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  1. EnderKid2

    [1.4.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    I am having an issue. I press the controller button on the toolbar, but it doesn't do anything.
  2. Are you thinking of something like how Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox does its piston engines and ther parts?
  3. EnderKid2

    Kerbonaut Archery

    If you launch into a polar orbit, from the pole, the rotation of the body shouldn't matter, right?
  4. EnderKid2

    Show off your drawings!

  5. I consider it the best anime I have watched, beating Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It is an inspiring story about two brothers and their adventures in becoming/being an astronaut.
  6. EnderKid2

    Show off your drawings!

    The original:
  7. We must have all of the types of wheels! Omniwheels! Mechanum wheels! Swerve drive!
  8. EnderKid2

    So an astronaut came to my school today..

    Great. Now I feel sad.
  9. EnderKid2

    Supersonic RC-Plane does is possible?

    I would assume that it would end up looking more like a rocket than a plane.
  10. EnderKid2

    Stuck in 300km orbit with no fuel. Help!

    All kerballed spacecraft have effectively infinite Delta V, but it is irritating and tedious to access.
  11. EnderKid2

    The Grand Parachute Discussion Thread

  12. EnderKid2

    VR - Let's take it to next level

    I fully support having KSP VR. It is awesome in War Thunder, so it should be pretty cool in KSP. One idea I really liked is the "build your rockets like the VAB is your room" idea, where the rocket is 2 meters tall and floating in front of you.
  13. EnderKid2

    Pilot Diameter on Coupling

    Never noticed that...