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  1. Pilot Diameter on Coupling

    Never noticed that...
  2. Falcon Heavy Theme: Input Requested

    Maybe have different versions for different distances from the launchpad timed so that a second base drop coencides with the sound reaching the observer.
  3. Falcon Heavy Theme: Input Requested

    I suggest something like this piece's base drop (0:40) upon ignition sequence start. but with more drums and base. Or this at 1:00
  4. You know that one meme from a few months ago? Earth-chan? And how it started out as a suggestion/concept for an anime? Well, some people (SOL Studios) are actually getting on doing that. Here's the discord: https://discord.gg/hKQcWsS
  5. I drew a thing!

    It's supposed to be a chibi robot, but I got carried away with the detail.
  6. I like the true cooperation idea, where there is one timeline, and everyone has to agree to warp.
  7. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Heating the air would make it expand. they could have been going for a pulsed thermal or thermal jet proulsoin system, (Like the LV-N)
  8. I 3D Printed A Thing

  9. I 3D Printed A Thing

    Tinkercad won't let you adjust the resolution of anything but a cylinder for some reason.
  10. I 3D Printed A Thing

    Flashforge Finder I wasn't timing myself, but like 2 hours in Tinkercad. I could have used Solidworks, but I think tinkercad was better suited to what I needed to do with the model.
  11. I 3D Printed A Thing

    I looked around the net and found no good 3d models of the Seamoth from Subnautica, so I made my own. https://imgur.com/a/ulPFh Apparently Imgur albums are broken
  12. Planes / Spaceplanes unflyable!

    i'm getting the X-56
  13. Planes / Spaceplanes unflyable!

    I am getting a nice joystick setup for this (and war thunder) exact purpose.