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  1. When I put SRBs with the default decouplers... the SRBs keeps balancing... dont stay on place... with many many version on this mod this bug keeps happening... I dont know what to do. I reinstall the game and put just the mod with the githhub package... just that... and the bug keeps happening. https://imgur.com/a/xbDRmW0
  2. Sorry, I did not want to tell that the CM RCS are out... they are fine... the SM RCS that its missing... does not work at all
  3. I put this saturn V apollo 8 configuration (without LEM) in orbit with realism overhaul configs... but the RCS thrusters of the service module aren't responding... the RCS of the CM it´s ok.... its a bug or what?
  4. After delete all mods your probe works fine
  5. same problems... I´ll delete all other mods and see what happens
  6. Yeah I have it.... testing now withou FAR
  7. That bug happens on both versions
  8. that happens with every parts only on the launch phase.... it keeps only the pod and the trunk on the stage list
  9. Why every time I try to launch it... all other parts gone?
  10. They are workig great now! I always reenter with SAS + RCS on... only turning them off sometimes when the g forces and speed decreases.
  11. Thank you!!! Testing now
  12. Your fixes are really good!!!! thank you very much!!! As much as I could test, the Saturn V, LEM and CM are working ok... atlas, redstone and titan rockets too... the only problems I can see its on the Mercury and Gemini spacecrafts, seem like they are unballance on its weights on reentry. As the reentry ups the G force, they bents to the side and overheats... the apollo capsule its good.
  13. For me its the best mod of the KSP
  14. I solve this bug replacing in the Nova with the subassemble of the Saturn... the bug on LEM separation persists but now at least the bug on the pad has been solved.