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  1. steam's default screenshot key collides with some sort of aerodynamic debug panel
  2. For parts without a "shift for more info" option, the descriptions are cut off and you cant shift to expand them.
  3. Assembly to be launched flag shows through detailed part info window
  4. Because the Vector is not an RS-25, it's a KS-25. It looks a lot like an RS-25, but it isn't.
  5. because then you either have a search that requires you type out the entire word exactly, or a search where searching 'L' brings up both "L" and "XL" and possibly "XXL" and so on
  6. IIRC the devs said during the event that the SAS's PID controllers need tuning, especially for aircraft
  7. Ye the sound design seems great, though I'm hoping for a mod to add some of Askerad's music as well https://www.youtube.com/@Askerad
  8. Didn't we see examples of refineries for all sorts of different fuels?
  9. I definitely think Scansat-type experiments where you need to solve some sort of puzzle (in this case getting an orbit that will pass over every point on the surface to some extent) would be good.
  10. a probe could definitely get there I think. If you have the communotron 16, that has the range to get a signal to Minmus if you have tracking stations tiers 2 or 3 which you have as you're playing science mode
  11. Go into it as blind as possible, but if you get stuck, ask for hints on the subreddit. They're good at nudging you without spoiling. Back on-topic, I can see how procedural design is not ideal but our sample size (of one star system) is low. Perhaps Elite:Dangerous is right and 90% of what we find are bland balls of ice or rock or gas giants.
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