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  1. Great idea, how can I make normal maps for procedural planets? Looks like last kopernicus update removed some functions.
  2. How to make normal maps in kopernicus? before I used alt+p+e, but now it doesn't work
  3. I tried to launch from Titanus, it has extremely bad atmosphere, I can hardly control my craft
  4. Is it possible to make clouds at the nightside of the planet colored or it can be only black?
  5. Why mechjeb cannot calculate trajectories in Sonnah region?
  6. Well, ocasionally thats right and thats my mod. How should I change my resources code (it's the same) to make it compatible with any planetpack?
  7. Try it - worked! nice! Well, there is something like bug with clouds, you can see it during rotation of the camera
  8. Is it possible to add some clouds for unstock planets or it's not working yet?
  9. I still try to make clouds for new horisons, I create cfg file for this, but when I try to add some layer for new planet nothing happened. after reloading I cannot open ingame editor. how can I fix it?
  10. I tried to make cloud layers for new horizons mod, but I cannot add any clouds for new planets - there is no clouds or atmosphere and after reloading game ctrl+0 don't work...
  11. How can this mod work with OPM? OPM has it's own Etal...
  12. Well, everything is broken in new forum...
  13. [quote name='doxlulzem']Not sure if this has been mentioned before but when I load in on a new or previous save, I get a black screen with a white dot on, and the default KSC background audio plays as normal. Is this a bug? [URL][/URL] UPDATE: I was pressing some buttons and ended up timewarping till morning, but cancelled halfway through. This is what my screen is now [URL][/URL][/QUOTE] you just load old kopernikus version, you need 0.52.
  14. Well, I'll continue to use old version until you will check indexes, I have big career and a lot of crafts...
  15. Well, some sh.. strange things happened - craft, orbited Serran now orbits Lave, craft from Sonnah orbit moved to Serran orbit, several crafts were on escape trajectories from Sonnah and now they have common orbits, all crafts from Kerbin to Serran now have no interceptions with Serran orbit, craft from Serran to Kerbin now is on escape trajectory from the Sonnah. Looks like some big problem with planet indexes or something like that ruined the game.
  16. Well, if Rbray89 will create good old atmospheric effect I will revive my mod for exterminating minds and computers:cool:
  17. [quote name='Joco223'] And i cant really show it in the picture but the water has some black spots appearing like in the map view[/QUOTE] It's very old bug, but in common situation you can see this black things from big distance, like from Pol.
  18. KillAshley, will you add some easter eggs to this mod?
  19. Is it possible to make shadows softer? I tried to make thin half-transparent Duna clouds and it means softer shadows. But it's still black.
  20. in fact we have colors from 0 to 1 and when we made color >1 cloud start glowing. let's wait for the next version for some weeks... - - - Updated - - - looks like Astronomer is out of KSP... Well, I upgraded his mod better...
  21. I know, but aurora should glow in the darkness, or it's not aurora.
  22. As I understand there is no more ability to make auroras or lightnings, as an atmosphere? It will be impossible or I should wait for next release?
  23. Well, this mod looks like work properly on 1.0.5, but I has fps=6 when using craft with 90 details, so looks like Ernus will wait until 1.1.
  24. Now with 1.0.5 and it's temperature limits Ernus became extremely hard...