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  1. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    And the best thing is, it's the english version. Edit: there we go.
  2. What does the thrust limiter affect?

    It should decouple them. If not, use a decoupler.
  3. What does the thrust limiter affect?

    You do know that heat shields can be jettisoned, right? It's in the right-click menu...
  4. A new type of mouse

    I'm pretty sure some logitech mice meant for programming have it so if you scroll fast, the ratchet unlocks. It's really nice and probably even better than a button.
  5. Skirting Death - Share Your Closest Calls

    I was delivering some kerbals and parts to my Mun base with a heavy landing shuttle that I had just designed, but I forgot to do the fuel lines, giving me acess to only the first set of fuel tanks. I only realized this when I ran out of fuel and plowed into the surface while trying to bring my trajectory closer to the base. My latest quicksave had me too low down to transfer more fuel. I would have to do a suicide burn. Luckily, I had Kerbal Engineer. It turns out that there was just enough fuel to lower my velocity to just under the impact tolerance of the landing legs. Several bouces later, I was down. Pefectly intact. Time to transfer fuel and hop over to the base!
  6. Seems cool! Also, a screw drive is amphibious.
  7. Weird vibration

    What is really, really weird is that the individual textures on the parts vibrate as well.
  8. As time progresses, my ships seem to gain a weird vibration. even the tectures on the command pod vibrate relative to each other. This is reset after a quicksave/quickload, but seems to progress even under timewarp.
  9. Do you use command pods monopropellant?

    On my orbital utility vehicles, the command pod is a fully functional "escape pod" with balanced RCS thrusters so that I can dock a few to my space stations.
  10. Not Understanding Rovers

    Although KAS gives you ropes, you wouldn't do it Curiosity-style. Put a decoupler on top of your rover, then put a fuel tank on top with some radial engines> Basically this:
  11. The "Complain About Your School" Thread

    [snip] The only reson she's not one star is she gives extra credit for good reviews. Says we're all wastes of taxpayer money Our final was the homework before the final, which was to do a giant flowchart for EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE AND VIDEO WE EVER WATCHED OR READ. She didn't even grade them. she had me grade them. So, I bumped everyone's grade up. The dean's office would send everyone sent from her class right back.
  12. Who plays From the depths here?.

    My weapons systems all basically consist of this, but with missiles.