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  1. 1.0 Fu/KG is the equivalent of 7780 USD/KG.
  2. No control rods? No problem!

    NASASpaceflight has nothing to do with NASA.
  3. 1,5 kN I think. With 15 kN of thrust and 900 kg of weight, the aircraft could start vertically.
  4. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Real KSC - Unfortunately due to some bug, Shuttle landing facility cannot be set as a default launch site. You need to spawn your craft at a stock runway and then move it using Vessel Mover.
  5. Official FAR Craft Repository

    I've launched few planes from Shuttle Landing Facility and it seems to work fine in 1.2.2 But in most cases I just use KSP 1.0.5 for planes.
  6. KSP Military Mega Thread

    F-15 E Strike Eagle supercruisng over Mediterranean Sea B-52 releasing AGM-86 cruise missile B-70 on a combat mission Armed with B-83 nuclear bombs and AMRAAMs for self-defence.
  7. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    I can confirm that. I've started my 6-year voyage with 3 Kerbals and water purifiers rated for 4 people. I've quickly realized that I was producing more water than they were consuming. Some parts work so strange that I would not be surprised if they could transform water into wine.
  8. Using unsupported version of KSP might be the reason why you don't have other types of tanks.
  9. Manned Venus Flyby - RSS

    I've used Skylab mod for this particular picture.
  10. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    Space Station Crewed Venus flyby Mars - shortstay mission + Phobos, Deimos Mars - longstay mission Mobile Lunar Laboratory Mission to Ganymede (work in progress) These are things which I've done within 40 years after finishing Apollo program. My interplanetary missions required 8-12 launches to LEO and each launch was somewhere around 150-290 t to LEO. Really the only way to reduce the amount of launches is to build much larger launch vehicle. For instance 1000 t to LEO rocket would be able to launch entire Mars mission in one go. With current technology (chemical propulsion or solid core nuclear engines) you can't just launch interplanetary mission using single heavy launcher. You can disable boiloff for nuclear engines - here is how to do that: No, the best hypergolic engine in RO has an vacuum isp of 340 seconds - that's too low for any high delta V maneuver in deep space.
  11. What's the most science you've ever gotten from one mission?

    30000-40000 science points from my RP-0 mission to Ganymede: 20000 points from a Saturn-multiflyby mission (moon's flybys, Titan polar orbiter and finally Titan lander):
  12. Hey, @BaronRodri has a question for you about tweak scale. I'll include him here. 

    1. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Ah. Nevermind. Sorry to bother you man. You can delete this one. 

    2. BaronRodri


      thanks anyway friend! =)

  13. BV-238

  14. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @itsthatguy Deployable Engines Plugin - not sure if this thing is supposed to work with RO.
  15. Show us your MiG !

    I still have 1.0.5 installation just for planes