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  1. winged

    Who's playing Realism Overhaul etc.?

    Use Procedural Parts, Proc. Wings and TinyTim booster. 1. Install Vessel Mover and launch from grass 2. Install Shuttle Landing Facility from Real KSC mod.
  2. winged

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    You can download it from github, you don't have to wait for a working link here.
  3. I posted this on reddit two years ago: LV-909 in real life would cost few million USD (let's assume 4,5 mln) - This makes our ladder one of the most expensive things available in game with a price of about 1 000 000 USD per kg. Gold for a comparison costs only about 40 000 USD per kg. Can you imagine what material this ladder is made of? Emerald? Aquamarine?
  4. winged

    How much do you use drop tanks?

    I use drop batteries for electric aircrafts.
  5. RSS is usually a version behind stock KSP so it may take few months at least....
  6. Crafts are made mostly from Procedural Parts and Procedural Wings.
  7. There are few better engines: - Russian engines used on Fregat and Briz-M with 327 s of isp. - Aestus II - 340 s of isp - Bell Model 8096L with 324 s of isp - with that one you can use default tank instead of service module which will contribute to higher delta V number. - Procedural SRBs with isp of 305 s can be very efficient for very small upper stages (50-150 kg). In fact the smallest LEO launchers can be made only with SRBs.
  8. winged

    What did you do in KSP today?

    McLaren MP4 from early 90's?
  9. Yep, SRBs are very unbalaced in RP-0 and NK-33 on the other hand are absurdally cheap (but also very unreliable if you play with TestFlight). If you want I can give you a link to my updated RP-0 tree with modified costs for SRBs and various LFB's to make them much more balanced. For instance NK-33 are two times more expensive in my installation (and they're still very cheap for their performance) while SRBs are 2-3x less expensive on average. After my changes SRBs are one of the the most cost efficient as a first stage, while being crappy as a second and third stage.
  10. Funfact about my Saturn IB. It was built in December 2014 for KSP 0.90 and 3,5 years later it still works without any problem: Few other vehicles were built in early 2015: Proton, entire Atlas family, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. All of them work fine in 1.2.2.
  11. I increased max temp values for Procedural Fairings so now they can work as a heatshield, at least for Mars landings: Regarding landing gears I have RO/RP-0 configs for Adjustable Landing Gears which are now a part of Kerbal Foundries.
  12. I mean the real VAB located in Florida
  13. What is the height and width limit for rockets built in the KSC?
  14. Few questions regarding solid fuel: 1. What are ISPs of solid motors used in various missiles? Are they as good as for solid rockets used in launch vehicles (230-260 of specific impulse at the surface)? Or maybe significantly worse? 2. What type of solid fuel was used in ABM Sprint Missile or russian Gazelle? 3. Do you know what HNIW or NGNC is? Are they some exotic types of solid fuel? I've found config for them inside RO gamedata folder with note that they're extremely expensive but didn't find any information using Google or Ignition book.