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  1. Some progress. I'm using the current wing textures for the B-2 stuff, so I plugged in the new delta and rudder. Not too shabby. In new stuff I put together the basics for the landing skids and got them working in game. These will probably change quite a bit as it's just the basic shapes needed to animate them. The rear skids are a radial attach part and the front skid is built into the cockpit. @notJebKerman This one is getting its own cargo bay airlock with some other features.
  2. It'll have it's own IVA but might end up with the mk3 as a stand-in for a bit. The IVA depends a lot on time and frustration levels. Block-II seats 8 on the flight deck and the mid-deck is used as an airlock and EVA prep room, so the layout is quite a bit different. whoops. Thanks for the heads up. I changed the thrusters a while back and the cfg changes snuck in but not the updated model. They work now in 1.3.0c and they're also a bit more stable, so enjoy. Update v1.3.0c Changes: Fixed Shuttle OMS - Fixed Shuttle OMS pods (broke in 1.3.0b) - Changed the RCS so they're now more stable during translation. Fixed some description errors
  3. That's exactly what it's for. The cockpit LES is to fill the gap in abort options from lift-off to booster sep. Along a normal flight path in stock, my general goal is making it capable of a KSC return from about 15k (SRB sep) and island return from (20-30k LRB sep). Beyond booster sep, RTLS or Abort to Orbit would be better options unless the orbiter is too damaged to land.
  4. @Dgraz22 Not sure yet. The nosecone will be an animated cargo bay style for sure. I'd much prefer built pieces for the cargo butt, but I can understand the appeal of procedural fairings. Still working on models but got quite a few prototype parts in game. Enough to do some launch abort testing!
  5. @Abpilot I mentioned it a while back but I'm not making my own Energia. Tantares will be the 'official' Energia for CA and I'm working with Beale to make it as compatible as possible with my Buran. I'm instead using that dev time to clean up the current Buran parts and make some new Russian inspired payload/utility parts. That reminds me I need to go through and update my roadmap. @Z3R0_0NL1N3 I'm making that and the ET Nosecone fairing. Good picture though I haven't seen it all broken up like that.
  6. I have the return stuff planned for Phase 3 and hope to make it usable for both the Buran and B-II boosters. If I remember right It was proposed for the block-II but they decided it was cheaper to just ditch them instead of refurbishing. Makes a lot more sense to recover the Buran boosters since they drop over land. The white paint is just for fashion Depending on the mission they had cameras and lights set up in the bay as well as on the Canadarm to help the payload specialists out. They mainly used the light reflecting off of earth though as they orbited 'upsidown' so the direct sunlight mostly hit the thermal tiles.
  7. This is true. The next big part set will be the full Block II orbiter. While I'm working on that I'll be making and releasing other small parts for B-II and the base shuttle like an advanced airlock and MMU, extended RCS payload, and some other small things. When and how these parts get released just depends on time and what kind of stuff is giving me problems, but it'll all lead to the full orbiter at some point. The general structure is: Phase 1 - LRBs Phase 2 - Block II Orbiter Phase 3 - Heavy Lift stack and Orbiter For all future parts though if it's something that was actually made and used, or something that was concepted for the original shuttle it'll go in the base Mk3 Shuttle Pack. If it's a more advanced version of a part I already have or just something I make up it'll be in the Block II set. Also I put the craft file up. You can find it here
  8. Update 1.3.0b Changes More small changes to support Mk3 - Block II Most shuttle parts moved down one tier lower in the tech tree to give space for Block II parts. You can now build a full shuttle at the Heavy Aerodynamics and Heavier Rocketry levels. And the initial release of the Block II Program! Please note this is an alpha build as I work on it. Some of the textures are unfinished and there are likely some problems I haven't found/fixed, but it's functional. My free time is very limited and I didn't want to feel like I was sitting on this anymore so I'm putting it out. I'll be cleaning up these parts as I move forward with the rest of the add-on which will include the Block II orbiter and a handful of other parts. Just drop the files into your Cormorant Aeronology folder. I'll be adding a craft file soon but likely won't make a forum post about it. So if you're interested just keep an eye out over the next day or two. A note for stock use: Without using something like Atmospheric Autopilot you really need advanced tweakables activated in your game to manage the main engine gimbals during launch. I recommend this with the normal shuttle as well, but the stock SAS can't deal with all the additional engines going at once. Manual flight is a bit more tricky but still very possible with a little practice. The flight profile from my launch guide in the OP still works, but you should be looking at booster sep around 30km instead of 15k. Good luck!
  9. @Dgraz22 SRBs just needed a little less fuel. I updated so they'll burn out before 25km now. @Dano818 I changed my mind and didn't want to include those with the base parts. I still have the texture I just forgot about it. I'll finish it up and put it out when I can.
  10. Put together a 2.5x Scale patch with thanks to TheRedTom and PickledTripod for their work they sent in. You can check it out now on Github. It's not perfect, but I'd call it "pretty okay." I'll likely tweek it some more Works well with QRSS by @pap1723 @RandyRawgustNo worries. Glad you got it figured out. @DJ Reonic Atmospheric Autopilot and Gravity Turn work great as well. They're both linked in the OP.
  11. I'm seeing it now but can't say it's ever given me enough issue to notice. Might be something that happened more recently. My guess would be a slight drag error someplace since it doesn't seem to effect things higher up. I'll poke around and see if I can find what it is
  12. That reminds me I should do a little instruction thing. @drtedastro You don't have to mess with the cfg unless you want to change the little tooltip display in game the objects are the reference meshes in unity. A mesh switch is really just a stack of parts and you're picking which one is active in game.
  13. How would you install this add-on? I'm having trouble getting it to work

  14. v1.3.0a Update Added: Decal set to add names and more flags to your shuttles Changes: New art for ST-25 engine. The old engine is moving to its proper place in the future Block II add-on Many other small changes to get ready for the Block II release Updated the craft files on github to add the new decals Forgot to put in final descriptions for the decals! I'll add them later. Photo by Daelkyr
  15. I decided to split up the Kerbalized and Real decals as I don't like having anything too "real" in the base mod. So the real stuff will be available separately. The base decals have a few of my flightless bird shuttle names and 7 custom slots @trooperMNG There's a worm-y option in both sets along with a custom slot for it. I also made the Buran side decal. Petrel is my dev name for the Buran (flightless bird that lives in Eastern Europe) On the right is the supplied texture sheet. I set it up so you can easily plug in your own names and replace the flags with your own if you'd like. This stuff will be included in the next update along with a bunch of small stuff to get ready for the LRB add-on @Dgraz22 I don't have any plans for any other modern shuttles. I do have plans for a set of 3 other shuttles which you can check out in the roadmap in my sig which will be done in the far future or never. But if you're looking for a similar modern rocket launched shuttle, check out @Well's CEV