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  1. How about also proceedural tile panels a la proceedural wings
  2. Wings, heatshields (possibly integrated with wings in that they are built the same way), and fairings being proceedural are pretty much a must. Perhaps solar panels and radiators too. Also, adjustible landing gear. And that's it as far as what I want.
  3. ReStock mostly solves your first problem, and looks great in any case.
  4. Also, you would have to use a clean install, as consoles can't mod.
  5. Did you just make every variable in their config file a slider?
  6. even VPL-based programming would be orders of magnitude more powerful than our current action groups.
  7. @JadeOfMaar Here I hope I linked it correctly
  8. I'm getting an error about B9PartSwitch, about what I assume is a tank type for the RocketParts resource. Is there a possible fix?
  9. Letting us adjust the strut extension would solve most of the issues with the current gear, most of which consist of "this landing gear is too long". But of course, being able to angle the wheels would also be great.
  10. I'd be fine with removing the two biggest flaws, the hollow-parts-not-acting-like-cargo-bays (I want to be able to stick stuff like avionics in nosecones), and the whole stupid way-too-much-skin-drag-on-flat-parts thing.
  11. When I try to use the SAS features on a reentry capsule, it flips around sideways. Is there a way to fix this without sticking a dummy engine on?
  12. And this is relevant to better EVA movement mechanics how?
  13. @DualDesertEagle yes, the pictures can be as complex as you want, with the limitation that they have to be made out of one continuous path. Think etch-a-sketch. That specific video was computer-generated (for the ease of recording the visuals), but if you plug that music into an ocilloscope correctly, you will get the gears and F1 car.