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  1. bigcalm

    Save my Neidon mission

    Thanks Snark. I think the main problem is that whilst I'm familiar with the standard set of maneuevers - Hohmann Transfer, Plane matching, Circularising, this one is a bit new to me - sending something to rendezvous with a craft that's already on a highly eccentric orbit. I will try what you suggest though! Is there a way to figure out the best transfer window from Kerbin? Yes, the mass of the emergency fertiliser will be relatively low - roughly 6 tons of payload once I add docking capabilities, and my standard shunt is pretty darn big so I will have a lot of potential dV to play with.
  2. The Situation 3 Kerbals are on board the "Isaac Newton" on a nine year mission out to Neidon (currently 300 days out from Kerbin). They will run out of food after around seven years. I am using USI mod with life support, and need to get some additional fertiliser to the vessel before it reaches its destination. Note that there's a maximum carrying capacity of fertiliser on the Isaac Newton of around seven years worth of fertiliser (==food). The Options The "Isaac Newton" is not the only vessel on its way to Neidon. In the same launch window, I sent two additional vessels that have fertiliser (there are more in the flotilla, but none of the others will help): Nissee Orbit Spares -- has enough fertiliser to top up, and also has extra docking ports should they be needed. Slight issue here is that it was intended to serve as the return vehicle, though I can send another return vehicle in the next window. NIssee Base -- has enough fertiliser to top up, is probably the closest in terms of orbital parameters to the "Isaac Newton" currently. However, this really needs to make it as it will serve as new fertiliser generation. Neither have much spare delta-v, though I'm willing to sacrifice either to save the Kerbals. The Kerbin Launch window for Nissee comes up in around 130 days. I have correction burns already planned in for all vessels in the flotilla. Suggestions I think my plan has to be to attempt to rendezvous the orbit-spares with Isaac Newton some time around year seven, dock it, top the fertiliser up, and then at least the Kerbals will make it to Neidon, and hopefully the base will then be operational and I can generate more fertiliser. What kind of burns (pro/radial/normal) do I need to make to do this kind of rendezvous where both craft are in roughly the same orbit but not needing to meet for another 5 years or so? Assuming I burn too much fuel, the used-up vessel won't make Neidon orbit, but that's probably ok - I can send out a replacement from Kerbin to arrive a year later. The alternative may be the transfer window that's coming up in 130 days or so - I can launch some fertiliser and assuming I keep it to just the fertiliser plus large shunt, I probably have a large amount of delta-v to play with. Is it possible I could catch up? (with Isaac Newton basically departing the year before).
  3. bigcalm

    Money only career?

    You can start a career game and fiddle with the advanced settings, and set your starting science to something extremely high and also give yourself enough money to immediately upgrade all buildings - that way you can visit the R&D facility once, research every node and never have to worry about it again.
  4. > Starting from scratch with low funds, and working my way from small craft, to unmanned, to manned, to the mun, etc etc and beyond. "Better than Starting Manned" is good - it rearranges the early tech tree so that you'll be doing more probes initially, plus you get better plane parts earlier. I also like stuff where it makes sense that it should be possible in the stock game, just not there - such as electric propellers, nuclear reactors, sea-planes, submarines and suchlike. There's a lot of mods in this category but SXT is a good place to start, with possibly NearFuture, BDArmory, MKS as well. > Also have a bit of interest in maybe planet bases in the future - but not required MKS is a huge suite of mods for planetary bases but comes with a lot of additional complexity - for something that just looks nice, you might want Planetary Base Systems. I like Planetary Domes as well because they look awesome even if they are really fiddly to incorporate.
  5. bigcalm

    Do you ever chuckle at your old missions or concepts?

    > Do you ever chuckle at your old missions or concepts? Oh god yes. I was hugely proud of my "Mk3 Lander". I'd uploaded pics and even the craft file to Dropbox. And, looking back with what I know now, it is utter garbage. At least one flip on the way to space was inevitable. It was hugely overpowered in the first stage, ok on the second, appallingly during the third where I'd be trying to reach orbit. The rest of the stages were there to land on the Mun, which it did reasonably well, but it was way too tall and there was always the danger of toppling when landing on the Mun. Nevertheless, you know what, I'm still proud of it. It was my first truly successful Mun Lander that worked relatively reliably.
  6. Yes, try Firespitter, but those electric propellers suck down a lot of power (as is right and proper). You may need some nuclear reactors (via USI or NearFuture) in order to give it enough juice to keep going. An electric prop-plane for Eve makes so much sense and allows you to explore the big purple evil one properly.
  7. bigcalm

    What gameplay rules do you impose on yourself?

    * All crew must get a unique first. (For all bodies, possible firsts are: Orbit, Orbit EVA, Landing, Footsteps on the surface, Planting a flag, Driving a Rover, Docking in Orbit, and for some bodies, Atmosphere-Entry). * Whilst I don't play with the "harder" mode of MKS mods switched on (mainly due to bugs in previous versions), if I run out of supplies, or Kerbals go stir-crazy, they will be retired. * I must do it manually myself before allowing use of MechJeb (exception: Fine tuning intercepts). * No Kerbal left behind * No hyperedit except shunts, and only then after I've launched twenty of them. * In the early part of my career I often run "No unpiloted craft" - as in, if I want a satellite up there, it has get into its target orbit with a Kerbal on board. No robotic piloting should be required except for de-orbiting burns. This phase is officially ended on the first interplanetary shunt which is typically a SatNet.
  8. bigcalm

    The 1.3.1 Club

    I'm still on 1.3.1 but more because I like my current set of mods and career game. I have bought 1.4.x and the expansion but not played it a huge amount as I'm more interested in how far I can take my current career. 1.3.1 isn't perfect - the ships-bouncing-on-load thing is probably the worst problem (sorted by WorldStabilizer mod), and my career game crashes very often - a consequence of having too many mods and too many vessels. I think the actual crash issue relates to to the amount of time it's taking to (auto)save the game so if anyone knows how to increase the time it's allowed to do this can you let me know and I'll tweak it up a bit.
  9. bigcalm

    Help with building colonies?

    Building a colony isn't a mission for the newcomer - practice sending probes elsewhere first. And whilst Laythe is a great place to have a base, it's also pretty tough (see the mission linked in my signature) - a base on Pol or Vall is a better choice for access to the rest of the Joolian system.
  10. bigcalm

    Most Complex Satellite Designs

    I'm not sure this really counts, as it's a "five in one" satellite -- The five connected Sats are designed to detach and form a comms network. I do a lot of "SatNets" like this though. In the one above, I have 5 Sats attached to the remainder of a shunt (which also has its own relay dish), to be distributed around a body. In this case, because it's Gilly and easy peasy once you're there, I've actually got landing legs on all of the sats so I can land if I need to.
  11. bigcalm

    The biggest challenge to ever exist!

    > -You must land on every single planet of the kerbol system before doing this but on jool. It's basically not possible even with a WhackJob sized craft launched straight from Eve. Not really a challenge so much as not actually possible.
  12. bigcalm

    Why are my Kerbals sliding downhill?

    The sliding will only occurs within physics range, so typically (unless certain mods are present), 150 metres, whilst timewarp is not active.
  13. bigcalm

    Why are my Kerbals sliding downhill?

    This is basically a bug that isn't easy for the devs to fix. You're more likely to encounter this bug on other worlds when base building as things gradually slide out of physics range, but can happen to Kerbals on EVA as well. The essential issue is that coefficient of friction doesn't really work - the physics engine jumps in, and moves your Kerbal or vessel very slightly downhill - it's often a speed of milimetres per second, but it is there. When you turn on warp, everything is "on rails" and therefore everything stops sliding.
  14. KSP really doesn't give you enough information or reference points. But -- The TL;DR version is that you need to start with a circular orbit at 864.3 km, and then when you're directly above the target, burn to geosynchronous orbit height - after 2.5 orbit or 1.5 days you then need to circularise - and you'll be directly over the target again. You need maths to figure this out. KSP really doesn't give you enough information or reference points but we do have both of these points - the point directly above the target and the point where geosynchronous is. We need to find the initial orbit where we can burn and (eventually) reach the target orbit, with the transfer burn being done directly above the target. There's a lot more - but here's some maths if you're interested in how I determined the altitude to start from --
  15. bigcalm

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Organics are unique in that they need a "seed stock". Imagine Supplies as being basically growable algae, but organics being actual plants (and animals perhaps). In order to start growing proper organics you need a small amount of organics to start with - to start, you hardly need any to get it going but you do need some. Sorry, but sounds like you'll be sending a probe at the next transfer window but it's happened to me in the past - you're not alone!