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  1. Oh there were a couple unfinished parts I removed. I put them up on github so you can add them back in https://github.com/Pak84/backup-Parts
  2. I really appreciate everyone still using pieces of these mods and wanted to get an update out while we wait for KSP2 to mature a bit more. Seems like I got everything working again but let me know if I missed anything. I'm still sorting out some Block II parts but I should have that updated for 1.12 soon too. I'm not completely sure if this will be a final content update or not yet. I have a few parts that I found near completion that I might finish up and release for KSP1. Nothing too fancy just a few payload parts. Depending on how KSP2 pans out I'd like to get all of this (including Block II) moved over if it's realistic to do so. Thanks to those who've reached out and the other moddie bois for the motivation. I want to give KSP2 more time in the oven before making any decisions but I've been having a good time with a new career in KSP1 so I hope some others can get some fun out of this too.
  3. Hey guys, Everything seems to be working with 1.6.1 and the newest versions of Firespitter and Module Manager so I updated the version tags. No new parts or features For the black textures that some people are seeing my only guess would be to make sure you delete the old SPT files if you want to use the parts now included with CA. If you'd like to stick with the old SPT parts, just delete the SPT folder that's now included in Cormorant Aeronology > Assets. If that's not the case I'm not sure what would be causing it. Those are all very simple parts that don't have any texture switching or anything. I didn't get the high band antenna in the files Meeb sent me but I'll pull it from the last release version and add it in when I can. I'm going into my last year of my engineering degree so I've been very short on free time. I'll be keeping things maintained as best I can but I wouldn't expect any significant new stuff for a while. It's just been too much trying to balance my own studies, being a teaching and research assistant, and messing with kerbal bugs. I'll be looking at slowly cleaning up the core shuttle parts as they've gotten a bit messy over the years with KSP updates and bug fixing. Beyond that I'd still like to finish the LKS and Block II part sets but I can't promise when/if that would be. I really appreciate the continued interest and enjoyment of all this stuff. These mods and the KSP modding community still means a lot to me and I check in as much as I can.
  4. v1.5.1 Update Changes: New SRB-4 thrust curves - Performance is similar on the shuttle but they should be more predictable for other types of lifters Fixed collider issue on custom name plates Added: Heavy Payload Mount and Payload Bay Decoupler - Set of decouplers to mount large satellites or other payloads securely into the cargo bay. The Payload Bay Decoupler also acts as a strut. (placeholder textures on some of these) Shuttle Payload Technologies by @MrMeeb - A stock version of SPT has been added into Cormorant. This includes 2 Payload bay options and a full set of Skylab parts for all your science needs. Heavy Decoupler Set Shuttle Payload Technologies
  5. Hey guys, I moved Meeb's parts into the CA file structure and made a few small changes to names and properties. Since CA is intended to be a mostly stock experience I removed the Dmagic and WBT science dependencies and turned the lab into a stock science lab and the experiment rack into a Science Jr. The part rescales and other small modifications are also not included in this. Did some quick tests in 1.5 and everything seems to be working now. Features can be put back in pretty easily with MM patches if someone else would like to set those up. Here's a github link for those interested. Download the Zip, then drop the Cormorant Aeronology folder into Gamedata https://github.com/Pak84/ShuttlePayloadTech/tree/master Actual integration into CA will probably take a bit since I wanted to clean some things up for 1.5 If you're interested in using DIRECT by Benjee10 check out the new version here https://spacedock.info/mod/1742/reDIRECT
  6. Hi @RealKerbal3x I checked things out in 1.4.4 and don't have any issues. Were you using a rescale patch at some point? If so it could be that you made the craft with the scaled fuel values and if you're playing in stock now the values don't update. You can use the fuel switch to fix the values or grab fresh parts. If not you can PM me more info and we can try to figure it out.
  7. Ah thanks. I must have hidden one in there when I was testing the craft. I took it out and updated the craft file on the github.
  8. Thanks to @Beale for his great work on the Energia lifter. To celebrate I made a simple craft file linked below. It could use some tweaking but it's a good starting point for people having trouble getting it set up. (Only uses parts from the Energia and Zenit folders in TantaresLV) TantaresLV on Spacedock Also if you're into IVAs go check out @G'th's great MAS/ASET/RPM interior Ultimate Shuttle IVA on Spacedock Screenshot by G'th
  9. Neat thanks. I don't know anything about tweakscale so I can't be much help with that issue. If you figure it out and there's something I can change in the .mu to solve it let me know and I can include it in the next version. The Mk3 pack is about at its part limit before it'll start to feel bloated to me. There may be some minor things added here and there but it's pretty complete in my eyes. The medium shuttle (LKS) set ,other unannounced shuttle set, and new things that aren't Block-II related will end up in a separate pack.
  10. @RealKerbal3x Found that nameplate issue and posted the fix to github. Just replace the 2 files in CA_decals with the ones provided https://github.com/Pak84/Test-Area
  11. @Rodger Not a bad idea. I'll keep that in mind Had some time so I started to fill out the medium shuttle part set some more.
  12. 1.4 Made the stock SAS quite a bit worse for asymmetric lifters so you may be rusty but that has something to do with it too. A trick I've seen people doing is adding a probe core to the ET for initial ascent so the majority of the thrust is in line with your control point. As for landing it sounds like you stalled out. To be safe you should go for a landing speed over 50 m/s. So you want to keep the nose down for as long as possible until the final flare to touch down.
  13. @G'th Probably not with the current FS mesh switching. I want those to be usable with other things and the heat tile bottoms limit designs. I want to drop FS and use variants but to do that I need some kind of plug-in to mirror wings properly or force a mesh switch when mirroring. I'd like to have both options but I'll have to see how things work out. MrMeeb told me he was just going to the store. I'm sure he'll be back soon.
  14. Hey folks, IUS is posted in the test area of my github while I finish up textures/polishing. Just add the IUS folder to Cormorant Aeronology. The shuttle payload mounts aren't available yet. https://github.com/Pak84/Test-Area
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