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  1. If you have the top heat shields at an angle, this is normally not a problem - I eject at around 25k altitude and around 400ms - still slowing down, but it's not time to open the parachutes yet. For the bottom one - you may find it's fine for you! I don't have a lot of weight attached to the heatshield so found my craft kept running into it (even <= 7ms) - some separatrons sorted this out though you're right that they're not very powerful at Eve sea level.
  2. The problem is that it flips round? What if you could add something that's really draggy at the top and self correcting? Something like this -- Yes, I know this is a plane in this pic, but it works perfectly well (actually better) with a symmetrical lander. As the craft is pushed to one side or the other, the angled upper heat shields effectively deflect it back, ensuring no flipping and putting your lander in danger of being deep fried. NB - I eject the top heat shields when travelling at around 400ms - they've got sepratrons but it's not particularly necessary for the upper one
  3. bigcalm

    MKS Guide

    Introduction Roverdude's Modular Kolonization Systems (MKS) suite of mods ( https://umbraspaceindustries.github.io/UmbraSpaceIndustries/ ) allow colonisation of other planets and moons. They can be supplemented with Planetary Base Systems ( https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/kerbal-planetary-base-systems ) and Extra Planetary Launchpads (EPL) ( https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/54284-18-110-extraplanetary-launchpads-v681/ ) which I assume you have installed for the purposes of this tutorial (or at the least the purposes of screenshots here). MKS means that yo
  4. I was curious about this myself, so I looked into the code. Firstly, it's horizontal only, any vertical component gets squashed before calculations, but here's the relevant piece for Final Frontier -- public static double ApproximateMachNumber(CelestialBody body, double atmDensity, double altitude, Vector3 velocity) { if (altitude < 0) altitude = 0; // a technical constant for speed of sound appromixation // experimental resolved; feel free to make better suggestions double c1
  5. Firstly - I suspect AHHans has the issue when he suggests an inefficient ascent - are you by any chance going mostly straight up and then mostly east to get into orbit? From what I see of your rocket and payload you should easily have enough to (a) orbit and (b) do plenty of stuff whilst you're there. However, the 6 (!) solid rocket boosters are likely to give you such a kick that I imagine your first phase is just mostly pushing you upwards and not sideways for an efficient gravity turn. Secondly - make sure you go and get the science from everywhere. There's "low kerbin orbit" and "h
  6. Try https://namingschemes.com/ which contains lists of various things - and pick one for spacestations. You can even use different naming schemes for different types of vessels - e.g. 'Oh it's a type of fruit, that means it's a spacestation", or "It's a Greek God, therefore it's a satellite'. Have fun!
  7. I made some notes ages ago, before KSP 2 was announced -- * Move away from Unity. While it's a perfectly serviceable game engine, it's not worked out brilliantly for KSP over the years - continued minor bugs in the underlying engine (springs! floating points!) have caused multiple issues. Its tendency to lock all assets in memory has also led to problems though I believe that they can sort this out. * Better graphics. It's so rare that I recommend better graphics for a game - I still play nethack after all - as it's often the least important piece, but stock KSP could really do w
  8. The flying runway was a personal favourite. Though it wasn't impractical, it did have a purpose!
  9. Yeah, but you can't easily transfer the science experiments upwards to the bits that go into orbit. You can in theory stick a science experiment collector on top, jump out, collect the science, stick it in the capsule ready for lift-off. But it all feels a bit cheaty that way - I've just stuck to daft ejectable ladder contraptions and it's worked though it's not exactly "clean".
  10. I tend to use either MechJeb or Kerbal Engineer to do the readouts for Eve - the critical numbers you look for are 'SLT' or 'Surface Level Thrust', as that must be higher than 1 for all portions of the ascent, and you'll need about 8k delta-v to be safe. I do have a 3-seater, but it has non stock parts (the non-stock parts make it heavier or fiddlier though - I have life support, mechjeb, and I have alternative landing legs) All other parts are stock, and there's no cheaty hiding a command seat in a service bay type thing, so I think it should load and discard the life support parts and l
  11. I've seen this on previous versions and it might be the same thing - is the rocket moving over the surface? If it is, 'F' to climb out will not work. You will either need to stabilise your rocket (possibly a short hop somewhere else?) or wait for it to stop sliding over the surface, only then will 'F' to climb out work.
  12. At least, that's what I assume has happened here - essentially I got a 3* contract to rescue a Kerbal from the orbit of the Mun, but after examining the Tracking Station about an hour (game time) later, I have no relevant vessel. See screenshot. I assume that the vessel spawned in an orbit with a periapsis that was fatal - unless this was intended? My install is lightly modded (Kerbal Engineer, Alarm Clock, MechJeb2, Final Frontier, xScience) - but I don't think these should affect the issue.
  13. Yeah I found this a bit confusing, but the KSPedia sorted me out. Essentially there's two types of surface features - big ones and small ones. Small ones, like a Mun Stone, can be picked up. I must have spent 20 minutes trying to pick up a big one! Turning off terrain scatter is highly recommended as well, as the Mun Stone (and the big one too) looks really similar to terrain scatters, and neither are particularly abundant.
  14. Yeah, so I think a lot of us have wanted to 'explore' Eve. After the mammoth task of designing something that can get to the ground and back to orbit, it's not likely that craft can move about much when you get there. The ideal would be to have a plane to go and cruise about in. However, the density of the atmosphere and the lack of oxygen is a problem here. Engines are horribly inefficient and require you to have oxidiser. Even an ISRU-combo type thing will get you a handful of kilometres at a time and need a lot of refuelling. Mods do provide another option though (and in theor
  15. > Plant Growth Study I think you likely have USI life support installed - the Nom-o-matic 5000 is probably the lightest part to produce this science, but there is a few options. You can (depending on install) find it in the life support tab.
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