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  1. Thanks @DrLicor updated the OP. Good to see you're around and thanks a lot for the update. @Frednoeyes That's weird and great. Good find @royying There isn't a flag transform on the flipped wing. There will be in the future though as I'm working on a set of decal parts to spruce up the shuttle.
  2. BuranButt loads right before CA_delta which will cause the problem when something is wrong with your firespitter.
  3. The only crash cases I've seen moving to 1.3 is having extra versions of firespitter will cause a crash now. Make sure you're using the most recent version of CA, then if you're using the firespitter dll make sure it's up to date and there aren't any others hiding out someplace. If you're using the firespitter folder, rename it to 000Firespitter. This forces it to load first with MM. You're likely seeing a problem on the CA_delta wing because it's usually the first part that tries to load firespitter.
  4. @debaker02 I'm not really sure about the patch. I think when using stock values the SRBs get crazy heavy, so maybe reducing the masses on the SRBs and ET could do the trick. If you do happen to come up with some working edits I'd be happy to update it. @Deltac That is lovely. Thanks for the pictures! @drtedastro Thanks. Glad you're liking it. The ET sep is surface mounted. It's definitely easiest to build the shuttle stack in the SPH and flipping the shuttle upside down helps with attaching all the ET stuff. The little node there is just for using the blank version of the engine mount and attaching the extensions to make your own size. I've been plugging along on the LRB's texturing and game balancing. They're a bit twitchy with all the gimbals but feel great and increase the payload from 18t to about 25t Getting the booster sep working Works great as a rocket too along with the mesh switching interstage (5m not pictured)
  5. I downloaded the shuttle lifting body. but when i installed it. it said i had missing parts. are there other mods i need to use the addon? ive been trying forever. but i just cant seem to get it to work


  6. @Deplaisant Like this on Spacedock.
  7. Hey guys, With the LRBs comes an engine revamp. The ST-25 was kind of a placeholder so I could balance the shuttle with a lighter/lower thrust engine, so the current engine will be replaced by the streamlined version on the far left and the STB on the right will be available with the Shuttle BII stuff. Pictured from left to right are the Compact, 2.5m, and 2.5m boat-tail mesh switches. (new bits are white and untextured)
  8. @awsumindyman Sure @Deltac @notJebKerman Thanks for the mission photos. It's great seeing stuff like that
  9. Hi Pak!

    I wast just making a space shuttle with your amazing mod and I`ve got a small problem and I was wondering if you could help me with it.

    The problem is: When I'm putting the wing (only the left wing is in the mod for what I could see) and I use the symetry, the right wing appears, but upside down.

    I don't know if this is a bug or I just haven't figured out the propper way to do it.

    Thank you very much!

    1. thekspbegginer


      Right-click the backwards wing and press "Flip Tiles."  That should do it.

  10. I forgot I was sitting on a cryo patch from TheRedTom as well. I'll get that pushed out soon
  11. @PocketBrotector Thanks. The pack has grown a lot over the years but I'm glad the original idea is still visible in there. minepagan's link is a good overview. Block II doesn't seem to have much detailed information out there outside of little mentions or diagrams. It seems like the LRBs have the most information available. I have way more info on the Shuttle II which seems like a more far-fetched plan (which I'd also love to build at some point) @notJebKerman They have a similar recovery plan to the Buran boosters. Big side mounted parachutes to land horizontally.
  12. @notJebKerman oh no worries. It'll be released and maintained on this thread. I got a bit frustrated with it so I'm working on some other things right now. I'll be going back to it though. The other things: I'm starting to get the Shuttle Block 2 LRBs in game. The LRBs were the first step in the Block 2 program and offer increased crew safety and larger payload mass. The 3.125m part set is the Nosecone with sep motors, mid size tank, long tank, quad engine, sep motor pack, and a larger booster decoupler. Just starting testing, then I'll go back and finish the textures.
  13. Weird. Removed the files and reposted on Spacedock. Thanks
  14. Updated bundled Firespitter and Module Manger to 1.3 Fixed Buran cockpit specular map