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  1. Ah thanks. I must have hidden one in there when I was testing the craft. I took it out and updated the craft file on the github.
  2. Thanks to @Beale for his great work on the Energia lifter. To celebrate I made a simple craft file linked below. It could use some tweaking but it's a good starting point for people having trouble getting it set up. (Only uses parts from the Energia and Zenit folders in TantaresLV) TantaresLV on Spacedock Also if you're into IVAs go check out @G'th's great MAS/ASET/RPM interior Ultimate Shuttle IVA on Spacedock Screenshot by G'th
  3. Neat thanks. I don't know anything about tweakscale so I can't be much help with that issue. If you figure it out and there's something I can change in the .mu to solve it let me know and I can include it in the next version. The Mk3 pack is about at its part limit before it'll start to feel bloated to me. There may be some minor things added here and there but it's pretty complete in my eyes. The medium shuttle (LKS) set ,other unannounced shuttle set, and new things that aren't Block-II related will end up in a separate pack.
  4. @RealKerbal3x Found that nameplate issue and posted the fix to github. Just replace the 2 files in CA_decals with the ones provided
  5. @Rodger Not a bad idea. I'll keep that in mind Had some time so I started to fill out the medium shuttle part set some more.
  6. 1.4 Made the stock SAS quite a bit worse for asymmetric lifters so you may be rusty but that has something to do with it too. A trick I've seen people doing is adding a probe core to the ET for initial ascent so the majority of the thrust is in line with your control point. As for landing it sounds like you stalled out. To be safe you should go for a landing speed over 50 m/s. So you want to keep the nose down for as long as possible until the final flare to touch down.
  7. @G'th Probably not with the current FS mesh switching. I want those to be usable with other things and the heat tile bottoms limit designs. I want to drop FS and use variants but to do that I need some kind of plug-in to mirror wings properly or force a mesh switch when mirroring. I'd like to have both options but I'll have to see how things work out. MrMeeb told me he was just going to the store. I'm sure he'll be back soon.
  8. Hey folks, IUS is posted in the test area of my github while I finish up textures/polishing. Just add the IUS folder to Cormorant Aeronology. The shuttle payload mounts aren't available yet.
  9. Thanks I'll take a look when I can. Not really sure. It's working for me in 1.4.2. All I could really say is check Firespitter versions and maybe verify you game files through steam? To be honest though with all the problems and weirdness happening with 1.4.2 I can't see things like this getting fixed until stock gets cleaned up so I can figure out what changes have to be made. In other news I managed to get the IUS mostly balanced and worked all the bugs out. It's set up to put up to 2 tons into geosynchronous orbit and it feels great so far. A lot of texturing work to do and some little things but that's all that's left now.
  10. @Hunony 1.4.2 doesn't effect this stuff (doesn't even have a Spacedock?CKAN tag yet) so updating this mod would be me changing the thread title. Missing parts is a different issue. Likely misplaced folders or an old version of firespitter
  11. @ethanwolf519 Same as before. You can find the newest version on the first post of the thread. Just drop the Cormorant Aeronology folder into your gamedata folder.
  12. @frencrs I'm not seeing that on mine. Do you have some things that modify parachutes that could be conflicting?
  13. @Kirk0007 Thanks. Landing gear is one of those things. Even with the great work done by Blackheart to crack into the secrets of stock landing gear they're still a huge pain to build and set up. Plus with how unstable they are in game the pay-off of all that work is still having it bug out and launch your ship back into the air sometimes. I have about 5 projects going right now and not much time for any of them, so landing gear isn't even on the back-burner at this point. Maybe the refrigerator still. Not saying I would never do it, but I can't say it would be any time soon.
  14. @frencrs @Z3R0_0NL1N3 I have to look into it more, but I don't think so. The stock switcher is very limited and while I'd prefer to use that I would just need a different plug-in for mirroring my wings. I am going to see if I can make it work though. Here's some bonus progress shots of the LKS. Models are mostly done and I'm starting textures on the cockpit. This thing is so cute Roughly 2.5m cross section with a 1.875m payload capacity. Gameplay-wise it'll come a tier or two before the shuttle/buran and function as a light station builder and satellite launcher. Designed to launch atop Beale's Proton or any other 2.5m lifter
  15. I agree. I actually made one a while back but wasn't happy with it. I just had a better idea for the Shuttle-C probe so I'll revisit it when I have some time.