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  1. Some of the sounds are nice, but the dialup modem and printer sounds wouldn't really fit in with the theme. It would be pretty funny if the dialup sounds would occur when transmitting, though.
  2. You should be using CKAN to install mods. Also, the guide in my signature may help.
  3. Are there any mods on CKAN currently that would replace stock part textures or the skybox? Would such a mod just place files in TextureReplacer/Default?
  4. I made a fix to Ven's mod so that its TextureReplacer configs take precedence and undo the changes made by WindowShine; hopefully the fix gets accepted and both mods can be used together. Ven's parts have reflections, but not for the stock models. Could I second the request to please put WindowShine in github and more importantly add it to CKAN? It would make using the mod easier. I haven't done it, but supposedly putting a mod on Kerbal Stuff helps with putting it on CKAN, and WindowShine belongs on Kerbal Stuff too to help others discover it. Also, you should add :NEEDS[TextureReplacer] to t
  5. Sorry, I don't know what you mean. Anyway, I maybe figured out how to fix the issue by changing PartRevamp_TextureReplacer.cfg: @PART[mk1pod]:NEEDS[TextureReplacer]:FINAL { !MODULE[TRReflection],* {} %MODULE[TRReflection] { colour = 0.3 0.3 0.3 interval = 2 meshes = Shine } } I don't know what side-effects this could have, though, but it works. Edit: made a pull request with the changes.
  6. I understand that this has been brought up before, but it would be a really nice thing if this pack would also be available as separate parts, especially on CKAN. The skybox, model textures and clouds are really well done but using them in 1.0 could be much easier if they weren't tied up with the other parts.
  7. Is it possible to make TextureReplacer use an additional directory besides TextureReplacer/Default for general texture replacement?
  8. Ven's parts don't replace many of the stock models with windows, and I'd like them to be shiny too, if only for consistency.
  9. For some reason WindowShine breaks the reflections of Ven's revamped parts; video: http://a.pomf.se/bspfai.mp4 I've also posted about it in the Ven's part therad. What's actually causing the problem? Ideally, I'd like to be able to use WindowShine for the stock parts that aren't in the Ven's part revamp but also keep the reflections working for the revamped parts.
  10. I wouldn't expect WindowShine to affect the custom parts because it's supposed to modify the stock parts.
  11. Unfortunately, it's untrue. The window reflections stop working with WindowShine installed; video example: http://a.pomf.se/bspfai.mp4 The Mk1 pod's window actually turns black after installing WindowShine. This is in a fresh install of KSP with no other mods and with Ven's, TextureReplacer and Module Manager installed from CKAN and then WindowShine installed on top. Additionally, the cupola and Mk2 lander can reflections aren't working even without WindowShine; video example: http://a.pomf.se/gtccmr.mp4 I've made an issue about the cupola and Mk2 lander on GitHub.
  12. It would be absolutely terrific if the windows in this looked like in the WindowShine mod.
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