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  1. tell us exactly what your gamedata folder heirarchy looks like (what files are in it, and where
  2. Same as getting there. Delta-V map says 1690 m/s from low Duna orbit to low Kerbin orbit, but if you aerobrake at kerbin that drops to 740 if I'm reading the map correctly. You have a delta-V map and transfer window charts for both directions, right? (though Kerbal Alarm Clock has all the transfer windows between any two bodies so you should use that)
  3. Getting home from Duna is the same as getting there. Eject on the correct trajectory during the Duna -> Kerbin transfer window.
  4. I think it's aboout being able to integrate it into the rest of the ship in a flexible way
  5. even before that prioritization patch, them conflicting would look like an engine having both plumes at once
  6. with the latest versions of RealPlume and Waterfall, the configs are set up to not conflict. I think the Waterfall plumes are prioritized so if an engine has both, only the Waterfall patch will be applied.
  7. what was the config you need something like this in the config for the part or as a modulemanager patch for the part: (this is from the Skipper) MODULE { name = ModuleWaterfallFX // This is a custom name moduleID = skipperFX // This links the effects to a given ModuleEngines engineID = basicEngine // List out all controllers we want available // This controller scales with atmosphere depth CONTROLLER { name = atmosphereDepth linkedTo = atmosphere_density } // This controller scales with effective throttle CONTROLLER { name = throttle linkedTo = throttle } // this controller generates a random value in the range specified CONTROLLER { name = random linkedTo = random range = -1,1 } // ----------------------------------------------------- // Past here should be generated with the ingame editor! // ----------------------------------------------------- TEMPLATE { // This is the name of the template to use templateName = waterfall-hydrolox-lower-2 // This field allows you to override the parentTransform name in the EFFECTS contained in the template overrideParentTransform = thrustTransform position = 0,0,0 rotation = 0, 0, 0 scale = 0.73, 0.73, 0.8 } }
  8. What about proceedural (or, really, highly adjustable) landing gear. The adjustable landing gear mod fixes a whole lot of issues with landing gear on planes, having to clip them into stuff weirdly to keep them aligned because they have fixed length and can't be angled outward.
  9. had a similar issue with my rapier plume, The way mode-switching engines were implementyed was changed a bit ago, perhaps the atomic engine's waterfall patch is outdated edit: if this is true, both plumes will show up in one of the modes, and in the plume GUI, both plumes will respond to the throttle when the engine is in one mode, and neither will if the engine is in the other mode
  10. Here is my flag, for Odyssey Aerospace.
  11. yes, and you don't necessarily have to put all the engines that use that template in the same file. For the most part, each engine gets its own config patch file.
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