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  1. Team Fortress 2 (Anyone else play that?) and Occasionally Minecraft, but mostly KSP
  2. Ever since I updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10 my computer has been acting VERY strange. For example, Sometimes it won't let me delete folders, saying I "Don't have the necessary permissions to do so", despite me being on the administrator account. Even stranger, when I try to copy certain .dll files like the ones used in OBS, It gives me an "Unknown Error" and won't let me. Oh, and my desktop icon placement resets itself every time I restart the computer. I should have never updated.
  3. Ok, so I don't know anywhere else to post this, but the Wikipedia page and every other source claims that the "Merlin Vacuum (1D)" engine for the falcon 9 is just a normal Merlin 1D engine with an extended bell, but in every image I've seen the Merlin Vacuum looks HUGE compared to the 1st stage engines? What?
  4. I've always been bothered by how the scale in KSP is all sorts of wacky, so I have started work on a mod that remodels and retextures the 3.75m parts to resemble the SpaceX Falcon 9, with the old models for the 3.75m parts being used for new 5m SLS parts. Is this a good idea? or should I stop work on it?
  5. Those planes look awesome, good job. I especially like how you did the cockpit on the first plane, it looks amazing. Here's my plane from a while ago: She doesn't fly that well, but it was my first try, and I ended up flying her to a large island north of KSC.
  6. I HATE these new forums. First of all, they seem generic and boring, having a total of three colors, White,Grey, and Navy blue. The old forums were colorful and made each thread seem kind and unique, but this makes the entire forum look like overused Facebook/Wikia trash. Sorry, just had to vent, I guess I will get used to them eventually...
  7. With the release of 1.0.5, the J-22 Wheesely Engine, along with the new Turbofan, Received a "Thrust Reverser" mode, which allows for old fashioned propeller planes to be built, of course without the propeller. this thread is for all stock craft using the thrust reverser to provide the main propulsion for aircraft, so i'll start with mine:
  8. I watched pretty much the entire livestream of 1.0.5, and the new update looks AWESOME!!! Also, Oaktree42 is currently streaming, so feel free to ask him questions about 1.0.5
  9. RemoteTech doesn't really work with this, the "Command Center" is still where the old KSC used to be. I understand that we shouldn't expect much mod support this early in development, but I assume it would be a simple fix.
  10. Shots Fired? I doubt that Amarius1 will be happy with this... Anyway, this looks awesome, is it compatible with Uncharted Lands?
  11. The "1.0" demo has no LV-909, which ruins almost every Mun/Minmus mission.
  12. Is this mod compatible with Ven's Stock Revamp? It looks awesome, but i can't stand the stock Rockomax tanks.
  13. My Computer has only 3.19 GB of RAM (Actually 4 GB, but some is taken up by the operating system) I want to play RSS with RO, but KSP constantly crashes due to lack of memory. I am using all recomended and suggested mods for RO, and have also pruned all fuel tanks and fairings. Any ideas what mods I should remove, and which (If Any) mods I should add?