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  1. Hey guys, I've been poking at getting the IUS working and making this heavy payload mount based on the Shuttle-Centaur mount. Once it's all working and balanced I'll probably put it up on the dev build while I work on the textures. @LawnDartLeo I would guess your launch is a bit too high or your payload is too heavy. I would check the guide from the OP if you haven't to see if you're doing a similar launch. Doing something like this your OMS burn should only cost about 50-80 dV leaving you with plenty of fuel for normal LKO missions.
  2. @Hunony I would guess you're holding the nose up for too long or hitting the thicker atmosphere going too fast. To prevent flat spins you'll want to have the nose around 0 or negative pitch as your speed drops below 1000-800 m/s. You could also try different entry burns to make sure you're not too steep or have the shuttle nose up around 30-40 degrees on entry so you slow down if you're not doing that. Good luck
  3. @CobaltWolf is there a dislike button
  4. Why yes, but you're on your own for the Energia
  5. Hi @GrowingNebula Welcome to the forums I'm guessing you downloaded from Spacedock or Curse so all you have to do is grab the entire "Cormorant Aeronology" folder from the zip and drop it into your Game Data folder in KSP. If you're looking to use the extra stuff like Block II you can add that into the Cormorant folder once that's properly installed. Good luck and happy Shuttle-ing
  6. @Z3R0_0NL1N3 Ah I forgot to set up default action groups. I'll add those at some point. It's just a visual thing right now to represent additional wing surface for the cockpit and should normally be set in the abort action group. There's some limitations with stock there and while I'd like to make it a control surface it may just end up staying as is. For the tanks FS doesn't allow for changing properties like that. Thanks for the screenshots so far everybody. It's good seeing the Block II flying around
  7. Hey all, Block II isn't ready for a full Spacedock release yet, but I wanted to make my current Dev build available to those that would like to use it. The stack and orbiter are fully functional and can deliver a whopping 27 tons to LKO. As stated on the github, please keep in mind this is still in progress and subject to change. I push frequent small updates to this repository but will likely only announce bigger things like additional parts or major changes here. This is safe to play with in its current state, but I'd recommend not having these parts in flight if you want to download an update just to be safe. Files are located in the link below. Follow the instructions and enjoy. Hopefully you won't need to use the new LES! I do recommend checking out the craft file for the Mk3 Block II Shuttle located in the link below. It's a bit more complicated than the current shuttle so it could be a helpful tool for understanding the intended 'stock' build. Note: I made a 2.5x patch for the LRBs but haven't been able to test them yet. Once they're ready they will be added here (probably tonight or tomorrow) @slaintemaith Correct. FAR can see the general shape of the craft so it'll fly, but for better characteristics the parts need compatibility patches. If you or anyone else are interested in creating those I happily accept community patches.
  8. @slaintemaith Should be the same. The aero on the main orbiter hasn't changed since KSP 1.2ish. If you were using it before that it would feel quite a bit different, but KSP aero was quite a bit different back then too. Glad you like it. I'm sure you'll be back on the runway in no time.
  9. @Z3R0_0NL1N3 I'm good thanks. It's been a busy time for me. I'm starting to go through things again and figure out what I was doing. My goal is to get a github dev release section set up so I can put that out while I work on the IVA and other stuff that I still need to do. Here's some stuff I've been working on that I don't think I've posted here. Flight deck - 2 Crew, 6 passengers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Top escape hatch and payload bay windows Payload bay airlock and all the food live on the mid-deck---------------------------------------------------------------------------And the 2001: A Space MMU. This guy is still in the maybe pile depending on if I can get it working in game how I want. But it's a crewed space tug with a grabber that docks with the new airlock for heavier space construction For Mk3 Shuttle - A set of decouplers for large stages like the centaur-G
  10. Forgot to darken that grey to match the darker carbon grey on the shuttle wings before the renders. The heat tiles are on the bottom of the decoupler which match my shuttle bodies. The CERV won't have tiles with the idea that this dark grey is some sort of future-ish heat protection. This will also make it easier to use with some future craft that I'm planning.
  11. Some more progress on the CERV. Still mostly fiddling with overall shapes and starting to get into details but I like how it's coming together
  12. I haven't tried it recently but likely not. It's not really a mechjeb issue as it popped up because of some changes to how SAS functions around 1.0-1.2 somewhere. Prior to that MJ worked really well for shuttles. The best options now are things that don't use stock SAS at all. I recommend Atmospheric Autopilot for anything with wings. If you're looking for something more automated, I've tested Gravity Turn with the shuttle and it works pretty well. You could use one of those for launch, then use MJ for everything else.
  13. Discussed it with Meeb and I'll be integrating SPT into Cormorant once I'm done with my current project. Most of the parts will be staying the same with all non-stock features and rescales moving into an optional MM patch. There will likely be some changes and new/modified parts, but I have to do some testing before I'm willing to float plans out.
  14. Mk3 - Block II Update v 0.11 Stack nodes on the 3.125-5m adapter fixed Added more descriptions and localizations Added search tags And a peek at the new airlock in progress
  15. @Abpilot That's the primary concept I'm using. The next release is for the top image you posted and the bottom one I'm calling the 'heavy lift' version which will be out some time after. The next set of parts is looking like it'll be the cockpit, wings and part of the new airlock (or a modification of the current one). Finishing out the Phase 2 stuff will be the OMS pods and some utility stuff. And you're right I'm pretty busy. I don't get much time to work on this stuff Mostly blocking out colors and panel lines on the cockpit. The UV map for this was a journey The wings are pretty much set and the launch, landing and abort tests have gone well