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  1. ...and fixed! See, this is why feedback is good! Well, at least when people know what they're talking about (*grumblesantivaxersgrumbles).
  2. Glad to be of help! It was definitely one of these cases where I could see the elegance and great design in the code, but the wiki was just SO un-updated it was making it harder to use than it needed to be. I'm still monitoring the wiki and the thread for any points of confusion I can clarify in the wiki, but have less time now that I recently graduated (that stethoscope in the avatar is no longer for show!) and am getting work.
  3. Excellent! Thanks for the swift fix and update, I'm glad I could help in a small way. I love me some unmanned supply missions when playing with Life Support and Kolonization mods, and this will make it run so smoothly. Keep up the great work!
  4. Hello @PrivateFlip, I'm really enjoying the mod update for 1.1.2. I'm having an issue, and I cannot tell if it is working as intended, or a bug. Specifically, a vessel without crew capacity, but with a docking port, will cause the RM^2 menu icon to disappear after fully loading. I.e. it will be there when I click on the launch button, but by the time I can pass controls and the Kerbal picture would load, it's gone. If I add a simple pod with Kerbal, the problem goes away. Any insight?
  5. Excellent, I wasn't TOO far off then. I couldn't find documentation anywhere, was I missing something?
  6. Been on KSP-vacation while I got my computer fixed, and now coming back to lots of changes in USI-LS. Can somebody point me to an explanation of how the LifeSupportModuleRecycler works? Does it reduce consumption by it's percent while active? All I see is it consuming EC and Replacement Parts without doing a dang thing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Well that took entirely too long with silly mistakes and trying to be "elegant". In the end I basically brute-forced the simple approach, and learned a fair bit in the process. Pull request is up and verified to be working.
  8. Double checking my math. It appears that each supply is worth 0.1132 Food, 0.0748 Water, and 11.4669 O2, while each mulch is worth 18.8001 CO2, 0.1809 Wastewater, and 0.0195 Waste. This was all done under the assumption that equivalent drymass tanks hold an equal amount of supplies, finding equivalent tanks, and determining the ratios. I'm gonna see if I can dynamically substitute supplies for each of Food/Water/O2 and ditto for Mulch with CO2, Wastewater, and Waste.
  9. Shall I replace the USI-LS capacity with equivalent amounts of TAC-LS O2/H2O etc?
  10. Would people like a config file that removes supplies/mulch from the part if you have TAC-LS and not USI-LS? I'm diving into working on module manager configs and this looks like a good project.
  11. Totally fine. It seems the RT pull request had validation issues on my end, figuring it out now.
  12. You should have just received a pull request from me. In order to do this, I learned GitHub, modulemanager syntax, and even got Visual Studio running to scan the .dll's. You are quite the inspirational programmer! What is your opinion on these changes? If you're in favor (or have other numbers?) I could put in a pull request for these changes. I'm seeing the allure ofmodding and using the github process and would love some more practice at it. Obviously, don't want to step on your toes, nor spam pull requests at you. Hope you're feeling better from the weekend sick!
  13. Adding my two cents to the pile that my resource scanner does not work even with the FancyMouse fix. Do not have Science Alert installed. Also, it appears that the mod has not been active since the middle of November on the forum, which is a little concerning for future development and bug fixing.
  14. Duly noted! And oh goodness is that a fun mental image! Good work! You are completely correct that I didn't take into account speed with those calculations. It was already getting a bit overwrought. This is just one level of abstraction and visualization of the data. RoverDude, I wanted to ask about something I saw poking around in the config files. Homesickness is something that is currently turned off, but seems like it can be enabled with a flag change. What determines when a Kerbal gets homesick? Also, what specific functions does the HabMultiplier effect? The habmodule's conversion rates?
  15. Good catch, I didn't see that when I was going through all my maths. If you look here, you'll see that while each Kerbal consumes 0.5 Supplies per 10,000s, the Hab Module can only produce 1 Supply per 10,000s. I completely agree that it is a little strange the Hab Module can only actually support 2 Kerbals completely when it can hold 4. What do you think, would it make more sense to increase the rate to support it's capacity, or decrease it's capacity to 2 to match the rate? Either is a simple config file change you could easily do - or if you let me know which one you like, I can do it for you. EDIT: Upon further consideration of the rates involved, I think the following would be appropriate adjustments: 1) Double the Hab Module's "Habitat" Converter from 1E-4 to 2E-4 per second. This brings it in line with both its capacity and with the production rate of the Organics by the Ag Module. As it stands now, you need two Hab Modules (with space for 8 Kerbals) to handle the Output from one Ad Module, and it would only provide food for 4 Kerbals. It would also change the rate-limiting step from the "Habitat" (with a buildup of Organics that can't be used anywhere else) to "Recycler" (with a buildup of Mulch which can be used in the Greenhouse). This would provide a reason to include a greenhouse in a self-sufficient base, as there isn't one currently. 2) Double the Ore Consumption rate of the Comm-Lab ISRU to make it not just half-as-slow as the Convert-o-Matic 125, but half-as-efficient. 3) Increase the Ore Consumption rate of the Power Pack "Generator" from 1E-4 to 0.1. This brings the ore consumption rate in line with all other things that consume ore, makes it meaningful, and reduces the EC/Ore from 250,000 to 250. This is far more in line with the net 340 EC/Ore a Fuel Cell and Large Convert-o-Tron can achieve at the next Tech Tier. It would also mean that you could not run an entire base off the power of 1 Regolith Sifter's Ore Production, but instead use it to supplement your solar panels. As always, respect your work and merely attempting to apply my engineering eye to the system.