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  1. Does this change the career game in any way? Do we still do the right click and run experiment buttons? Does the new deployable science stations just make science faster?
  2. While it's very doable to land without legs, it sure bothers me. I'm right in mid career and will have to stop until next patch. I need my landers to look like landers or it's no fun.
  3. Quick question, on a ship that you reuse a lot, is there a way to recharge the ablation material?
  4. Yeah, I was really hoping for an updated career. Maybe a competing space program somewhere else on Kerbin, or I dunno. Just a more historical tech progression.
  5. I always felt the career game seemed a bit messed up from a historical perspective. It's like in order to learn supersonic flight, you have to get science on the Mun. Will there be any changes coming to career from the expansion?
  6. No heating effects? Most sstos can go fast enough to burn up if their altitude is low. I'm unsure how to go super fast without heating.
  7. Speaking of two engine nodes, I have found this problematic for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the Mk2 adapter that splits in two seems to create a huge amount of drag according the aerodynamic forces overlay, probably a lot more than it should. The second reason is that without that, it's not that easy to have an even amount of engine nodes. The cockpit requires one fuselage stack, then what do you do? If you don't put an engine on that stack, then it's still an extra stack. Maybe you could put the two stacks vertically to keep horizontal symmetry? I haven't tried that.
  8. I find that if you just put wings on a spaceplane using the snap your plane will usually fly like this. As was said, you can tilt the wings so that your fuselage points more prograde. It's hard to tell if this causes less drag or not.
  9. I have a concern as to how this is being fixed. The problems with the runway also exist on general terrain also, so if you fix the runway only, and then fix the planets, the runway will break again because you fixed the planets. This is a new problem that began with 1.2. These cracks in terrain didn't exist prior to that. Someone mentioned this earlier in the thread, and it was explained as the 'kraken' but that is not the case. There are in fact little rover destroying brick walls in the terrain, and you can see them if you get close. On some planets, (I noticed this on Eve.) you can see the rectangular terrain patches that aren't lining up. These are just like the issues with the runway and likely have the same cause. I am guessing that there is a tiling issue with the vertex textures. Vertex textures need to overlap by one texel in order to line up, or else the edges need to be blended with each other. This is different than regular textures. Also, this behavior could change on different graphics cards.
  10. No thread about docking should fail to mention NavyFish's 'Docking Alignment Indicator' mod. All it does is give you the information you need to dock. Docking is a hundred times more fun that way, I can't recommend it enough. It will be crystal clear if something is getting in your way such as a rotating target or poorly placed RCS engines.
  11. Never mind, the launch window planner includes the insertion burn. Didn't notice that.
  12. The 1.2.1 dv chart on the wiki says that you can go from LKO to Dres flyby with around 1500 dv plus 1000 dv plane change, but other launch window planners etc. give about a minimum of around 3500 dv. Is the chart incorrect, or do I need a gravity assist somewhere to get there in 2500 dv?
  13. So, I tried two variants of this craft, one with a dart and one with an advanced nose cone on the center rear node. The fuel efficiency at every stage of the flight appeared exactly the same, with the small extra weight exactly countering the small extra efficiency. However, the dart does make the ascent into space quicker and more enjoyable once you switch modes on the rapiers and fire up the dart also.
  14. It used to be that the shock cone intake was the best choice for a nose cone no matter what. Is that still the case?
  15. I have a question. I'm making a small spaceplane with 2 rapiers and a dart. The idea is that I would use all 3 getting to orbit, but just the dart once in space. Do I gain anything by this? The dart is more efficient, but then I'm lugging around 2 dead engines. Would it be better to just continue to use all 3, or perhaps just get rid of the dart? I have another spaceplane that uses a nuke as the third engine, and in that case I do gain a lot from carrying the two dead engines, as I only need oxidizer on the ascent. Because of the nuke efficiency, I can go all over the Kerbin system for tourist contracts. This plane is a bit sluggish though. This new plane is meant for simply going up to a space station in LKO. Rather than max efficiency, I'm looking for a fast, comfortable ride. I love spaceplanes that leap into orbit.
  16. So my nephew was visiting over Thanksgiving and fell in love with KSP. The Obvious solution would be to get it for him on Christmas! The problem is that his household is a Mac household. What kind of specs do you need to make KSP enjoyable on a Mac? I don't want him to be disappointed if it doesn't perform like on my PC. Can you use Mods? We would need KER and Docking Alignment Indicator.
  17. Probably should terminate those missions heh.
  18. I didn't see anyone mention NavyFish's docking alignment indicator. It really makes the process actually enjoyable.
  19. I would say that it's a bad idea. Why go through the trouble of designing a big mission to find out why it won't work.
  20. So, I decided to get rid of the cargo bay, and I found that just having a cargo bay is a drag nightmare. I get the feeling that the parts fore and aft are not sheilded either. Like there was a gap between them exposing their large flat surfaces. Without the cargo bay, and without the bi-coupler, I now have almost no red arrows.
  21. Great, I'll try to look at this more in depth. EDIT: I just thought of another question: There is only one node on the cargobay right? Things can be attached on both fore and aft sides but only one is shielded?
  22. I'm finding that when I pack a lot of stuff into a cargo bay, I'm seeing a bunch of significant drag arrows that seem to originate from there. It appears that inside/outside a cargo bay is not how drag actually works. What are the rules? I was hoping to put some Mk0 liquid fuel tanks into the extra cargo space in my spaceplane. With two radially attached on a center Mk0 tank, even though they are well inside the cargo bay, they appear to be causing much of my planes drag. It's hard to say with all the red arrows extending from the center of the craft. Another source of drag appears to be the dual Mk2 coupler. Should those be avoided? I use it to put two rapiers on a Mk2 fuselage.
  23. When you have excessive flexing and oscillations, sometimes you can stop the feedback loop by speeding up time for a few seconds. That will often stop things from shaking apart.
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