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  1. I didn't make those configs, I also don't see any sources for that values, maybe they were just guessed.
  2. Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit with additional intake at the bottom to make it look more like F-16.
  3. Yes, but other B9 parts are fine and they shouldn't be listed under the REWORK category - I created RO support for more than 95% of B9 parts but I left them in REWORK category due to my stupidity (I really didn't know what this category means), They should be moved to "suggested" category. @hypervelocity I've created RO-replica of Skylon and my biggest problem with Sabre engines was that their performance in jet mode was simply not enough to reach mach 5 speed. There were few other problems like mass ratio for shielded, cryogenic tanks ( they were too heavy to create SSTO with payload) or takeoff speed (200 m/s). It never made it into orbit but at least it's flyable and you can easily land with Shuttle-like speeds (100 m/s)
  4. @Xaovin According to my experience for low TWR (1.20-1.40) it can be around 4800 - 5000 m/s and for very high TWR (more than 2.0) - 4000 m/s or less but in both cases you need proper ascent profile.
  5. Didn't hear about anything like that but you can always make H-II using Procedural Parts like I did:
  6. What is this thing, where can i download it? Does it show RAM usage for each of the mods?
  7. Shouldn't my Saturn go on a diet??
  8. It doesn't work. The only solution I've found is to go to : Real Fuels/Resources/RealTankTypes.cfg and remove bolded lines below: TANK_DEFINITION { name = Default highlyPressurized = False basemass = 0.000016 * volume TANK { name = LqdOxygen mass = 0.000014 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 16 temperature = 90.15 insulationThickness = 0.01 insulationConduction = 0.02 note = (lacks insulation) } TANK { name = Kerosene mass = 0.000012 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 } TANK { name = LqdHydrogen mass = 0.000002 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 20.15 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (basic insulation) }
  9. Are they really outdated? I tested bntr and rs68 in 1.2 and they worked fine.
  10. My solution for that is simply to create larger docking ports via cfg files and add Quantum Struts to reduce wobbliness.
  11. I've tried second time and it worked fine so I wasn't able to reproduce the issue.
  12. Only for MTV trusses. The rest is Procedural Parts + Bigelow-like habitat from Habitat Pack.
  13. MODULE { name = KASModuleTwoEndsSphereJoint isUnlockedJoint = true // see: minLinkLength in logs minLinkLength = 0.8037 // see: maxLinkLength in logs maxLinkLength = 8.1652 sourceLinkAngleLimit = 175 targetLinkAngleLimit = 175 }
  14. FOV adjustment - alt+scroll.
  15. Someone know what I'm doing wrong while trying to attach these two vessels? I click "attach" but nothing happens, I only hear a weird sound. Maximum length and maximum angle were already adjusted in the .cfg files so they are not an issue. After second or third attempt everything has exploded and I ended up with this below: Currently the only solution I can think of is to remove TAC life support so I will not need KAS as well.