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  1. Lol, I think I clicked page 6 instead of the double arrow to go to the last post in the thread. Saw a 2017 date on the last post and figured the mod had died since I last played or something (though I don't think it's been that long, now that I think about it). Anyway, no.. I've been using the same set of like 8 Kerbals all game. I don't think any of them have been anywhere special. I did a few Mun/Minmus flights, then loaded them up on a nuclear powered craft with like 10k delta-v and a mining rig to refuel with.. and sent them on their way. That was like, I dunno. 20 years ago? They hit D
  2. Seems this thread is a bit on the old side, but I'm totally still using Kerbal Health because it rocks. Just started playing an older save today and after reaching Laythe and leveling up my whole crew to level 5 I had to laugh when I realized that one of my engineers is literally sitting at 100% health. I was a bit flabbergasted at how that could be possible (the rest of the crew was at ~60% after docking with and training to use a spaceplane built after they were launched).. then I noticed her traits. Workaholic, Adventurous, Lead Skin, and Talkative. I've never seen a Kerbal with more
  3. Ah, finally found the options menu. Forgot how to modify difficulty options on an already started game, lol. Interestingly, death is enabled.. so the pilot and scientists didn't die and respawn. Can't for the life of me figure out how they beamed back to KSC. This save has had a number of odd issues though. I just had like 8 contracts flat out disappear from my list, despite having another 5-10 years on each of them. The tourists are even still in my astronaut list, after having visited their locations. I don't think I even have any mods that do anything to contracts, lol.
  4. Hmm. I'm not sure what it's set to, lethal or respawn. Still, they certainly shouldn't have died. The craft was a prototype for a several year long Duna mission, on a shakedown to Minmus. It's big enough to support several times that crew indefinitely. Regardless, it hasn't happened again so far so I'm not sure what happened. Another question though - is there a way to disable the injuries and the like, or at least make it stop pausing my timewarps? None of it ever matters, since I only ever leave kerbals for extended periods on craft that can support them indefinitely (so any lost health i
  5. So.. strangest thing. I launched a station with two scientists. I know that both scientists were present, because I realized that I needed one in the lab and one in the command module to control the station. I then docked a capsule with a pilot and three tourists on board and sent the whole thing off to minmus as a test trip/tourist contract. I know the pilot was on board, as the tourists couldn't fly the rocket and there were no probe cores. When I got to Minmus, my pilot and one scientist were gone. I found them back at KSC, waiting to be assigned a mission. I have no idea how th
  6. Hmm. I didn't think that the mission took quite that long, but I suppose it could have. The return swung me out beyond Mun's orbit a little. Still, I'm not sure a 1 day trip to Mun is feasible.. a flawlessly executed flyby (no orbit or landing) still came in at just under 3 kerbal days. I guess that's one Earth day, maybe that's what you meant? Most other life support mods allow the starter pod to have a bit more of a lifetime in orbit.. typically 15 or so days in my experience. This one only allows for 3 days before running out of supplies, and I suppose another 7 before going tourist. O
  7. So, starting off a new career with this mod - it's almost unplayable. I just lost a mission that was doing a simple flyby of the Mun. Granted, this was prior to upgrading the tracking station.. so I'm eyeballing everything and it's not perfect. My trajectory upon leaving the Mun's SOI took me a bit farther out than I'd have liked, but still well within my ability to correct with available delta-v.. but the trip took a couple extra days and my kerbal went tourist on me. There needs to be some way to pack extra rations in the early game.. 3 days just isn't enough. As it stands, short of packi
  8. I managed to get the mod running after Eridan pointed out that part of it is in the source code download link, and the other part in the link he provided.. after downloading an old version of the mod and then using that to piece the new version together. That said, yeah.. it doesn't seem to have any containers. All this adds part wise is a couple ISRU remakes, drill remakes, and a scanner part. It also adds Tier 4 snacks to command modules based on their seating, and adds a few B9 tank types. If you have B9 part switch and Station Parts Redux, then you can swap the tanks from that mod to ca
  9. That just has the source code link though. Not the mod itself. Putting that in the KSP folder doesn't load the mod. Older version releases have "ProgressiveColonizationSystem.zip", which is the link missing in the 0.1.0 release.
  10. I'm wondering this myself. There's no link for it on GitHub, as it just has the source code links. The CKAN download is also 0.0.6.
  11. Exact same issue with the SM-18. Built a Soyuz-like craft, sent it to Mun orbit. Had batteries, solar panels, and science experiments in the bay. Hid the panels, then did my science experiments. EVA'd a kerbal to see if I could just collect them with the doors on, and see if the doors were hidden with the kerbal on EVA. They were not, and could not be collected. Brought kerbal back in, blew doors off (they may have still been hidden, not sure). Saw them fly away though. EVA'd the kerbal to collect the experiments for return, and none of it was able to be interacted with. Switched back to the v
  12. Ugh. Capitalization ftw. Teach me to try typing my own stuff out instead of copying it directly. Like four hours of wanting to strangle these unchangeable parts, only to find it was as simple as RESOURCE and maxAmount.
  13. So, I'm playing with Kerbalism installed. It's only got a couple of options for food/water containers, none of which I particularly like all that much. I'd love to expand the number of cargo options I have, and I really like the KIS inline container models. I'm attempting to add Food/Water to these containers, but nothing I try seems to be working. Either the parts load in normally, or they fail to load at all - never with food/water. Ideally I'd love to have something like a B9 part switch option that allows me to switch from a cargo container with KIS inventory to something carrying foo
  14. One thing I'm noticing with this mod as I begin building space stations and preparing for my first interplanetary mission - there are really only two options for building craft. Either you build a short duration mission lasting ~30-100 days, or you build something that lasts forever. There's not really an in between. For example, if I send out a Mk 1-2 pod with three kerbals they'll last for 15 days. Add a hitchhiker, and they now last for 67 days. Adding a second hitchhiker only bumps that to ~86 days. In fact, adding addition seating seems to have diminishing returns - a single seat adds
  15. Oh. My. God. How have I not seen that sexy concept? Yeah, I want one. Though.. how are they planning to land that? It has like, no legs. Also.. SuperDraco engines as your vacuum sustainers? SuperDraco's only have like 2/3 the ISP of Merlin 1D Vacuum engines. I'd think that'd be cutting into efficiency like, a lot.
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