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  1. Nah, it's a subliminal message to visit Trinidad and Tobago or maybe Holland? or join the rebels? Or be a pirate?
  2. @aquilux Check your log files to see the errors: There's a missing / in #$/mass$. Also you're reusing the same variable names in the decel block so you should use @ (modify not create) at the beginning of the lines where your setting them to mass With those two sets of edits it will run error free.
  3. Increase Delta-V of rocket

    You could do it like this (note the first set of liquid boosters stage before the SRBs) but I'd prioritise researching specialized construction first to get the standard clamp-o-trons then assemble something in orbit. Also comms are going to be an issue beyond KSOI until you research better antennae. Edit: Oh and I completely agree with @Helmetman about mission planning and smaller payloads rather than just throwing raw delta-V at the problem. For example a mission to (loose elliptical) Eve orbit takes less delta-V than a Mun landing if you use an optimal transfer window.
  4. [1.3] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    No 1.2.1 is a hotfix only for compatibility with changes in KIS 1.6+. Enceos' models will be in the next version.
  5. @aquilux KSP uses US spelling for "Oxidizer" (be careful though a few mod authors do not use US spelling for their introduced nodes, keys and names so always check the original) The errors in your commented out section are because you need to use the #$variablename$ syntax everywhere you use a variable on the right hand side of an equation e.g. engineDecelerationSpeed = #$MATHa$
  6. [1.3] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.7

    My apologies @IgorZ. I thought the patch that I applied to EVApickup was the reason that this works: But after testing with just KIS (and MM) I see that it didn't extend the range. Now I wonder just which of the many mods I've got in that save is making this possible.
  7. Retrograde reentry

    Very good point as increasing a value by 10% increases any other value that's proportional to its cube by 33%!
  8. The first says: The second says: Or to put it more compactly. The first is only exclude SolidFuel and the second is only include Oxidizer. In what circumstance are you seeing it fail? I just did a test and both work equally well detecting an LV-T45.
  9. Need a gamesave guru
  10. [1.3] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.7

    @KiloMike The problem may be the sheer size of the 5m Kontainer. In order to access the inventory your Kerbal must be close enough to the kontainer's centre of mass. Try carefully positioning your EVA Kerbal as close to the centre of one of the long faces on the kontainer as you can get them. You can also mod the interaction range to allow the Kerbal to access inventories from slightly further away using a MM patch:
  11. Crashing during game load

    Well you've got two copies of the FireSpitter DLL and some of your mods are slightly out of date but I don't see any that were compiled for 1.2 . Other than that the crash occurs immediately after the log entry: Now it could be a problem with that part or (more likely) with the next step in the loading process which is to begin compiling IVAs. Judging by your GameData screenshot, the first mod with IVAs would be Mk2Expansion. Perhaps start by checking you've got the latest version of that? On a more general note I'd recommend making a copy of KSP outside of the Steam folder for modding. Steam's auto-updates and some of Window's protectiveness about the "Program Files" directories can sometimes cause issues.
  12. You could try the tourism plus mod.
  13. Retrograde reentry

    A point on the Earth's surface near the equator has a rotational speed of approximately 460 m/s. So if you re-enter prograde (parallel to the equator) with an orbital velocity v your velocity relative to the surface will be (v - 460) m/s but if you re-enter retrograde from the same orbital velocity your surface relative velocity is (v + 460) m/s or 960 m/s faster. The atmosphere rotates at the same speed as the surface. From LEO your initial orbital speed is about 7.5 km/s so the difference between prograde and retrograde will be around 13%. A lunar return will have a higher orbital velocity at atmospheric interface but since the difference in surface velocities is fixed the percentage change between prograde and retrograde will be less (around 8-10%) but still significant.
  14. Just delete the file GameData/BonVoyage/PluginData/BonVoyage/config.xml. It will get recreated with default settings next time you start the game.
  15. Thanks @Three_Pounds I've merged the PR on GitHub and it will be included in the next released version (soonishTM)