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  1. I'm trying to add an undock command at the end of a track on a KAL-1000. I add the command to the track window and place a point on the dotted line that shows near the end of the sequence. Yet when I play it the undock does not happen. I can see that the sequence is playing, and even see that I can place other items in the track like toggling lights and such and they work fine, but not the undocking command. I know it doesn't happen because the ports are still docked and it doesn't actually undock until I right click the docking port and chose undock, at which point it undocks fine as you'd expect. I just can't get it to undock in the track sequence. Anybody else having a similar issue getting certain commands to work in a track sequence of a KAL-1000 part?
  2. I don't understand this statement. When I look in CKAN there is no separate toolbar from blizzy. This one has both your names as author. You probably know this already, but I know I was a bit confused, thinking this one would work with all the same mods blizzy's did, but it does not appear that this version works with Kerbal Alarm Clock. At least I couldn't get it to work when I tried last.
  3. That's good news. No problem; I'm still trying to make sure all the mods I like will work with 1.6 before moving on from 1.4.5. Hearing from you it works fine with 1.6 is good enough for me. Thanks.
  4. Anyone know of a similar mod to this one, one that's been (or will be) updated for 1.6? I love this mod but it doesn't appear as it will be updated anymore. TIA.
  5. Following up: Cap's fix worked. Thanks. I never would have figured it out on my own.
  6. KSP: 1.4.3 (Win64) - Unity: 2017.1.3p1 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Problem: In career mode, Part AE-FF3 Airstream Protective Shell (3.75m) is missing from tech tree and VAB/SPH. I have completed the tech tree; all nodes are unlocked. The part is not present in the VAB in Sandbox mode either, but craft with the part can be loaded and launched. Any idea where the problem comes from? Any easy fix for putting it back? TIA Mods installed (via CKAN, and up-to-date): 000_AT_Utils - 1.6 ClickThroughBlocker - Toolbar - ToolbarControl - AllYAllContinued - Antenna Helper - 1.0.4 Astrogator - 0.7.8 B9 Part Switch - 2.3.1 Color Coded Canisters - 2.0.1 Community Category Kit - 3.0 Community Resource Pack - 0.10 CommunityTechTree - 3.3.2 CryoEngines - 0.6 CryoTanks - 1.0 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.9.1 DMagic Orbital Science - DockRotate - DynamicBatteryStorage - 1.3.1 Environmental Visual Enhancements - Extraplanetary Launchpads - 6.0 Firespitter - 7.9 Flexible Docking - 1.0.6 FShangarExtender - FTLDriveContinued - Fuel Tanks Plus - 2.0.2 GroundConstruction - 2.0.1 HideEmptyTechTreeNodes - 1.0.4 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 3.6 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.4 Kerbin Environmental Institute - KerbalAtomics - 0.5 Kerbal Engineer Redux - Kerbal Inventory System - No Fun - KerbNet Controller - 1.0.4 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.12.6700.37736 KSP-AVC Plugin - KSPRescuePodFix - Lithobrake Exploration Technologies - 0.4 MechJebForAll - Modular Rocket Systems - 1.13.2 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.5 MunarIndustries Fuel Tank Expansion - NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE - NavHud - NearFutureConstruction - 1.0.2 NearFutureElectrical - 0.10.1 NearFutureLaunchVehicles - 1.1.5 NearFutureProps - 0.3.3 NearFuturePropulsion - 1.0.1 NearFutureSolar - 0.8.11 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.7.9 PartWizardContinued - Precise Maneuver - 2.4.1 Procedural Fairings - ScienceAlert - 1.9.3 Science Relay - SpaceY Expanded - 1.4 SpaceY Lifters - 1.17.2 Tracking Station Evolved - 1.0.3 Trajectories - 2.2 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.9.1 Alternate Resource Panel - 2.9.3 Transfer Window Planner - 1.6.3 Waypoint Manager - 2.7.2
  7. I see 10 of your mods in CKAN right now, and that doesn't include the two you have in their queue, apparently. I see you have 14 mods on spacedock. So, leaving off the two that are in process, that means 2 of the 14 have not made it. Hardly seems that exclusionary. I know I've had fairly good luck posting to the CKAN thread; might I suggest if you're unsatisfied with the results you've seen thus far, posting there? It couldn't hurt. The worst they could say is no, but you also might get an indication of why. Thanks for all you do for the KSP community.
  8. It doesn't appear to be available via CKAN, at least not yet anyway. Is that something you're planning on adding later, perhaps?
  9. No, not yet anyway. I'm still on 1.2.2 until a few more of the mods I use get updated for 1.3. I'll let you know if I do experience any issues, however. I'd recommend putting that in the thread title, though, as you can see how others do in their thread titles. Just a suggestion. Keep up the modding! Those of us who can't admire and appreciate those of you who do.
  10. What version of KSP is this compiled for?
  11. Hey @HuXTUS, that looks perfect! Thanks!
  12. Quick suggestion for next version: Add option to auto-color each stage's components with a random color. This would get them all colored something so that if they got moved around for some reason they could be put back without too much problem.
  13. Any chance of the new version of Extraplanetary Launchpads showing up? Version 5.7.1 is in CKAN but @taniwha released 5.7.2 more than 2 weeks ago.
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