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  1. i think they should play the game before calling the game a mundane one. reactions:
  2. probably gonna make another SSTO. the older versions keep blowing up. and go to eeloo maybe? SSTO to eeloo, thats a challenge.
  3. Thats a Death Moon! yes, that IS the mun and not a death moon P:S the shuttle blew up. maybe it is a death moon!
  4. What do you mean by Spacecraft Carrier, Kuzzter? might be the KSS [REDACTED]
  5. Everything explodes behind you mod everytime you launch a rocket, you leave a trail of explosions behind you.now 1000%more harmful!
  6. TopHeavy11 TopHeavy11 has 3 words, Top, Heavy,eleven. 3 words means 3 things. 3 things are 3 sides. a triangle has 3 sides. a triangle is illumati. TopHeavy11 is illuminati confirmed.
  7. i dont like it. i LOVE it! imagine, a biome in interstellar space, not knowing you're in it! hah! adding it may be too sciencey or advanced for young players, but thats the fun in it.
  8. youll die for real?in the sim?if you die? wow.the most brutal simulator ever. anyway, gr8 job kuzzter! wait, how do i rep?
  9. According to two new open access unreviewed papers, there may have been a giant, Earth-sized planet hanging out in our solar system this whole time. Researchers from Sweden and Mexico using data from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile claim that a mysterious object, another planet about 1.5 times the size of Earth, may be lurking deep in our solar system beyond Pluto. Did we? Slate post
  10. ok. i reread the post,and the reply. forgive me for not being so helpful "how can you finely tune movement to correct errors when you can't engage SAS?" okay. press the Caps Lock button on your keyboard. you can see that the pitch, yaw and roll arrows turn to blue. this will activate fine controls instead normal controls. you end up with a vehicle that tips past critical. either you lose CTRL completely, or spend precious time and fuel trying to right the thing. from my experiences, my rockets always (but not all of them) spin out of control. especially my soyuz rocket
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