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  1. @Gordon Dry Three tools for examining parts in VAB to find node/transform/animation names/locations etc. Uptodate version by LGG:
  2. Ah cross browser compatibility. Not as big an issue as it used to be but sometimes...
  3. @Vectorv12 The problem lines in the log can be found by opening it in a text editor and searching for [Tweakscale] error: **fatal** For example the first result (there are 6 in total) is: [LOG 01:51:18.809] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on SXTInlineAirIntake (XM-600 1.25m Air Intake). [LOG 01:51:18.809] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part SXTInlineAirIntake (XM-600 1.25m Air Intake) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( ). It tells you which part had the problem and which type of problem it was. You then want to go to the Logs/ModuleManager folder and open the ModuleManager.log. Searching that file for the part names (SXTInlineAirIntake in the first case) will let you identify all the patches that were applied to those parts and looking through those files will help find where the issues are coming from.
  4. @Dzarin Yeah, Hangar would be another option. I've used it in the past mainly for late game Grand Tour type missions where I wanted to keep the giant mothership part count down but still carry several different specialised landers, commsats, scansats etc.
  5. The one from the OP? Try again. It worked fine when I tested just now.
  6. Try these links for more details: Most (fairly) recent tutorial from this site. A video tutorial by "Game Instructor"
  7. One partial workaround is to save your payloads as subassemblies. Then you can select edit on the recovered booster in KCT to re-open it in the VAB and then add on replacements for any expendable parts (e.g. launch clamps, fairings, upper stage) and then attach the payload subassembly. This works quite well for SSTOs or rockets like Falcon 9 where only one vessel is being recovered but if you're recovering multiple parts/stages separately (e.g. Falcon Heavy or Space Shuttle) then I've not found an alternative to just scrapping and rebuilding - at least you still get the funds back for the recovered parts.
  8. OK, It looks like you've got an installation problem. Most of those folder names look like package or zip names. If you open each of those folders inside GameData I expect you'll find another GameData folder inside it and the actual mod contents inside that. And none of the folder names looks like they came from this mod either. (You would see Bluedog_DB, B9PartSwitch, CommunityResourcePack, DMagicScienceAnimate for a minimal BDB install) I recommend moving them all (except the Squad and SquadExpansion folders which are part of the stock game) somewhere else on your hard disc then going through them one by one moving just the contents back into your gamedata folder. i.e. GameData/Omegas_Stockalike_Structures_No_Textures_Required/GameData/OSSNTR should be GameData/OSSNTR If any of the folders has more than one folder inside its GameData folder then they are probably dependencies (other mods that the mod relies on to work) that were bundled with the mod by the author for convenience. When copying those over to your actual gamedata folder make sure to only take one copy of each and if multiple mods shipped the same dependencies then pick the most recent one (you'll often find a .version file inside the dependency's folder that you can open in a text editor to find out which version it is - pick the highest numbered one) Alternatively if that sounds complicated then instead use CKAN to manage installing mods for you.
  9. That's the number one reason I love this mod. That self-documenting/reminder feature is invaluable. Especially when coming back to a vessel which has been in flight for a long time (both in game and IRL). In flight editing would be number 2 although there's a stock implementation of that now although I still prefer AGx's editor. Then there's the more than ten actions and easily assignable buttons for extras outside default 10. I find stock's action sets a clunky by comparison.
  10. Checking... Checking.... I'm back I set up a minimal 1.7.3 to test. Initially didn't see the error but then found out how to trigger it - definitely an edge case. Have the action editor open before going on EVA. Left click on EVA Kerbal to select in editor (blue cross) Board vessel Exception spam Clicking any part on vessel so it is selected before boarding does not cause the spam. It seems to be related to the KerbalEVA object no longer being present.
  11. @linuxgurugamer Spoke a little too soon. I just checked the player.log and there's one exception being spammed to log during flight: AGX Draw cross fail. 3 System.NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component.get_transform(UnityEngine.Component) at ActionGroupsExtended.AGXFlight.OnGUI () [0x003fe] in <0331d067141a4e4d8e8c903a006b8e45>:0 It started after Jeb returned from EVA after I sent him out of the craft with the AGx action editor windows active and a part highlighted. (This is probably a bit of an edge case unlikely to happen during normal use) Then after a minute it also started spamming: NullReferenceException ActionGroupsExtended.AGXFlight.OnGUI () (at <0331d067141a4e4d8e8c903a006b8e45>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) Full log here (ignore the LaunchSiteVesselModule errors those are from something I'm currently working on myself) .
  12. I've done some basic testing of the recompile in 1.8.1 (with both DLCs) in a brand new sandbox game. So far no errors encountered. Tested: Switch button to use Blizzy In VAB Click button to turn on action editor Assign separate actions on multiple parts to AG 0-9, to higher numbered groups and to "other" groups (RCS, Gear, Abort) Select parts by direct clicking or through part selector menu Parts in symmetry groups auto selected and can be individually deselected Part highlighting (blue crosses, Xs and red Xs) displayed as expected Edit actions after leaving and returning to VAB Save and reload vessel to check actions are persisted Assign labels to actions Make an action show toggle status (ladder up/down) In flight Test each configured action by clicking AGx window button Test actions on 0-9 keys Verify toggle state of ladder shown correctly Right click AGx button for menu Toggle display of key codes Open action editor Change an existing action Change label of action Create a new action Change "other" actions Assign keycode to high number action ("Insert" assigned to action 200) Reset windows Exit and re-run KSP to verify defined actions still present on in-flight vessels Not tested: RemoteTech integration I've never used the Groups feature and so was unsure how it was supposed to behave but it wasn't throwing errors and seemed to do something not entirely unexpected (assign actions to groups to allow some to be hidden/shown at need?) New features in 1.8 that affect AGx: Changes made to actions in stock in-flight action editor are ignored by AGx (not surprised and I don't care much either I doubt I'll use the stock editor again) All parts now have "Toggle same vessel interactions", "Enable same vessel interactions" and "Disable same vessel interactions" actions which were not present in earlier versions and adds some minor clutter
  13. You can use AFTER for ANY name that MM recognises. In this case that would be the top level StationPartsExpansionRedux folder. While it's true the patch (or patch folder) doesn't have any unique identifier I'm not sure it's really needed either so no need to poke Nertea to add a FOR. Indeed in my current game I've modded parts from SSPX myself using :AFTER[StationPartsExpansionRedux] and they appear in the correct part of the MM log