5. Hello there, I decided it was time to start building some helicopters, and I quickly found it harder than building a fixed-wing aircraft. So my question is, does anyone have any design tips and/or guides on how to build Helicopters. I am using FAR, KAX, KXR to name a few and i head that TCA was a good addition for Helicopters. thanks in advance!
  6. I must be missing something, but I swear I cannot find the mystery goo in the tech tree
  7. I was hoping that someone could tell me what mods fill the "enhanced survivability" and the "simple command modules" nodes in the tech tree. I would just like to feel like im not wasting tech points with the empty nodes. thank you in advance
  8. With the basis of creating the KW flyer to unlock the flight tree, will it be doable with FAR enabled?
  9. Couldn't find the answer anywhere else, so i figured i would ask, what mods would I need to not have empty nodes, for example the enhanced survivability nodes? and are the bottom two node trees filled out completly by MKS/OKS?
  10. Is there any consensus on which is the best Tech tree for heavily modded games?
  11. How do you train up your Kerbals for the few few levels? do you have a certain regime?
  12. Stock KSP isn't what I play this game for, it's all about FAR, thank you for everything
  13. I am very curious to see all of the neet and interested craft that people have made with infernal robotics! Post pics of your creations and spark some creativity!
  14. I spend more time looking at and installing mods then I do actually playing the game, I just want them all
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