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  1. Huh, I actually loaded that thing on top of Sarnus INT-21 and then was surprised that it barely lifts off ground. I didn't expect it to weight 200 tons About a third as much kits - Sarnus can actually push in orbit (in 2x solar system)
  2. Yep. It is indeed 1.7.1 and here's the log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12423149/KSP.log Apparently it's too big for pastebin.
  3. Last time I checked it out (a couple of days ago) I deleted BDB and all other mods that are included in download, and replaced them with the new ones. Still - no tanks.
  4. Well... that's the only option without anything else: BTW, how are they supposed to be powered? Sure they have some embedded batteries, but usually those craft that don't use solar panels to generate energy - use fuel cells, right? I guess I could use Kane solar panels, but apparently AARDV doesn't have them canonically. And I thought about adding life support, but I believe that could be a bit of a nuisance - say if I have to drop from timewarp on my mission to Duna to send resupply craft to all my stations... or even worse - forgetting to do so. It already is kinda bad with labs because I kinda have to do so if I want to use all that time to get science, but nothing really bad happens if I don't. And of course extra mass in 2x Kerbin would be a much bigger problem than in stock - and I never went interplanetary in 2x before.
  5. Those automatic resupply ships look so tasty, but there's little to no use for them without life support mods. They carry ore by default, but I can hardly imagine them carrying ore around... Not to mention that AARDV won't get very far when fully loaded with ore.
  6. Speaking of that kind of stuff... tugs in particular. We need a better NERVA! Stock NTR is not that bad, but I think we need a bigger one. And I honestly would prefer a different look. I heard CobaltWolf is working on something, right? You mean S-IC?
  7. Derp... Well, I guess that's a thing. At least I know where to look if I want to build those How plausible is all that stuff?
  8. Wait, it just occurred to me... Am I getting it right that all the stuff like Saturn IC, "Apollo Block III+" and other interesting Apollo/Saturn vehicles not based on real projects?
  9. Well, turns out rescue craft doesn't have enough Dv to get back to Kerbin, but I brought those poor kerbals to MOS II. And apparently the station doesn't really have monopropellant storage big enough to refuel Vinci, so they'll sit there for now. It's fine, it can support 7 kerbals, while there's only 5 now. http://imgur.com/a/pqmou
  10. Well, this is what I use for my Mun Vinci missions - it's a Prometheus II with two extra Prometheus SRBs: After inserting into Mun's orbit it has about 500 dV left, so I can initiate the Mun landing maneuver and shed off some speed. Also, for Mun missions Vinci is fully fueled, so it has about 1200 dV, so that makes it 1700 in total, with Mun orbital velocity about 700-800, which makes it theoretically possible to land and return. The craft sitting on the Mun currently has ~650 dV so it just barely misses it. As for MOS - it's simple: Six Prometheus III launches - two for station parts, one for propulsion module (modified Prometheus upper stage) and three for extra fuel tanks. That was enough Dv to bring it to low Mun orbit.
  11. Actualy if I was more accurate with the landing they could have got back in orbit, dock with MOS II, refuel the Vinci a bit and get back to Kerbin. However, currently I'm sending another Vinci spacecraft to get them back. The landing module should be able to get the craft to surface, and Vinci itself is capable of returning from Mun. I'm playing in 2x kerbin, so in stock that would be much easier
  12. I do because I like my control surfaces to do what they should do. I.E. Elevator for pitch control, Ailerons for roll and rudder for yaw. When, say, canards try to roll my plane, it just feels wrong.
  13. Hmm, atmospheric pressure indicator doesn't seem to indicate much atmospheric pressure... I guess it's just because of speed honestly. I guess you can't make Eve atmosphere dangerous for reentry without making Jool deadly...
  14. There's a song about this thread.
  15. That doesn't seem true. A standard reentry vehicle (capsule + heatshield + chute) orients itself properly for me.
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