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  1. @theonegalen I noticed with 1.1 you changed the CustomBarnKit.cfg to increase the part limit instead of the disabled config which switches the costs of the VAB/SPH and the launchpad/runway. The documentation on the thread has not been updated to reflect this change. Might be nice to have the costs switch option available in the current version. Also it would be nice to have a repo where some community and incomplete config files for other mods could be placed and shared with the community. Maybe help from the community could add more support for additional mods.
  2. Not sure if @theonegalen is still doing development of this mod but adding support for more mods that work with Kerbalism since it only has a limited number of mods that either don't conflict with Kerbalism or Unkerballed Start. Such mods as: Bluedog Design Bureau, Duna Direct, SXT Continued, and MOLE. Also are all of USI mods compatible (Konstruction, FTT, Malemute, Explore, Sounding Rocketsr) or just MKS/LS and dependencies? Thanks for all that you and SpinkAkron have done. It nice to have mods like this.
  3. Paring with other engines, I did not consider. I still think the LV-T30 should be the first 1m engine, with the LV-T45 coming in the next tier. You can go back and use the LV-T30 with MK-55 later on to reuse this engine. I did not consider the LV-T15 as an upper stage engine, so it probably should stay in it current tier.
  4. I have a couple of questions regarding the placement of some of the early game parts. I am playing with Kerbalism 3.0 alpha, RemoteTech, and most of the recommended mods plus a few more. 1) Why do we get the TD-12 Decoupler at engineering 101 when we are running 0.625m sized rockets and that decoupler the TD-06/TR-1V is not available unto General Rocketry where you get the which has 1m engines and tanks? Sould we be getting the 0.625m in Engineering 101 or Basic Rocketry and the 1m version in the next tier? 2) Why do we get the best 1m starting engine LV-T45 "Swivel" engine with Gimbal at Basic Rocketry before we get the weaker LV-T15 "Valiant" and the basic no gimbal LV-T30 "Reliant" in General Rocketry? It seems like these are switched. I like what you have done with this mod and the updated and adding support for additional mod support.
  5. Well it actually was something else. I could not launch even though I had a signal. Even MechJeb was reading zero for all parameters. The tank was filled so I was at a loss for why it did not work and thought that the avionics warning that was causing the issue. I decided to delete all folders but the Squad folder and remove the Module Manager caches. I reinstalled all mods and it is working now. I have no idea what caused the issue at this point but at least I can finally launch my sounding rockets. Thanks for the help.
  6. I am having an odd issue with mt RP-0 Setup. I have installed all dependent and most optional mods. I used the last dev build of RP-0 and I am using the PhineasFreak/DocBin giyhub version of tree.cfg. My issue occurs when I start a new career and the RP-0 Sounding Rocket Telemetry Unit, I get a window that pops up with Avionics - Warning Insufficient Avionics. Supports 0.000t Vessel: 0.000t. Wen I attach a procedural tank and Aerobee engine I cannot get the rocket to launch. I appears that any of the other units in the Pods menu the Avionics are OK it just does not work with the Sounding Rocket Telemetry Unit. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestion which mod does the Avionics check or which mod might cause the conflict?
  7. Bug Report - Using RO and RP-0 plus most of recommended mods in Windows: Issue occurs with the Tiny Tim Booster. I place the Tiny Tim Booster and Aerobee Sustainer to the bottom. When I right click on the Tiny Tim Booster to see what adjustment I can make. I selected the "Show Engi...GUI" button. The engine information is displayed. If you right-click in the Engine window it will disappear. The Launch button, all camera navigation keys (arrows, mouse wheel, etc) stop working. If you exit the VAB you are on the at a ground view angle where you only see a few buildings and not the entire complex. Camera navigation keys still do not work. To fix the problem you have to quit completely out of KSP and relaunch the program. Edit: I did find a fix: Right-click on the Tiny Tim Booster and click again on the GUI window that you had open (In my case the Engine GUI) and hover over the GUI and then move cursor off the GUI and your the Launch button should once again be visible and the camera navigation keys should once again start working. The key is not to right-click on any GUIs. It looks like the lock when configuring through the GUI is not released when the window closes on a right-click inside the GUI.